Thursday, July 26, 2007

evening time musings....

So, I had a good day today...had a nice time actually at the meetup at Books a Million this evening.Both women that showed up were very nice and we chatted until 8 o'clock. Had a good time.
I went expecting really nothing..and wound up being suprised that we all actually had a good time of chatting and getting to know each other.
Who knows..I may have actually made at least one friend this evening..time will tell...but at least I can say "I tried".


madrekarin said...

Tina- I'm gld your "meet-up" went well! I know exactly how you feel about meeting new people. It is very intimidating to me. But, saying that, I sure wish you could come up when MJ arrives for craft day at mine!! (I feel as though I already "know" you anyway.)
Think about it, OK?

Nancy Jo said...

Glad you had a nice day, you are such a nice person how could anyone not like you?
Thankyou for the little basket idea, sounded like a good one.

Katie said...

You are so brave for putting yourself out there and meeting new people! It IS hard to find new friends. . . . and I admire you for your efforts. A true friend is heading your way, I do believe.