Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hi there,
 It has been ages upon ages since I have written anything here. Life has some pretty strange seasons that some of us have to travel through..and my life has been no exception. I found myself divorced  by December 2013 after a one month shy of 24 yrs of being married. To say that it has been a major adjustment over the last two years is definitely an understatement..but I'm still alive and kicking..and even though I've been through hell and back again..and some days I still struggle and try to adjust..I'm doing ok..and I'm learning to smile again. I have no idea how many of my former blogging pals  still do this blogging thing..or if most everyone has transferred their writings and musings to a facebook format or other avenues, as  truthfully in the last two very much has changed  in how folks interact online. But here I am..and we shall see how this writing and sharing again goes. I'm here..and I'm alive, and life goes on..and it is a beautiful thing. Even through life's seasons. Blessings to you.