Monday, March 30, 2009

Garden Seed Giveaway Winner...and more

Congratulations to "Linder"! You are the winner of the Garden seed give away!

Thank you to everyone that entered the drawing.
Today I planted a few marigolds that I had left over from creating a large combination planting in a huge terra cotta pot by my front the rest of the plants made their way to the back yard to be planted under the drake elm outside the kitchen window.

Hubby put mulch down around in the flower beds that needed it.

Yesterday oldest daughter and I created a flower bed by the back door, and I put a lot of orange and yellow marigolds in that.
Things are definitely shaping up around here...tomorrow will see me doing a lot of cleaning and some more packing up.

And then I will begin staging the house,and very soon we will have the sign up for sale.
We are wrapping up the latest issue of "Small Town Living" e-zine... and it will soon be posted to the website.

In the meantime check out the last issue at: and please share with your friends/family.
My absolute sincere apologies for not blogging as much/as often as I used to on here.

Getting a home ready for market takes a lot of work...more than I thought..then in amongst everything I also started a garden seed business the first of Feb.... and wow! I never expected it to be as busy as it has been!...but it has beenlots of fun though...but these things all take time of course.
We had some very rainy weather the first part of the week..I joked with hubby that we certainly did not need to receive our annual rain fall quota in a mere 2 days time..ha..but it finally stopped and today..oh my! what a gorgeous sunshiney day! Everything is so lush green and has that beautiful new green growth that plants/trees get at the start of Spring!...the bright new green color..such an awesome cheery leafy green!

The drake elm by the kitchen window is bursting forth in new all time favorite tree! Every spring it looks better and better..hubby and I wish we could transplant that tree to a new is absolutely gorgeous. But...I'm sure we'll be able to find a nice drake elm tree start elsewhere..I sure hope so..they are such lovely trees.
Oh..and..the hummingbirds are back! I'm thinking we must have a species here that is definitely a year long resident. They sure like the bottle brush tree..which is also in full bloom this time of year. I must make a point to get out there with camera in hand and try to capture them at work feeding from the flowers.
I hope that you all are having a lovely week thus far.
Thanks for stopping by!

~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Garden Give Away

Time for a gardening Give away!

This time I will be giving away a set of seeds to start your garden.

All of the seeds offered are all dated 2009 with the exception of one packet dated 2008.(yellow squash/crookneck)
But all others are packed for the 2009 growing season.All are unopened/new packets of seeds

(The seeds are of hybrid varieties...for the most if that doesn't bother you..go ahead and join in the fun!)

I could not see just tossing them out...even though I personally am concentrating on turning my efforts towards heirloom varieties.

In my cleaning/sorting out.... I discovered these seeds in my seed stash, and decided that someone may still enjoy them..even though they are not heirlooms. So..let the fun begin!!!
O.k.... For what you'll be winning here:
1 pkt Zucchini seeds/Burpee Hybrid Zucchini
1 pkt Spinach/Baby's Leaf hybrid Burpee's
1 pkt Cucumber/Bush Champion Burpee's
1 pkt. Cantaloupe/Sweet and Early hybrid Burpee's
1 pkt. Yellow Crookneck Squash/Ferry Morse
1 pkt. Burpee's Tomato Big Boy hybrid
1 pkt Burpee's Tomato Gardener's Delight
1 pkt Burpee's Tomato Delicious
Simply leave me a comment and a name will be drawn on March 30th!
Please make sure you leave me a way to be able to contact you should you be the winner.
I am combining entries from both this blog and my "The Victory Gardener" blog and will draw one name..good luck!!

~~The Garden Goose

Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy, Busy days....and Happy Spring!

Have been busy here getting things done that need doing.
Painted the pantry door the other day, and was on my hands and knees painting the bottom half portion of the pantry interior.
Then I have been moving furniture out of the house and
storing it in the garage/covering some pieces with blankets. Packing even more boxes and storing them in the garage.
And in amongst this I still run errands that need attended to.
Have also been listing new items in the garden shop over at

Love hearing from folks that are planning their gardens, some are new gardeners, some are veteran gardeners, but the fact remains..all of them are excited that Spring is now officially here... as of today in fact!

It is so nice to get little notes like this one from a customer in Idaho:

"Thank you for posting seeds on etsy. We've recently formed a 12 family Victory Garden with a teacher farm. The folks there are leading/teaching their trade of farming on a 1/4 acre plot this season.I am ordering these seeds for my own raised bed gardens though, and will share your site with all."

It is letters like this that really make having the garden shop so very much fun for me! I really enjoy that aspect of it.
I did manage to get some green bean seeds planted in our 4 ft by 8 ft raised littlest children assisted me..and already our green bean crop is about 5 inch tall plants. Grant it the chickens did decide to feast upon some of the wee seedlings and to scratch some of the beans to the surface..the rascals!
But we do have at least half of what we planted coming up just fine, and undisturbed by the I think we'll see a decent crop from it.

We also have quite a number of strawberries showing up on the berry plants..but again..trying to keep the chickens from discovering them.
This time of year the amaryllis are starting to pop up in the pots they have been planted in and some have already begun blooming. So very pretty.
The days here have been delightfully sunny and breezy...yes, Spring is here!
Wishing you all an absolutely lovely weekend!
~Thank you for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homeschool Helps: All about Manatees

Thought it was time that I shared another "Homeschool Helps" topic.

This time...all about Manatees!
You can use these links to create an in depth "Unit Study" about the Manatee if so desired. Lots of info Enjoy! and have fun!
What is a Manatee?

hear a manatee:
Florida Fish and Wildlife info about Manatees:
Sea World's in depth look at Manatees:

Where to find a stuffed toy Manatee
(item pictured is available through the above listed site)

What do Manatees do all day?
Oceanic Research Group/Manatees and how they live: website offers a lot of info about Manatees:
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A few more of my recent wins..and more..

I received a few more of the wins from the OWOH blog land event the other day.

this really neat felted necklace bag that has a mirror on the back and can hold a tube of lip balm.
From Patti at 7 Rose Petal Path:
A darling mini canvas art work.

And in more news...Wilson Graphics has been featured on 2 blog posts this week! Wow!
Thanks so much! to Susan at:
for the lovely write up.Do check out Susan's lovely blog where she shares recipes and so much more.Tell her Tina sent you.
We were also blogged about by Jennifer over at The Magic Brush,Inc.,another lovely blog in "blogland" (Thanks so much Jennifer!)
In her post she even shares with you just how easy it is to apply the decals we offer in our shop at:
Stop by and visit her blog for a look at some awesome decorating ideas.
And...Wilson Graphics goes International! On a trip to the Netherlands even...(smiles) Check out this use for decals.
I hope that you all had a lovely week. The youngest children and I planted green bean seeds in one of the 4 ft by 8 ft raised beds in the backyard... oh about a week ago or so..and I'm pleased to say that we now have little bean plant seedlings that are a good 4 inches high or so..yippee! There is nothing like home grown veggies!
I'm definitely looking forward to gathering fresh green beans soon.
Hoping you all have a lovely evening!
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm late to my own party...ha. Winners of the Giveaway!

Gee it is Saturday already..and we had a giveaway going on...and wouldn't ya know I got caught up in this thing called "Life" that can sometimes get hectic...and gosh if I didn't forget until this evening to draw names!(combined names from tis blog and my "The Victory Gardener" blog)

Wish I could award everyone something for stopping by ... are the list of winners! Congratulations!..and Thanks so much for having joined the fun!:

1. Betty
2. Simple Folk
4. Monica
5. Esmaa
7.Cathy Jean
8. Rebecca-foodie with family
9. Lavender Fields Dreamer
10. Meg
11. Nancy Jo
12.Luckiest Girl
14.Kittens Lost Her Mittens
15. Kay-Rustic Cottage
16.Laura M-editor
Had a busy day today..we all worked in the backyard trying to get things in shape..I wound up raking half of the backyard which would make that half of .25 of an acre..ouch! I'm sore now.

Then sometime this weekend I hope to create a mulched flower bed by the back door where we took out the old decking.Hmm..that is if I can drag my sore body out of the bed in the morning..ha.
The wee seed shop is doing well( am having a ball learning about all types of heirloom seeds for the garden.

Fun to read customer comments about their plans for their gardens. So delightful. I am really, really enjoying myself, but keeping busy, busy between the little shop and everything that needs doing here in /with the house.
I'd love to hear how your days are going, so when you stop by, please do leave me a comment. All comments go to my in box, so I do read them even if I may not have time to blog hop, or stop by as soon as I'd like to, do know that I think of you all often... and I'm hoping that things here become a little less hectic and I can get back to a little blog visiting.
May you all have a lovely evening.
I'll be emailing those of you that have won to get your addresses. Thanks again!
~The Garden Goose~

Monday, March 9, 2009

I've been stalked..but in a good way..:0)..yay!

My new garden shop on etsy was stalked a good kind of stalker now mind you.(smiles) I honestly didn't mind this kind of stalking.

A great big thanks to "etsy stalker"

Check out what they had to say about my item.


~The Garden Goose!~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time for a great big give away!!! Fun! Fun!

I figured since I had not done one of these lately, other than the recent OWOH event....that it was time to have a great big give away!

.....And by great big give away this one will have 16 winners!

YES!!! 16 winners!
See my hubby and I own and operate a sign shop, and we have capability to print full color canvas prints. my clearing out/packing up..I came across 16 canvas prints that had been tucked away...and are absolutely various themes from farm house style, to nautical beach scenes,pelicans,fruit crate label images...etc.
All total 16 lovely canvas prints that need a new home
This will be a totally fun and random give away....a surprise giveaway. 16 random folks will be chosen, and I'll send out a random canvas image from the stash.
So... please spread the word and sign up will want a chance at one of these.... as they are darling.
I've posted a few examples of some, but not all of the designs.
(if I showed all of them it wouldn't be so much of a surprise then now would it?..ha)
So...get your name on this list here and join the fun.

Drawing will be held Friday, March 13th.(US RESIDENTS ONLY PLEASE)
~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Look at what I won! pretty..and more..

I love visiting other blogs... when I have the time that is..and seeing the lovely art creations that folks do, and the fun decorating and more that goes on in "blogland".

I recently came across a fun art/interior design blog created by Fifi Flowers over at:
Fifi creates art in a fun whimsical style, and recently she held a giveaway contest in which contestants were to send in a favorite photo to be considered for a painting. Winner of the contest would receive a small painting of the photo.

So..this is what I submitted. My photo was chosen as the winner and here is the lovely water color painting I received!
If you have a photo of a special room in your home, a pet, or a photo from a special trip you have made, or something you'd like to Fifi through her blog, she'll be happy to convert the image to a painting for you.
Now I have to find a mat and frame for this lovely painting. It will hang in my "soon to be" new home. Isn't it pretty!
Thanks so much Fifi!
Still talking about "pretties" all know how I just adore vintage/antique items right?..well..of course you do.(and if you didn' now know..ha)

I know, know, know that I honestly should NOT be buying anything else right now for the new home..until I actually "get" my new home..right?..but,but, but.. sigh...I just absolutely could not resist these two lovelies...
I found this lovely ,large old Victorian die cut and embossed image of a boat filled with flowers..for a mere $4.
It will hang in a vintage nautical themed bathroom that I am planning for the new home.

Then I found this lovely antique hall mirror..I could not resist... I saved up my fun moolah until I could get this.
It will have a place in our "soon to be" Victorian themed living room.I'm not sure how old this mirror is, but if I had to guess I'd say either late 1890's to 1920's. It still has the gold gilding on the edges of the frame, and the original brown paper backing,although the brown paper bbacking is a bit worn in places and wanting to come off a few spots.I am awaiting this beauty to arrive any day is in transit , I really, really hope it arrives safely.
On the domestic front..I have been busy most of the day today shoving around boxes and bins in the garage...I am nearly done with that task..of stacking boxes and bins against the wall neatly...and sweeping the garage floor, removing cobwebs that somehow wind up making their ways into a garage.
Next I have to sort through tools and other household tools and miscellaneous and make sense of it all/ and get what is not needed ,or won't be needed at this current abode..all boxed up and in a neat, orderly sense.
Then either hubby or I will be making a trip to the hardware store to purchase a load of mulch to replenish the flower beds in the backyard.
-------------------'s hoping that you all have a lovely day.
Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit.
~The Garden Goose~

Monday, March 2, 2009

A great big "Thank You" to Linda of "Restyled Home"

A great big "Thank you" goes out to Linda over at:

for blogging about my husband Paul's art work and vinyl decal designs.....and our family business.

You can read all the nice things she had to say here on this post.

Wow! Thank you so very much Linda!

Paul and I really appreciate it!

~Tina/The Garden Goose~