Friday, January 28, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Year Round Tree

So, since we found one of those tall, slender trees at Lowe's this year for Christmas, we really liked the look of the tree and decided that we'd keep it out year round and decorate it for each season.

 Here it is decorated with paper hearts of all kinds, a heart garland, and a paper chain. Using things like paint color cards available from the hardware store..I simply picked out a hand full of bright pink and red colored paint sample cards and brought them home and cut heart shapes and used a hole punch in the top and a little bit of white crochet thread..wallah..easy- peasy Valentine tree decor... and free. The heart garland and other paper hearts were created by my  oldest daughter using a variety of left over scrap booking papers and glitter. Again easy-peasy and nearly free. There are a few bright red heart shaped glass Christmas ornaments  that we left on the tree also.

 Please don't look too closely at my messy book shelf..right now its holding a mish mash of knick knacks from our collections..Quarry Critters, a Spanish Flamenco dancer, and a bit of this and that. Some of which will be displayed up high along the ledge that surrounds the room..I just have to figure out yet which pieces will star in the "up high" place..smiles.
 Making a house a home takes time that's for sure, and a bit more time when the entire family wound up getting sick right at Christmas time a week after our moving in. Not fun, and a huge nuisance and set back on being able to get around to everything as quickly as I had wanted to.

This past week we worked on having a tree service and debris removal crew come in and help to clear our back yard of a huge rotten oak, and about 4 other oaks that were leaning, plus 3 palm trees from the front yard, and 2 great big debris piles that had been left in the  backyard by the previous owner(when I say me..these piles of debris required a backhoe and a huge dump truck type trailer to remove the debris). The yard looks so much better now having those areas cleared out. And with the huge rotten oak removed from next to our back patio we now have an area that we plan to use to put in several raised beds for gardening. We will test the soil throughout the yard this coming week and see what we need to do to make areas prosperous for growing edibles.

Thanks so much for stopping by. and yes, I'm a bit slow on getting photos posted here on what I've been doing throughout the house, but I hope that when I do share that it will be worth the wait. :0)
  Have a great evening!
  ~The Garden Goose!~