Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today's Adventures...

Well..this morning oldest daughter and I decided that we'd try to have another garage sale here today..note that key word "try".

Well..we rose and shone at 6:30 this morning after it had rained a fair amount at about 4:30.. 7 it looked like the skies would be quite clear and we'd be good to we drug everything out of the garage yet once again..and well..suffice it to say that it was our worst garage sale day ever!

We made a whopping $5! ...haha.

After sitting in the heat for a couple of hours with no more than 4 vehicles stopping came the thunder and dark clouds rolling in very fast out of what had just a few minutes earlier been clear skies! There we were rushing to clear everything away into bags and into the back of the van... because..I'm not going to go through all of this again anytime soon!

And we rushed to put the leather sofa and coffee tables back into the garage.

We didn't get the couch and coffee tables sold, but there is for those.

We filled up the back of our van with the remainders and hauled it to a thrift shop close by.

It was a garage sale "dud" day..and to top it off it was so very, very hot and humid out.

We certainly had the "southern glow" going on today after all..southern women do not sweat you know..they simply "glow"..ha.
I can gladly say though that after garage is now getting back to a clean state..I can actually see a floor now in my garage..whereas last weekend it was getting rather difficult to manuever around out there..ha.

I now see the light at the end of the tunnel... and my garage is starting to be cleared out quite a bit now.


So..the day wasn't all a dud....true the garage sale was a major least I did get rid of just about everything...just not exactly how I had anticipated..I had anticipated a little change in my pocket..but..the bottom line is it needed clearing out one way or another..and this time it just happened to be the "another way". I'm sure that the folks at the thrift shop are grateful for the new inventory for their shop, because we certainly supplied them with quite a few items.
I was able to get "Mr. Collin" a set of doggy grooming clippers last weekend..and today he got a nice bath.. and he got a good clipping/grooming.He was quite the patient little fellow.

He looks all nice and spiffy now. I'll have to get a photo soon.

He loves his bath time, but of course isn't too fond of the sound that the clippers fact they kind of scare him, but he stands real still and allows us to make him look all handsome.

Oh, and a good report..he does not nip anymore. The solution to that..get him a frisbee and let him play with it in the evenings and play tug with him..and roll the frisbee across the floor for fetch..he just needed a funner toy to chew on..of course he had one of those rope chewy toys, but he didn't like it..but he adores his frisbees!
Well... do you remember the little carnival clown pins in the previous post? Well..I've been looking for some more fun vintage clown/circus themed items that will go on the shelf with the little clown pins(in our new home)...and found something that many of us will probably remember...
one of the old Fisher Price Jalopy toys!..this little guy will sit on the shelf next to the clown toss/bowling pins.

I plan on finding a few circus poster type images to add to the theme.
When I found the with the auction was a cute bee pull toy.

I'm not sure exactly where I will wind up displaying her, but who knows? ..maybe I'll create a little bee themed vignette with her?

The good thing about the little things that I have found recently is that..they are "little" things...and as such they do not take up much room...
and I have been storing them in the drawers of my buffet in my dining room for now.
Anyhow...I know now that my new home will be filled with color/whimsy/and a little taste of nostalgia..with plenty of fun tossed in.
Thanks for joining me once again in "blogland"! It was a pleasure to have you stop by....please do leave me a comment so that I know you stopped by for a visit. I do so love to hear from you all.
~The Garden Goose~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Angel Art

Hello Friends..I wanted to share with you about this lovely art drawing over at the
"Retro Art Cafe"

Artwork created by Kristin Hubick.

Kristin is having a drawing for a beautifully crafted Angel theme artwork.

Check it out here:

Here is a photo of the artwork..isn't it just lovely? (do you see the little angel peeking out of the area where a doorknob would go?How adorable.

If you do not win the drawing you can still own some of Kristin's artwork by visiting her etsy shop(where she features collage/assemblage pieces as well as Vintage revised jewelry) at:

So...stop on by and join the fun!

~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A few questions for readers...

I've been wondering about a few things lately..and didn't know how to ask about them...'s what I'd like to know about:

1. Music on a blog?? Do you love it /or hate it??

Myself personally..sometimes I totally avoid websites that have music on them because I have my own music tastes..but then there are a few blogs out there that are my faves and they do have music playing on them.
(Daisy Cottage and The Feathered Nest... for example) these blogs and their music selections are relaxing and not annoying to me..but blogs with wild music just..nope..forget it..can't stand it and I never stay long.
So...I was you like "Garden Goose" is..with no music??..or would you like for me to "punch things up a bit" and add some light/easy listening music? So what's your opinion??

2. What changes would you like to see on my blog? ..if any??I can use ideas anytime..what would you like to see/read more about?

3. If I offered my photography image a month featured on my blog as a signed print available to my readers..would you personally be interested ?? and what types of images are your favorites??
4. Any ideas and tips for making this blog more fun and attractive to you?? Any and all ideas to make this blog one of the "wow!" blogs in "blogland" are appreciated.(think Artful Blogging quality..a "wow!wow!" blog)

That should do it..thanks for answering any/all of my questions.

I really appreciate the fact that you have stopped by and visited with me today...
I desire to improve this blog and to make it fun for all my visitors.

~The Garden Goose!

A little ""...

Was tagged by Melissa of "Melissa's Cozy Tea Cup" and the game is to answer the following 4 questions about yourself:

10 years ago what were you doing?:
I was homeschooling my only child at the time, and hoping for another child.I was living in a rental home at the time. out in the country..a trailer that when it got very, very hot in the summer..scorpions would come into the house..blecckkk.

5 things on my list today: hahahahaha..5 things on my list has wayy more than 5 things on it to have to get done...I'll get to it..maybe today..maybe next week..but trust's too long of a list to start writing about here..things to get done to get the house on market.
o.k. seriously: keep the kids from killing each other,
keep the kids a little quieter when they are inside and dad is working,bathe and groom Collin,make a good dinner for family this evening,drink my water today(I tend to not drink enough water and wind up getting a bit dried out/dehydrated feeling trying to rehydrate)hmm...and whatever else I can think of to get accomplished..I'm a do it as it needs doing type of gal..and don't really make lists unless they are large projects needing doing...I just typically work and do as I go about the day.

Snacks I enjoy: hmmm let's see...skittles, chocolate, strawberries,dry cereal sometimes

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Travel to the following places: Italy, Spain,France, Ireland,Germany, Russia,Switzerland...just to start
Help hubby with his business.
Start a business..probably a photography business
Invest some
Pay off a house.
Set some aside for kids.
Save rest for a rainy day.
And when the business/businesses started doing well/better..I'd probably hire some help and then travel some more from time to time.

That's it..I have to tag 4 folks ...but instead of putting 4 folks "on the spot"...I am leaving it open to whoever wants to play..can play..if you'd like to do a little "me,me" on your blog..please do...and have fun!
~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tina's Crazy Coconut Cake

So...I made this ooh so yummy and moist coconut cake this evening..from recipe..just made it up as I's a hit and oh so yummy so I figured I better write down how I made it and quick.


Here goes:

Tina's Crazy Coconut Cake

Preheat oven to 350.

Grease with butter a 9 by 13 cake pan

Mix together the following:

4 cups self rising flour

1 1/2 cups sugar

2 eggs

2 cans of crushed pineapple with juice

1/4 bag sweetened coconut

1 stick butter softened

Stir together then add enough water to make a nice cake batter consistency.

Pour into greased pan and bake for 45 minutes.

As soon as cake comes out of oven poke a few holes in it with a knife.

Spread half a container of vanilla icing on top..then spread 1/2 bag of sweetened coconut over melted icing..pressing into icing to smooth the top.

Serve warm..or let cool...oooh yum!

Tropical Delight!


~The Garden Goose~


poster is available from


Monday, June 23, 2008

Garage Sale Report and more...

Well..Saturday's Garage Sale went pretty well...considering that we only sat out there for 3 hrs..

we started at 7 a/m. and closed shop at 10:30 due to it getting very overcast and thundering a bit.
We cleared about $250 for just 3 hrs..but wow! was it hot outside though.
I've posted an ad to hold the garage sale one more weekend..this coming weekend we'll drag everything back out again... and hopefully do pretty good the big items did not sell this time and we still have quite a bit left to clear out.
And yes....I kinda..sorta...went shopping again..o.k. o.k...I DID go shopping"Guilty your honor"..:0)
But..these were some items I had tagged for the new house..and luckily everything is small items..but with a "punch".
I think they'll look great in the new decor.And..since they are little..they honestly won't take up much room when I go to pack up everything. Right now I'm tucking everything into my buffet I have in my dining room..and so far I still have a little bit of room to tuck a few things in there for storage for items slated for the new house.
O.k...o.k...I know ya wanna see my goodies huh?
And yes, I'll show them to you and describe why I got them and what room I plan on using them in.
o.k....the little matador and the vintage bull fighting advertisements will be displayed in a vignette with a vintage "Ferdinand the Bull" book.
I will set these items on a small table that will have a spanish style table cloth on it.
Not sure yet where this display will go..but that is the idea for the vignette...and how I plan to display these items.
Then I found 3 vintage doll in red(shown), one in blue, then one with a yellow vest on it..anyhow these will be displayed in my little girl's room..I plan to find old picture frames without a backing or glass and paint them in a solid color..and "frame" the little dresses on their hangers in little "frames"..the seller that I bought the dresses from just informed me that I'll have to find 4 frames not 3 since she is tucking in an additional dress..ha.
Meet "the Duke"..he'll be displayed on a table with a rose print table the "rose room"...the living room is going to be my "Victorian" rose themed room..with lots of red roses with yellow accents and aqua accents.The "duke" will be displayed on a small table.
Then I found these...

Clown bowling guess is that these were used in a carnival toss game..these whimsical guys will be used as a display on a shelf in the kitchen/dining room area.They will probably have a few other circus themed items joining them on the shelf.
And last, but not least..a set of vintage canisters that will go in my 1950's themed kitchen..I pln on having lots of reds and cheery yellows in that room..with a few images of vintage fruit crate labels on the wall..and just lots of cheery/fun/whimsical items..but when I came across these canisters..they made me smile..and the colors were perfect!
So...that's my little shopping excursion lately..via
My new house will feature a lot of vintage and fun items. I no longer will be decorating with things that can easily be found at wally world ...I figure that I'd rather pay a few dollars more for something fun and whimsical that has a bit of history and character..than to have items "just because" ...I'd much rather prefer things with a bit of whimsy and a story to tell..if they could talk that is..:0) And these items I must say certainly make me smile a lot more than anything I've ever found at wally world.
~The Garden Goose~

Friday, June 20, 2008

First Day of Summer's "official" ..according to the calendar... today is the "First day of Summer"
Luckily the evenings still have been somewhat bearable, but yes..the a/c cranks along nearly all day long here in sunny Florida.

With temps fluctuating between upper 80's to low 90's I could have told you that summer was here nearly a month ago! ..but..according to the calendar it has just now "arrived"
I wanted to share a few "summer time...and the living is easy" type photos with you today.
I hope that you enjoy them.
The little duckling is of "Marigold" our pet crested Peking duckling that we got on April 18th of this year..she is shown again in the full grown duck image taken about a week ago...well....she just started laying eggs today..daughter found an egg next to her chicken eggs under the fern today...guess at 2 months old "Miss Marigold" is already ready to start laying eggs..which is rather unusual as our other ducks we owned did not start laying eggs until they were 6 months old! The other odd thing about "Miss Marigold" is that unlike our other female peking ducks we owned..she does not quack..she makes a low noise, like a low peep/quack..very quiet sounding.
Anyhow..wanted to share a photo of her with you all.

Our cottage garden is overflowing with coreopsis and gloriosa daisies right is a big burst of bright sunny colored flowers right now..lovely!
Also the collage image is one that I recently created and that went to live with Mary Jane Butters of "Mary Jane's Farm". I had a lot of fun creating it from vintage looking farm scenery.'s to the "First Day of Summer"! I hope you all enjoy the photos.
~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tribute To Tasha Tudor

At age 92 Tasha Tudor(born Starling Burgess) has passed away today.

She was a beloved book author/ illustrator.

Creating awesome illustrations of such things as corgi's in the garden, children at play and much more.

Her style was likened to that of other famous women illustrators such as Beatrix Potter and Kate Greenaway.

I have been fortunate to own a few Tasha Tudor books and I can tell you..they have some absolutely wonderful illustrations in them.Some of the best children's illustrations I have ever seen..once I saw them I was hooked. Unfortunately I am sad to say..I don't have a very large collection of her work..I wish that I truly they are a delight to look at.

Tasha touched the hearts of many with her art work and life style.

Choosing to live a simple life uncumbered by the things that can tie down modern society..she chose to dress mostly in 1800's style attire and to carry on her life in a simple mannner without a whole lot of what we call "modern convenience".

But live a long and prosperous life she did..and she was an inspiration to many.

~The Garden Goose~

Clearing it out...

Everything from a nice Italian leather a set of burlwood coffee tables a brand new fish bowl with gravel and plants... to a brand new aqua colored bird cage a tall velvet dressed snow lady door greeter.. to gourds for crafts... to a like new breadmaker... to a brand new large suitcase on a red and yellow striped wooden bar stool...

to...o.k.! ...o.k!...I know! I know!..

it's just a lot of stuff to go through!

...and oh my! has been hot outside too!...too much to price out there!'m just not gonna do it.Nope..not gonna do it!

After looking at this stuff on and off for a week of sorting it out and getting things ready I'm just not going to sit out there and price every little thing.
I'll price the larger stuff then the small stuff folks can ask me about.

I figure if they want it bad enough they can ask huh? yeah..sounds like a plan.

I just hope that they'll take this stuff far away from my house..never to be seen again...ahhh that's the plan..and it sounds like a good one.

Do I sound burnt out by looking at all this stuff or what? yep...I kinda sorta am..I get tired of seeing it I will be so glad when we have our sale hopefully on Saturday..and most of it hopefully will find new homes.
What doesn't sell... will of course be hauled to a donation center.

But, I'm hoping that I make enough to:

1. buy some necessary paint to paint a few areas in the house needing it

2. be able to buy little Mr. Collin a set of grooming clippers

3. "if" I have any left over..set some aside for a "rainy day"

We've had rain for the last few days on and I am hoping that Saturday brings with it some clear skies.

We'll see.
With this huge clear out..I am starting to learn a bit more about myself..really I am...
I'm starting to learn that most everything I owned in my home wasn't really "my style"..some of it was...but a lot of it honestly... wasn't.
Ouch! ...whoa!..what a realization!
In my clear out I found myself gravitating more towards the older things that I had either been given years ago...or had collected along the way.

Things like vintage doilies, vintage hankies,vintage purses, vintage wooden dutch shoes, vintage hats, vintage images from the 20's or 1800's or somewhere in between.

Things in colors of vivid reds, vivid yellows, aquas.
The few things that actually make me smile..and weren't/aren't what one can find at Wal-Mart , but are all mostly found at either antique malls or estate sales.

I dare say..things with a good bit of character to them..and that show their wear.

Things that have a bit of a story to tell..if they could talk that is.
And also things that were family my collection of doilies from my grandmother, a set of dutch shoes from my dad,a set of bright yellow flower shaped cups and saucers from my mom..things like that.

Those are the types of things that my new house shall have.

Things with a "story to tell"..even if I have to make up the story..ha.
I've found myself drawn to bright cheery colored hankies as of late..and want to collect them in bright reds with flowers..particularly roses...and yellow colored hankies with roses,as well as aqua colored hankies.

I have a small collection so far..but it is a small one..and what I really want to be able to do at the new to create valances using sets of vintage hankies -----------------------
I have plans to use absolutely darling and bright colors in my new kitchen...that I hope to have in a 50's type theme...

...with bright yellows and reds with a mix of aquas in there as well.

I have a set of canisters reserved for myself..for my kitchen counter that will have bright yellow but..with the cutest strutting roosters on them..they are adorable..

I've been looking at vintage pyrex bowls also in bright colors.
So...the clearing out of the old has begun..and the planning ahead and the dreaming of the new..has started.
I think it will be a fun journey.
I'm up to the challenge.
~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Garage Sale gatherings...

Good gracious..we have been gathering and gathering stuff to put in the garage sale slated for this weekend. It's good to know that I'm not the only gal in the process of doing stuff like this.

My friend Dawn... over at "The Feathered Nest" is also going to have a garage sale this weekend.

Ahh...yay! I'm not "alone".

I must confess though..although I actually like the thought of a complete "purging out" ...I must say..I honestly do not like having garage fact I can't really stand having them can be a fast way to unload a few things..and about the only thing I do like about garage sales..having them that the fact that I can have a wee bit of cash in my pocket after all that hard work.

But hard work it is..and it is hard work gathering up everything and then deciding what to price things at.

I think that I enjoy going to them more than I enjoy sitting outside and selling items at least this Saturday my dear daughter and "maybe" even my hubby will help with the sale.

I'm hoping that both Dawn in GA.... and our crew here in FL. have good weather...and good sales.

Good luck to us gals on our "clean out/purge outs".

Here's to sunny weather and terrific sales on Saturday!

~The Garden Goose~

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pretty in Yellow...

I love yellow fact I love the color is such a cheery, sunshiney color..but in just never ceases to make me smile when I see a bright sunny colored flower.

This week I had a gladiola flower blooming in my yard, and I could see it outside my kitchen window,but after about a day or two and some rain...the gladiola flowers started leaning way over and had fallen to the ground. So, in they came to grace a vase on the kitchen counter.
But I wanted to share with you all what they look like.
Yes, I'll have to dig up the bulb to save for later, as they are just so beautiful.
The details are just exquisite..I love looking at the beauty in nature..and capturing it on camera.
I hope that these bright cheery beauties have brought a smile to your face today.
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Wishing all the dad's that just "might" happen to read this blog..a "Happy Father's Day"
Hope your day was a good one!
Hope the spouseand child/ren in your life spoiled you well today.
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some fun freebies for you...

Wanted to share a few fun freebies for those of you that enjoy collage art and altered art creations. (simply right click on image and do a "save as")

~The Garden Goose~

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mail Fun..

Had some fun mail yesterday..thanks to Wanda at "The Rat's Pajamas"

Wanda had held a giveaway on her blog..and after the giveaway she asked for everyone's address that had entered her drawing..and she sent us all a little in effect everyone won!
It was definitely above and beyond on her part to be so generous and sweet to all of us.
Thank you Wanda!
Wanda sent me a cute package filled with all kinds of bits and baubles to create fun tags.

Isn't this just so fun looking? Bits of fairy images and little snippets of fabrics, and buttons and glitteries.

Fun! fun! for someone that enjoys making collages :0)

Well..the clean out..clear out fact I'm supposed to be out working in my garage right now ..fer shame..fer shame..ha..
It's so amazing when you put your mind to doing a thorough clean out/clear out..just how much stuff you can actually
We are hoping to have our garage sale next weekend if the weather permits..if it doesn't..of course the following weekend then.
Well...I had even more fun mail today..remember when I shared the photos of the cute things I had found on etsy? Well..most of it came in today..and it is all so darling . I just love that little puppy statue I is absolutely adorable..and so much cuter in person.
I know..I know...I'm supposed to be clearing out..not gathering things..ha...but...but...this is just so cute and whimsical and fun....
I am getting rid of everything that I no longer wish to decorate with..and that means I am going for a totally different style and look for the new I saw these items..well.....I snagged them..can ya blame me?
I wanted to make sure I'd be the owner of them for in my new home..see..isn't that excuse enough??...ha.A girl's gotta plan ahead and get the goods when the gettings good.:0)...ha
I want to thank you for stopping by for a visit.
Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend!

~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Collectible Barbie Dolls

My daughter has 3 of these beautiful Barbie Dolls and wants to find new homes for them... she asked if

I'd list them here on my blog for her in case anyone was interested.

She has the following: New In The Box Barbies
$24 each which includes the shipping to you.
please email through my profile here if you are interested.
Timeless Silhouette Barbie/2000/Mattel
1999 Mattel Blushing Bride Barbie
and a Victorian Ice Skater Special Edition/2000 Mattel
~The Garden Goose

Daily Perk Up!

My daughter had bought a box full of really old vintage paterns a while back, and this evening while going through some of the items she came across a clipping from a 1937 newspaper.

It was an ad for a "Daily Perk- up!" from a "Perkins Motors " Chrysler*Plymouth"
Anyhow...I wanted to share with you all the darling saying this little ad had.

Plan more work than you can do:
Then do it.

Bite off more than you can chew:
Then chew it.

Hitch your wagon to a star:
Keep your seat:
And there you are!
Now doesn't that little rhyme just give you a grin?
It did me..and I hope that you all enjoyed it too.
Have a lovely day!
--------- ~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big clean out begins..

Well..we've been cleaning out and gathering things here and there for a huge garage sale/and an upcoming "redding house for market"

...and I know now that the "big clean out" begins... once I have hubby on board..ha.

At first I'd walk by him and ask him.." ya wanna get rid of such and such.." and the answer would be.."well..I think we need to hold onto that for now".

...and I'd get a wee bit frustrated because after all we are "supposed" to be clearing out things..not holding on to them just "cause".

So tonight all of the sudden he comes into the room with a huge arm load of movies from the living room saying to me..." oh... we just cleaned out all of the movies, and your right..we need to start clearing out a bunch of stuff, I'll get better at helping with that"

Woohoo! ..that means with hubby on board the clean out will go so much smoother.

The hesitation is no longer there/we have turned the corner ..and entered into the in the realm of "oh sure..we don't need that"..ha.

So..our major clear out has now turned a corner.

yeehaw..our job just got easier!!

(if you are a married know exactly what I am talking about and where I am coming from..ha)
So..we are aiming to have that garage sale next permitting.

This evening I had to clear off the large counter in garage the rest of the way..then start sorting through things.'s going to be a huge sale.

Will be so nice though to clean and clear out.
Hope you all are having a great week.

~The Garden Goose~
p.s. like the little bee?/ you can create a bee on the Haagen Daaz website..there is a little bit of info about bees/saving the bees there/along with a "create your own bee"fun.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A few fun mail items...thanks Lea and Gayla

I recently won 2 blog contests!... me??..yeah me..shock of shocks! I hardly ever win to win 2 drawings was/is pretty cool.

I entered a Cottage Charm drawing over at Gayla's blog "Oatmeal and Whimsy"
and won a drawing for a prim bunny over at Lea's blog "Farm House Blessing"
Thank you both so much! It made for a real fun mail day.
Gayla's gift consisted of a chunky cake candle that looks absolutely yummy, some tea, some coffee, a vintage yellow tulip cloth,a tin star, and a small journal,a bar of orange spice soap, and a small bottle of Bath and Body works soap.
Thanks Gayla.
Lea's gift was a darling primitive bunny /cinnamon scented with a large cloth carrot and a tag that reads "God planted a Garden"
So cute!
Thanks Lea.
~The Garden Goose~

Miss Marigold has grown up....

Well..I thought I ought to show you all how little "Miss Marigold" has just grown up on us.

She is now a month old and quite a big girl now..almost fully feathered out. She loves swimming in her big plastic bin.(a big black bin that is usually sold at hardware stores for potting bench inserts for mixing soil)

She just likes to strut her stuff around our yard. She's our pretty little gal("live yard ornament"..ha)

Then..this pretty red rose was blooming against the courtyard fence the other day.

I hope that today brings for you alloy..alot of the precious little moments that make for a beautiful day.Take time to stop and smell the roses and to enjoy the journey.

~The Garden Goose~