Monday, July 30, 2007

Whee!..errand running...and more...

Had a fun day today..ha.

Had to run a few errands around town this afternoon, so I packed all the kids into the van with me..and since we all haven't gone much of anywhere for a little little 3 year old thought it was a real treat.

Why the word "whee" in the title?...

Well, it seems that everytime I came to a curve or had to turn a corner on our driving around would pipe up her little sweet 3 yr. old voice from the backseat with a loud exclamation of "Wheee!!"

It was so funny actually to be traveling along and experiencing things from a 3 yr. old's perspective.


Well..I did have a few errands to run today...first it was to the post office to send a few RAOK packages to a few of my farmgal was a nice way to thin out my cookbook collection.:0) And to share some fun with my friends.

Then after the post office, we headed over to the feed store.
Had to buy some duck feed for the quackers.

My little 7 yr. old and my 3 yr. old were just a oohing and ahhing at the free pet bunny in the did NOT come home with matter how much they oohed and ahhed. (Funny thing while telling hubby about it... he mentioned that I could have brought it home and he would not have minded.."oh just turn it loose in the backyard..he says"...ahh well...I think I would have preferred if it had been an angora instead of just a cute grey and white spotted one, at least then it would have had a practical use instead of something that would chew up my flowers..ha)

It was so funny as we left the feed store...
on top of the roof of the store is a life size fiberglass horse.
My 3 yr. old kept waving and hollering as we left the store "bye horsey"..."bye-bye horsey"

Afterwards we stopped by Chik Fil A for a bite to eat..then over to the Lutheran thrift shop to drop off a bag of books.

Then back home.

When I asked my little 3 yr. old what was the funnest part of the day for wasn't the little fluffy bunny...oh was the "horsey" ..ha.
I guess that big horse on the roof of the store made quite an impression with her.
Well, this evening I worked on getting the notices sent out to folks that the new issue of Small Town Living Magazine is online. I hope that we can start building up our readership.
Well...that's about all for today.
Am a wee bit tired.
Have to go round up the quackers and get them into their pen tonight.

Have a great evening!

~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

Isn't it funny how small things can attract kids attention and give them such glee. I finally was able to read the issue and loved it. I also put the word out on the MS Goat Association about the magazine and I know several has read it and was impressed and sayed they would continue on reading it. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

SimpleFolk said...

I just wanted to say hello! I sure enjoyed my visit here this evening. I LOVE your online magazine. Congratulations on a job very well done! I would like to ask for your permission to post a link on my blog. I know others will enjoy reading it, too.

I especially enjoyed the article about the fainting goats because I've always wanted to own some. I do however have three mischievous sons who would probably take great amusement in making the poor dears faint. I have a feeling that they'd never get up!

I look forward to reading more and will be back to visit. :o)

Amy (Simple Folk)

GardenGoose said...

i am so glad that you enjoyed the magazine,that would be terrific if you'd like to add a link on your blog. The more the merrier.
I'd also like to welcome you to my blog..and hope that you will visit again.

GardenGoose said...

Thank you so much for helping to spread the word.

Oh was so funny hearing her in the backseat exclaiming "Whee!"

Miss Paula said...

I loved the Wheee story. Sometimes when I am driving I am the one who yells this out. I am looking over your magazine. My printer just jammed up so I have something to look forward to. I am so glad Jewel mentioned you! And
Chick-fil-A, YUMMMMM!

GardenGoose said...

Hello Miss Paula,
So glad to have you visit my little blog. I hope that you will visit with me again. I am glad to hear that so many are enjoying the magazine...and also enjoying my little blog here.
Thanks ever so much for stopping by to say "hello"
May you have a wonderful evening.