Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Have you ever?....

Danced by the light of the moon?...or danced and twirled in a heavy fog?
Or just twirled in a light summer rain? Or just sat in a lawn chair while it was raining and lifted your head to just let the rain wash all over you?
If you never just might want to give it a try.
It's alot of fun...and not to mention that it just helps to release any stress that may have built up in your body. It's alot of fun and an excellent way to relieve stress.I highly recommend it. :0)
Wheew..this afternoon my oldest daughter, hubby and I all worked, and worked, and worked some more in the yard.I weeded a flower bed that is outside of my kitchen window and it has a large drake elm tree that we planted about 4 yrs ago in it(the tree was only about 5 ft tall when I planted it and is now about 20 ft. tall and has loads of branches that arch downward almost like weeping most fave tree in the yard) anyhow this flower bed is my bird feeding station..I hang feeders from the branches and also have a cement bird bath under the tree, anyhow..I weeded all under the tree and laid about 5 bags of fresh mulch in that flower bed and trimmed tree branches.
Daughter and husband worked on the front yard flower beds some more and hubby laid 2 bags of fresh mulch along the front walkway..we still have a tiny bit of weeding to do in the main flower bed out there..that holds a few irises and a gardenia bush and a japanese magnolia and some more plants...but wow! things are improving..and it is amazing what alot of weeding and trimming and remulching can do.
Last night I trimmed all of the hedges along the walkway /driveway.
Then we also all worked on totally remulching our large outdoor dining area..this is a large area out under a large oak tree in our backyard..this area has an arbour that holds jasmine vines and the entrance to the courtyard area is flanked on either side with flower beds then a brickway..then you step into the area that has the arbour area that is bricked ..then there is a picket fenced area that surrounds the entire eating area..then it has a archway that is flanked by more jasmine vines.
Anyhow today we remulched and weeded and trimmed the jasmine vines back.
Lots and lots of work.Took about 20 bags of mulch to remulch that area today..wheew!
But it is finally shaping up again..and I will soon not be ashamed at all of the weeds we had back there..ha.
And I'll hopefully be able to actually share some photos of what my yard looks like...soon.I still have a few flower beds to get weeded out though..but I'm working on it and will be taking photos soon as my chores get completed and my yard is whipped back into shape.
When we first moved into this house there was only one tree in our back yard!
Now there are lots of trees...lots of plants and flowering areas.
It is actually amazing what 7 yrs of work can do to a landscape.
It's been alot of work..but worth it.
Well...I hope that you all have had a very nice day today.
Mine was pretty good.
~The Garden Goose~


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
I can't wait to see some pictures. Do you have a problem getting things to grow there. I do here. Tropicals are about all that will grow here with the heat.
Have a beautiful day.

Kitchen Madonna said...

Sounds like a lot of fun to me!