Monday, July 2, 2007 tired....

Today I decided to do some heavy duty cleaning throughout the house.

I got out my vacuum cleaner and "went to town" ...oldest daughter and I tackled the living room first..I moved furniture/items off of surfaces and used an attachment on the vacuum and started dusting things like crazy... and even dusted off the a/c vents and everywhere I could.

Then after tackling the living room.... the entire house got vaccuumed, then mopped. Oldest daughter scrubbed both bathrooms and polished the dinette furniture.

And helped dust some of the areas as well.

Then I made dinner of Spaghetti and mixed veggies.

Afterwards I cleaned out the refrigerator.

I also did go through some items in my buffet in the dining room and am clearing out a few things here and there.

Boy certainly does not take long to accumulate things and I am doing yet another purge out. I guess that helps me to deal with stress a bit. ..ha.

Well..a weird thing happened this evening..after the "crash" of the computer earlier this week..hubby was able to get the computer to work again..somehow..then tonight all of the sudden his "backup" crashed....the main computer has been working somewhat again..but weird thing is now the backup unit has crashed....very strange.

I have no idea how these things work/don't work.

I just know that sometimes they can be more of a headache than they are worth that is for sure.I guess sometimes one just has to laugh at all of the curve balls that get tossed at us ...or else we'd cry. And even then sometimes we still cry.

I guess that this week God is working on molding my character a bit more. I've found myself a good bit more stressed and worried about things than I would like to be .

Anyhow..nuff bout that....

I have a bunch of magazines that I have accumulated over time..and have decided that I'm growing tired of the "paper mountain" and will be going through those soon and cutting out a few images to start creating a journal like what my friend Jewels over at "Eyes of Wonder" has shown folks how to create. I think it is a great idea..and maybe I can get a bit more organized and have fun with it at the same time.

I used to keep a journal/diary pretty regular when I first got married and through each of my pregnancies I kept journals....but had gotten away from it for quite a while.

I think a housework/planning/daily routine journal would be kind of nice to do.
Well, I started a group for Stay at Home moms in my area... that was before all of this stuff this week started.
Anyhow..our first "meet and greet" meeting is supposed to be this Friday at a local park near my house. I had 7 women sign up and only 2 have rsvp'd about attending the "meet and greet" anyhow..maybe I'll be able to make some friends here.
Well, I'm off to go curl up with magazines and a pair of scissors..and start being a bit "creative".
Have a blessed evening.
(and thanks to all of ya'll for the encouraging words and prayers..means alot to me)
~The Garden Goose~


Aunt Jenny said...

Dosn't a good cleaning make you feel good?? I am due for one for sure. I tend to keep a couple rooms really clean and the rest look very lived in. I will catch up sometime.
That picture of the little bird is so sweet!

GardenGoose said...

made me feel good and tired..but a good tired.:0) still alot to do..always is..ha. as the saying goes..a woman's work is nwever done.