Thursday, July 26, 2007

oh to be 3...and more...and some musings about friendship...

We had a delightful time with youngest daughter's 3rd birthday yesterday...time sure flies by.

I marveled at the smiles and the twinkle in her eyes at the simplest things...the delightful full face smile she had. It was a lolvely day.As a mother there can be nearly no greater joy than to see one's own child so utterly delighted and with a smile a mile wide. It certainly warms my heart.

Of course I just had to capture the moment on camera.I couldn't get enough of that twinkle eyed smile and the innocence and delight..makes my heart melt everytime I look at the pictures..oh to be 3..what a joy.

Well, hubby got the truck lettered for the cabinet company 50 miles away..I was delighted with how it turned out..and the company was too....

On another note...I will be entering an image into a local photo contest in September..and I really hope I have a chance at placing pretty well in the "People" category..I captured this image several months ago.I titled it "Fascination" ..I hope it places well.

Today has been a nice day ..I'm preparing to meet up with a few women this evening at Book's A Million..trying my best to meet folks and make is a bit hard to do...I started a local "meet up" group through website..geared towards "Stay at Home Mom's"...I must admit that I get very nervous going to meet new people...but that's what you have to do sometimes to meet a friend..put yourself out you are...and let the chips fall where they may..if someone likes you..well..they'll stay in contact..if they don't..well..they won't..simple as that.

I try not to get my hopes up anymore in meeting someone that has the same interests as I have come to the conclusion that indeed I am the type of person that is quite rare to find anymore..honestly I'm not saying this arrogantly..but I am a gem/and to have me as a friend..well, I am a good friend to have if I say so myself..loyal/kind,caring and true blue...and not one that puts on airs..what you see is what you get..and as such I have very little tolerance for hypocritical sorts and those that tend to put on airs..perhaps that is why I have found it a bit difficult to find a genuine friend around here..too many people sad to say... as we put the term.."put on the dog" and project a false front...maybe, just maybe one day..I'll meet someone that is "down to earth" and "real" and "honest" and not hypocritical in their actions and words.

Funny thing..I recieved a call the other day from someone that I had not heard from in a couple of years...this person I thought was calling me because they genuinely cared about me as a "friend" and had simply lost touch with me and wanted to be friends..but..shock of shocks..a little further into the conversation the true intent of the call emerged and they simply wanted to use my husband and I as a "sounding board/for practice/for their new job with selling insurance" was really all I could do to not want to suddenly just hang up the phone..I felt so "used" all the sudden...of course I remained that's my nature..but I was a bit stunned and flabbergasted..and at that point I really lost all interest in the conversation to say the least.
I guess that sometimes this is just how it is and that is is rather quite common for folks to just "use" or rather "want to use" another person in this way??? I dunno..can someone enlighten me on this please? I guess I'm just too naive and sheltered still as to the ways of the world....And does anyone else out there find it so difficult to find a friend... that actually has no ulterior motive than to simply be a friend??
(o.k...enough about that musings/wonderings)
On a totally different note..I was involved in a farm girl State Swap(over at Mary Jane's Farm...boy do I enjoy that site and all of the lovely folks I have "met" over there via email and the forums)..where we were to send a few items to our swap partner from our State...anyhow..I recieved a swap partner to swap with..who lives in Santa Maria, California..this gal sent me the most wonderful coffee I do tell you!
This stuff is called SLO Roasted Coffee/Baywood a Vanilla Hazelnut flavor..umm yummy..good stuff!
And after doing some search online I found..very reasonably priced as well.
The website is
they have lots of different flavors...ooh yummy. I think I'm hooked...and if you give them a try..I think you'll be hooked as well...nothing quite like a cup of fresh brewed hazelnut coffee in the morning with just the right amount of sugar and milk...yummy.(yeah...I have to "girly" my coffee up..ha)
Well, my gracious..we had about 8-9 gals contribute articles to the magazine(Small Town Living) this time around..I have been so very, very thrilled about that!!
This will be our largest issue yet.Everytime we gear up to put the magazine online for a new issue.I get so a kid in a candy store nearly..ha. I get anxious to share it with everyone.
I just love that my husband and I can do this type of thing and that others really enjoy it too and what we are doing.Can't believe that we have been at this for nearly a year!
Oh, I gotta tell you about something else...if you have not discovered it by now...I need to tell you about my new friend Jewel's... over at "Eyes of Wonder"..she has the prettiest blog..and she shares the prettiest photos of her life and family and recipes, well as her faith in God, and her simpler ways of living.
Anyhow..if you'd like to see a really delightful way to create an absolutely scrumptious looking Carrot check out her blog.
You'll see the link to it up under my "friends" list here.And once you get there..I know that you won't want to just stop at the'll want to explore the rest of her delightful blog..she is a real sweety, and I can guarantee you that you'll enjoy your visit with her and want to add her blog to your favorites.
(I do have friends..just not "local" friends..ha. Mine are scattered all over the country and one's that I have not met face to face cyber friends that I have "met" via way of my blog and through Mary Jane's Farm....I do count as a blessing to me .(Gals like Jewels, Elizabeth, Laura, Karin..and Aunt Jenny,Mary Beth,Nancy Jo,..and many more..too many to list..all of you are very special to me.((hugs to you all))
O.k...enough of my musings and meanderings...ha....thanks for putting up with me.:0)
I hope that you all have a most lovely day today.
Thanks for joining me in "blog land"

~The Garden Goose~


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
I am so happy to have you as a friend. You have been so sweet to me. Most of my friends are on line too. Oldfashion homemakers are hard to find.

GardenGoose said...

I am so blessed to have my online friends too. :0)yes, it is true that we "old fashioned homemakers" are hard to find anymore. We are a special group of gals.:0)hugs to you Elizabeth.I am so delighted to count you as my friend too.