Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Word of the day ...and more...

On my gmail header today..it showed the "word of the day"... I had not ever paid much attention to this little feature until this afternoon, and thought..hmm that's pretty interesting actually...

Each day across the top of my email inbox are little ads and also the "word for the day"...

today's word for the day was:

bibelot \BEE-buh-loh\, noun:A small decorative object without practical utility; a trinket.

Never had heard of a trinket being referred to as a bee buh loh before or rather bibelot. I honestly thought it was pronounced bib a lot at first..ha.

But then found that this word is:

Bibelot is from French, from Old French beubelot, beubelet, "a small jewel, a trinket," from a reduplication of bel, "beautiful," from Latin bellus, "pretty, handsome." It is related to bauble.

Oooh la-la...the things we learn....now ..isn't that more chic than saying bib a lot? ...ha.

I'm learning French and didn't even know it!..ha.

So..how many bibelots do you have?..hmm....

I'm actually working on getting rid of a few of my bibelots as they have become a bit of a clutter sometimes....anyhow...enjoy the new word..it's a fun one.


Well..let's see what else is new today....

I had to run an errand over to another sign shop in town this afternoon.

A big order..that was nice.


Tomorrow is youngest daughters birthday..she will turn 3...

I will be stopping by the deli this evening to find a cake or some cupcakes.

Yes, I'm opting for someone else making it this year...shame on me...but it has been hot here and I'll let someone else sweat in the kitchen..this time around at least.Oh to be 3..what fun!


Husband has alot of work orders coming in on the sign business..we have a truck in the driveway to get lettered in the next 2 days..a cabinet company from 50 miles away contacted him to do a fleet of trucks for their business ,as they weren't pleased with the company in their area that had applied the vinyl before..so they found my husband..and want him to apply the decals ..then he has a banner to do for another company..and several more things going on...so things are hopping...yay!


Yet..we are still unsure of what will be going on..we haven't made the decision yet to just "jump in" on the business full steam ahead...true that we have prayed about things picking up and that we'd know what to do....and true that the work has started rolling in at a very steady clip...yet..we still do not know exactly what to do.

In order to go full speed ahead..we have to have things steady/constant.

The last few months or so things have been steady/constant... yet we have to see a definite pattern of steady/constant..in order to say.."o.k. Lord... this is exactly what you want us to do full time"

With a family of 5 we have to be careful..and not just jump the gun.

So..we continue to pray..and keep on keeping on.

The answer will be coming soon.We are learning to be patient and to yes..be thankful for the blessings coming our way...and knowing that God is leading. ...and will lead us in the right direction for our family.


Oldest daughter is out this afternoon at her sewing teacher's home..seeing the sewing teacher's home studio set up. (the woman owns about 4-5 sewing machines!) wow! and has alot of room to create..so it will be fun for my daughter to see the set up...and how other folks have their creating areas.


Thursday evening I'll be having a get together at Books a Million with a few gals from the "Stay at Home Moms" meet up group that I am trying to get going here.

So far..well..I honestly don't know what I'm doing..trying to make friends of course...but don't know how to go about creating interest...and well...it's interesting to say the least..the folks that one can meet.

We'll see. Anyhow we are to meet at the coffee shop at Books a Million.

I guess I just am so much NOT like other women my age..I'm not into designer clothes and the latest trends, I'm not into shopping everywhere,not into trying to be like the Jone's, not into who's kid is on the dean's list this year... and who's mom bakes the best cookies(although I know I'd win that one hands down..ha, ha!)not into all the things that others are into....I like gardening and home keeping and the simpler ways of life..and honestly it is kind of hard to find folks that relate to that sort of life style anymore.(at least around here)

I'll be lucky to find one(friend)..honestly..in this area.

But..we'll keep trying and see what happens.


I've been reading through the "Organize your home" book that I found the other day...and I cleared out the cupboard above the microwave that hold the meds/vitamins..there was so much out of date stuff..gracious.

Then I cleared out the drawers in the kitchen..amazing the coupons one clips/keeps and never get around to using..so out those went too.


I'll continue on the clearing out phase...simplify..simplify....:0)


Well..I think that is about all for today..for now.


Hope you all have had a nice day today.


~The Garden Goose~


Patty said...

ah yes, that word of the day is the very thing I am weeding out, continually. Now, if I would just learn to NOT buy more of them : )

2 LMZ FARMS said...

So.... that is what all those things are that are sitting around my house. Hmm... I have been calling them dust collectors.lol
Tell little one, I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you all enjoy the day. Can't wait to see what the oldest one creates. Have a good one.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
I am still dejunking too. As far as the business waiting on God is hard at times. We are in a waiting time too.