Sunday, September 28, 2008

Altered Art Silver Trays

I created these altered art silver trays the other day..what fun! I like how they turned out.

They are available for purchase if anyone is interested.(simply email me through my profile if interested) I haven't listed them over on etsy yet..just in case anyone here was interested.
Large Tray: measures 16 inches wide by 11 3/4 inch tall.
($18.50 which includes shipping to you)
Small Tray: measures 9 1/4 inch wide by 5 1/4 inch tall.($9 which includes the shipping to you)

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday evening.
I'm off to go clean out the stuff under my bed that I had stored up under there..and figure out what to keep for the new house and what to get rid of. Just bought a few of the under ed roll out storage bins and will try to get a bit more organized in there this evening.
Have a great evening!
~The Garden Goose~

Friday, September 26, 2008

An Important Cause...

I know that I normally don't post twice in a day..but I am now a part of a group of women that have a very special...very important cause...and I wanted to share this with you...because maybe this is something you are interested in..and would like to be a part make a difference too...

--------- I am now a part of a group of women from all over the U.S....(and even one gal stationed over in Kuwait has joined in) that are making it our goal..our mission... to educate ourselves , our families, our friends, and those we meet along the way...about the importance of saving and growing Heirloom vegetables, fruits, and plants and flowers.(Pure unaltered open pollinated strains of fruits and vegetables.. ...not genetically modified seed)
With all of the Genetically Modified things going on with our food crops(fruits and vegetables)/and even potentially our meat sources across the U.S. and abroad...we find that it is ever increasingly important to make sure that the "old ways"..the "tried and true" ..."untainted ways" of our ancestors be not forgotten and become extinct.
We have made it our mission and our goal to start collecting Heirloom varieties of seed/plants and to even raise old standard breeds of livestock that are on the verge of becoming extinct as well... and to make sure that we plant and grow these types of things in our gardens,landscapes...and for those of us with the land space raise farm animals of the Heritage Breeds.
And to share seeds/knowledge with each other..and those we encounter... as we keep this way of life..Our Heritage..... ALIVE!
If you or anyone you know is interested in this type of thing..Please join us over at Mary Jane's Farm

**Please note that even though the site does have a lot of women is open to men also.
Won't you join us in "MAKING A DIFFERENCE...ONE SEED AT A TIME!"

Blog Friend "Love in My Mailbox"

Told you I'd share with you the "Blogging Love" I received in my mailbox from dear sweet Wanda over at

And here it is!
Isn't this just so very sweet of her?!

Wanda I love everything!
I knew when I opened the package and saw a beautiful peacock feather setting atop the wrapping..that what was in store was going to be just as lovely..and I was right!
From the little beaded beads(Wanda creates larger beads by using tiny seed beads all together to create a larger "beaded bead"..really cool!) Then lampwork vintage laces on pretty painted clothespins, and vintage look strawberries made from dyed velvet...and a beautifully embroidered Victorian look pillow.
Oh my!
..even a tiny bottle of bubbles so I can feel like a kid again anytime I want to..(hmm does Wanda know that I act like a kid at least once or twice a day anyhow(and even more..but who's keeping count)..ha... and those bubbles will be gone in no time..hee hee)

And there's even a darling velvet needle holder made to look like a little Red Riding Hood! Love it!!
even a bag of buttons..and gosh..even more! A pretty bird made from little various scraps of cloth and ribbon..really a star folded fabric ornament..and little heart shaped yo-yo's.And even a few vintage items..tiny hanky..and little linen..and even a vintage piece from a flower garden quilt..and more!
Wow! what a package filled with love and beautifully handcrafted items!!!

Thank you ever so much Wanda!
It really made my week!
Tina~ The Garden Goose~

Little Visitor

Spent an hour yesterday keeping a watch out for this little visitor.(click on each image to see larger view)
This hummingbird visits our bottle brush tree this time of year.
A bit difficult to does take patience for sure... as they dart about quite quickly. But thought I'd share a few photos I managed to capture in an hours worth of watching/being patient.Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vintage Fun Finds

Here are the recent fun finds:

Vintage Peacock Playing Cards..I'll use to either frame a few together..or use at the bottom of framed peacock feather fans as a little fun element alongside the fans.

Vintage Dutch Girl placque.

Vintage Dutch Girl Bank.

A Blue cow planter to go with the Spanish dancer and some vintage Spanish/Mexico items. And Spanish Dancer/Bullfighter pictures.

And....little bluebird placques because my little 4 yr. old loves singing "Zippety Doo Dah" with me.It is her fave I'll incorporate these bluebirds into a new bedroom for her..I'm thinking on either side of a curtain rod would be adorable.Also up above..a Scandinavian doll and wee bone china Dutch shoe.
Yes..there is a rhyme and a reason to my new finds..I collect Dutch themed items..and also I have plans to create a small tabletop vignette using the Spanish items..alongside of a vintage Ferdinand the bull book and a matador figurine and a spanish these are elements for vignettes and collections.
The peacock cards will go with the peacock themed items I have started creating a small vignette/pictures of.
My method is that...I want to make sure that I decorate with items that have charm and age to them..and sometimes a bit of whimsy..but definitely something that makes me smile.
Thanks for taking a peek at my new "goodies".:0)
~The Garden Goose~

Back to my regularly scheduled program..ha...

Time to get back to my "regularly scheduled program"..hee hee. I am...back to blogging and yakking about my day.
Missed it didn't ya?
Ahhh..course ya did.:0) Everyone has gotta have their "fix" of "Garden Goose" every now and again.
Ya'll love me don't ya.:0) Well..I love ya'll too.(smooch smooch...o.k. o.k. that's just a bit too mushy here now... contain yourselves! )
but anyhow....back to the program it is.
So..what have I been up to lately?

hmmm..let's see..I sprained my wrist the other day.

How?...wielding tree trimmers and trying too hard to lop off a few very stubborn branches on a few trees in my backyard that were threatening to look like "monster trees" as their long green branches crept ever so much more closer to engulf my house...o.k. o.k. hmmm..this isn't a horror I'll cut the tacky drama....but didn't you hear that suspenseful horror movie music in the background..that da duh..da duh...that..""the trees come alive at night" sort of da duh..da duh.. eery scary stuff...'s much tamer than that in reality..ha. Not quite as exciting I'm afraid. Just a few wayward branches on the drake elm outside my kitchen window..and a few branches on the pear tree, and a few on a small redbud tree in the courtyard area.
See....I lead a much less scary life than what you thought there for a minute...ha.
And yes..the wrist will heal... no biggy.I'm just a big wimp sometimes.
The weather here the last few days has been "Simply Divine".."Mah-velous Dahling..simply Mah-velous!"
A few more Gulf Fritillary flitting about yet..and some of the passion vine is still blooming.
Oh!...I was given a wonderful mail surprise from a fellow blogger came in my mailbox 2 days ago..and I have GOT to get a photo and show you all the lovelies!
Wanda at : sure knows how to spoil a gal.
Thank you Wanda!
Wanda wanted to spoil me because I was one of her first commenter's on her blog.
Thank you really did spoil this gal..and made my week that's for sure.
Please stop by and welcome my new blogging friend to "blogland"
Wanda has a very pretty do stop by and check it out.
Next post I'll share some recent vintage finds. And then of course I will also share with you the photo of the lovelies I received from Wanda.
Have a beautiful day! And thanks for stopping by.

~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let the Seed Exchanging Begin!!!

Let the fun Begin!
(due to only a few sign ups: I have decided to shorten the length of the swap to end on Sept. 26th/there simply wasn't enough interest this time around(I think my timing wasn't the best on this one) to have a 2 week length on the swap..I do thank all that joined in and I hope that some of you were able to add a few new seeds to your collections/gardens. Thanks for having joined in)
Here are the blogs that have joined in the fun thus far.
If you have signed up and don't see your name here..please make sure that you sign up again with an active link to your blog. I had 2 sign ups but I was unable to add the link to your blog... as one sign up was under "anonymous..and one did not have the link back to the blog.
So please if you wish to participate I need an active link back to your blog.
Please go ahead and post your "have" and "want" lists so that the trading may begin!

Have fun!
Happy Growing!

~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seed Exchange Fun!

My "Have" List

Mixed Tomato seeds - 2 pkts

Coreopsis (Tickseed) -2 pkts

Butter crunch Lettuce-1 pkt

Armenian Basketflower(Centaurea/"Lemon Fluff")-2 pkts

Purple Liatris (Gay Feather) - 1 pkts

False Indigo (purple)- 2 pkts

Japanese Iris - 2 pkts

Lemon Basil - 2 pkts
"Want" List
White Seashells Cosmos/or other color
Globe Amaranth
Bells of Ireland
Poppy(any type)
Chinese Foxglove(Rehmannia)
Sweet Peas
Black Eyed Susan Vine
African Daisy
Chinese Lantern
Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate
Sea Holly
Angels Trumpet
English Daisy
Columbine (any)
Garden Huckleberry
*Any heirloom varieties of seed
~The Garden Goose~

Great Blog Land Seed Exchange!

o.k.... We are gearing up to start this fun 2 week long event! (due to not but about 4 sign ups..I have decided to shorten the swap length time to only being a week/swap will end on Sept. 26th/thanks to all that did join. I hope you were able to add a few new items to your seed collections/gardens)

Here's How it will work:

1. Sign up here on this post.

2.Add the picture to your blog post (of the seed planting image with text that says "Great Seed Exchange") so that folks know you are participating.(Right Click and do a "save as" then post into your blog post.)

3. Add a link back to this blog( so that others can see the list of participants.

4. Create a list that says "Have" and list the varieties of seed you have to trade and how many packets you have available.

Example: Marigolds/French- 2 pkts
Love in a Mist- 2 pkts
.... and so on.

5. Create your "Want" List...what you are looking for.

6. Then have fun trading!

Contact the person that has what you'd like to grow in their "have" list, and see if anything that you have in your "have" list ...matches what they have in their "want" list ... and so on.
You should be able to contact them through their blog profile.
****I'll open sign ups through to September 21st. This allows you time to look through what you have in the way of seeds..and to be able to compile your "Have" and "Want" lists.
The Swap Outs will officially start on Monday,September 22nd....and run through until October 6th.(Due to only a few folks signing up..swap ends on Sept.26th) Thanks to all participants that did join in.
This swap out is done through the Honor system/and respect for your fellow blogger.
***Please note: I am not responsible for any swaps that a person may fail to follow through upon.

You enter into this swap knowing that I will not be held responsible for any persons actions(other than my own) that sign up for this swap.
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Coming Soon!..The Great Blogland Seed Exchange!!!

Coming Soon! "The Great Blog Land Seed Exchange!"
Do you like to grow pretty flowers, and things such as heirloom vegetables from seed?
Have excess seed from this year's crop of flowers or veggies?
Want to find seed for items you'd like to be able to grow?
Then.... "The Great Blog Land Seed Exchange!"
Is for you!
In the next couple of days I will be posting the "how to's" and the rules for participating in this fun event.
So..stop back by and I will have all the info posted real soon.**** Note: If you'd like to participate go ahead and leave a comment here..but I will also be accepting comments on the "official set up" post as well... when the rules and how to's are officially posted.To save my sanity..I will need to limit this to the first 50 people to sign up.

~The Garden Goose~

Cleaning Out..and more...

A nice quiet day here today.

This evening I'll clear out my closet.
Then next day or so it's even more clean out in the master bedroom.
Boxes to go through and sort out.
Weather here has been nice.
We've been seeing a few Gulf Fritillary butterflies flitting around through the yard. They'll be here until probably about the end of October.
They lay their eggs on the passion flower vines.Always so nice to see the butterflies.
I want to wish you all a very lovely evening.
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Sunday to you!

So..I managed to get the youngest children's room totally cleared out Saturday..and I mean really cleaned out..with the help of my oldest daughter.(thanks N...hugs)

But cleaned up cleared out it is now.
Amazing how when you think you had it really cleared out before..there's even more you can stand to clear out..and so we did.
A big plastic bin full of toys and games and so forth.
Then 2 big garbage bags full of outgrown clothes.
And this after we recently had a big garage sale where we cleared out a lot of stuff. Where oh where does all of this stuff come from?
------------- the kids room looks decent enough for when we start doing the showing of the house.
Now..on to other rooms in the house.
Next up will be the master bedroom..totally clearing that out and any little paint touch ups in there that need it.
Some of the base board and door frame in there can stand a wee bit of paint touch up.
And so can the master bathroom stand a wee touch up of paint on the baseboard and the door frame in there..just the usual little things that happen in the course of 8..nearly 9 yrs of living in a home.
A few wee things need "freshened up" a little..nothing major.
But as far as the clean out of the master bedroom goes..I found hubby in there today with all of his clothes piled on the bed..and he was majorly going through all of his clothes and getting rid of lots of things...whoo hoo!...glad he tackled that chore for me.
Now I have to do my part of the closet..ha.Oh boy!
I've not done any art creations lately(this week anyhow..except for the one at "Mind Wide Open")...just trying to clear out things around here..and make sure I am cleaning out as much as I can around here..major purge out..and being rather ruthless about I certainly don't want to have to pack alot of unnecessary things.
I do know that I want a lot of my decorating in the new house to be done with the little vintage items I have collected for a little while..and things I have tucked back especially for the new home.
So, I still have sorting out and decisions to be made about some things.
What to keep..what to get rid of.
I do not want to go through the hassle of having another garage sale at all here.
So...some things will be donated to thrift shops in the area..and a few things will probably be sold online.
Well....I had an errand to do yesterday afternoon..and one of my stops was at the newly renovated Winn Dixie nearby...I was amazed at how highly priced the produce was. Oh my..I miss having a garden!
Outrageous prices on some of those things.
I cannot wait until this place sells and I can be in a new home planning and plotting a new garden and growing things again.
Sure I have my flowers....but when I see the prices so steep on things that can easily be grown in a family garden..I'm like..I can do that! and I want to do that!
But..I'll have to be patient and wait until I can totally start over on that aspect of things..
Well...I do hope that you all have a "Happy Sunday!"
Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy the day!

~The Garden Goose~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday already!...and more

Goodness gracious..but this week whipped on by I tell you! It is Friday already!
I've been working on clearing out the youngest children's bedroom. I managed to get rid of a lot of books..they still have quite a few, but I managed to clear out a big bins worth.
Then I'll be clearing out even more items tomorrow as I tackle the rest of the toys and the clothes hanging in the closet , and sort out everything that might be out grown.
Trying to thin things way down.
Then I'll re- tackle my bedroom.
I have to get the things stored under the bed sorted through, as well as everything in the closet sorted out and majorly thinned down.
I also have on my "to do list"
a few small painting projects.
Then some more rooms/closets to thoroughly clean out and thin way down.
Then I'll be tackling some major deep cleaning in the house.
Then I'll move my cleaning to the and things needing doing outside.
Weeding and trimming what needs trimmed up and straightened up out there.
Wanna come help?..ha.
Well...I'll be hitting the big 4-0 in a few days...yep..I have a birthday next week.
On the 17th to be precise.
My hubby is one day older than we joke a bit.
I say that I got my older man after all..if only by a day..ha.
And he'll say to me "oh I remember being your felt just like yesterday"...ha.
yeah..corny I know..but sorta funny.:0)
Don't know yet what I'll be doing for my birthday.
Nor what I'll do for hubby's birthday.
Just as long as no one gets us any of that tacky "over the hill" stuff..oh gracious!
We aren't "over the hill" yet!
And gracious we still look and act like we are in our 20's.
In fact I'm one of those Toys R Us kids..oh yep..yes I am....
sing it with me now..."I don't wanna grow up...I'm a Toys R Us Kid"
Well..I have a friend send me a bunch of old silver trays..I plan on refurbishing them creating altered art on them.
Oh I have quite a few fun ideas for them.She was so sweet and generous and sent me about 8 silver trays! oooh la- la..I'm gonna have sooo much fun!
I can't wait to get started..but of course I have to get some of my "chores" out of the way first before I can sit down to "play"
..but I aim to tackle one of them soon and have it listed in the etsy shop when I get it completed.
Well..thanks so much for stopping by!
Oh..and don't forget to vote for your favorite blogger's art work( that would be me now wouldn't it ?..hee hee) over at "Mind Wide Open"(see left hand side bar)
Have a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose~

p.s. posted a collage image of the stages of the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly"from egg to butterfly" for my friend Deena at" Can I be Pretty in Pink?"
here you go Deena..image as promised.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Vote for your fave art..and more...

The voting has begun over at "Mind Wide Open" for this month's art challenge.

Hop on over and take a look at all of the pretty art creations.(see side bar/left hand side of blog)
Of course I hope that you'll vote for mine..hee hee..but if not..that is o.k...I have fun with this anyhow..and I don't mind if I win or not..the fun is in challenging my creative side to come up with something different.
And allowing myself some "play time"
Well..I have been given another blogging! Thank you!
To both Rosalie from :
and Tara from:

I am feeling quite honored lately to have received 3 blogging awards in the last 2 weeks!
The rules for this blogging award are that I must in turn award it to at least 7 other blogs that I LOVE visiting.

Goodness..I love all of your blogs... and wish I could visit them all more frequently.
But I'll try to "play by the rules"
Here are the "rules" for this one:
1. Please put the logo on your blog.
2. Link the person from whom you received your award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put the links of those blogs on to your blog.
5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them!
I'd like to pass this award on to the folowing 7 blogs:

Deena at:
Rhonda Jean at:
Gayla at:
Mary Jane at:
Sandi at:
Lilla at:
Meg at:
The last few days I have been cleaning out a few items in the master bedroom..packing up a few things that can be put away for now, and then going through magazines and getting rid of them.
Next up I will tackle the things stored beneath the bed..yes..I do that things under the bed..and then items in the closet. Sort out what to keep/what to get rid of/haul to the thrift.
What I want to retain for the new home and worry about moving or not.
Then on my list is to tackle the youngest children's room and do a major/major clean out in there.
Yes, always something to do/that needs doing.
We got one of those Wii Fit boards a few days ago..and the entire family has been having fun with it.
I love it! It's lots of fun!
It tracks your center of balance, your bmi, your weight, your calorie burn rate and more.
There are such things as hula hoop games, yoga moves, strength training and more.
Very well worth the $89 for something everyone in the family can do, and get fit with as well.
I do recommend this to anyone wanting to get in shape and lose weight.
The other day(Friday to be precise) I spent some time cooking up a crockpot full of pears with ginger candy in it...actually the ginger candy was crystallized ginger cubes that you can find at the health food stores...anyhow I had a crockpot filled with pear slices fresh from our pear tree this year(we wound up with a laundry basket full of pears this year..twice our last years harvest amount) So they had to be cooked down for canning.
So into the crockpot they went with half a bag of ginger chunk candy and about 1-2 tablespoons cinnamon and about 1 and 1/2 cup sugar.
Let cook on high for 4-6 hours.
Then spoon into sterilized jars and seal. Boil in hot water bath for 10 minutes to make sure all is safe.Yum!
A few days before the gingered batch of pears... I did a batch using half a package of cinnamon red hot candies, cinnamon and sugar. Now I really should have used the entire package of cinnamons...but someone had gotten into the candies before I could use all of I used what was left..again the pears turned out very yummy.
Each crockpot full of pear slices cooked down yeilded about 5 full pints of pear sauce.
The sauce is great to use over waffles, pancakes or as a dessert topping.
or "as is"
I hope that you have all had a wonderful day today.
Thank so much for stopping by!
Have a lovely evening.
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Art Challenge... and more..

Time for another Art Challenge over at "Mind Wide Open" (*see left hand side bar of blog for link to this fun art challenge blog)
This month's theme was the word "Boo"
This is the image that we were given to create something from.
Below is the entry that I created. I decided to make the image look like a woman attending a Halloween Masquerade Ball.

So I created a dimensional witch hat..stuffed the inside of the hat with crepe paper, then accented with tiny shiny plastic "jewels" Made a black felt mask ..accented it with "jewels".

Then created a "skirt" from orange organza and accented with black tulle.Top was black tulle also.-----------------------
Really had fun with it.
I recently was involved with a barter online where I traded out for some lovely vintage peacock feather fans. I received 3 feather fans, one was in a little bit of banged up I managed to salvage quite a few of the feathers. The other 2 fans were in great shape and will be framed against a lace background.

The fan that I took apart..I will use the feathers to frame a picture /fashion plate type image/ of a woman holding a peacock feather fan..and her dress is made of peacock feather..anyhow..I'll use the real peacock feathers to frame around the canvas image of the woman.

I hope to work on that sometime this coming week.
On a different note...
I am glad that some of you were able to use the info about beginning blogging. Thank you for your comments..I'm always happy to help when/where I can.
Here's wishing you all a lovely evening.
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little mini tutorial on .."Just how do you blog anyway?"...for the newbies out there

O.k...I hope that this is a little helpful to anyone new to blogging via

Sometimes this whole "blogging thing" can seem a bit intimidating..but need not be.
I've tried to describe a few easy things about blogging for those that are new to it.

Now..there are some things with blogging that simply I don't use..and don't really think I ever will with my blogging...

I prefer to "keep it simple" I have noted in this little tutorial if I do not use a particular icon,or don't know what it is for.

Basically this covers the basics..on getting you started into blogging.

Above what I have written'll have to look elsewhere for the answers to your questions..because..after all ..I am NOT a computer guru!

This is just the basics..the "bare bones" if you will.
---------------- goes:
O.k. here's some info about blogging to help you out.
When you go online to your blog.

Top right hand corner tippy top always says "sign in"

You'll always have to sign in using your email address and a password

Keep those handy so you don't forget them.
O.k. let's get to posting:

once you sign in you will see the following on the right hand side of your blog :

New Post Customize Sign Out

Click on New Post to create a New Post

Then you'll see :Title

This is where you'll title the post of your post..what do you want to call it?

(My freaky Friday, My boring know..whatever..give it a title..every good story needs a title)


Then you'll see a bunch of little icons right across the top of the area where you will type the body of your post

I will explain to you what they are:



Font allows you to choose the style of writing that you wish to use..there are many different little styles of type..think of it as a printers press with different types of fancy letters..the choice is yours. The styles of fonts all have names, and you can see the style right there because the name of the font is written as it will look


Next you'll see a tT (a big T and a little T) together:

This allows you to choose the size of the type that you will be typing in the window/body of the post You can choose from smallest to largest/most are already set at "normal" so I personally never bother with that little thing ..unless..I want a certain word to really stand out.


Then you'll see a b:

This allows you to set the type as BOLD meaning the lines are thicker and stand out more than just regular type

I generally use the Bold setting on mine simply because I want the type to stand out and to be easier for some to be able to read.


Then there is the little slanted i:

This simply means italics..the type will be slightly slanted


Then the large T with a rainbow color box..with colored squares:

This allows you to choose the color of typing that you want to use.

It is best to go with the darker colors on the pallette as any of the real light colors are hard to read for most people.

But you can have fun with it and bring a bit of color into your typing.


Then see the little thing that looks almost like a movie camera thing..

it has a little bit of green on it and looks like a little chain almost:

That is for adding a link from a website or blog that you have visited that you like and want to share with others.

Basically you would type the web address in...then go up to the little "link icon" and click on that..and when you do a little box pops up that says "hyperlink"

you'll then type the web address into that little space that starts with http://

then type in the web address.

Once you do that..the link is then "clickable" and folks can simply click on that in your typing and from your blog it will directly link over to the blog or web address that you are reccomending.


Then you'll see 4 icons that look like lined paper:

These simply are like a type writer nearly..they allow you to align your typing either to the left,right, center,or justify..meaning all type fully centered


Next you'll see three icons that I have never used in my blogging and personally..I have never used them and see no need to really use them to create a good blog posting..ha:

they are:

Numbered List:

for in case you want to do something like

1. I went to the store

2. I saw a lady with a big green purse

3. I exclaimed" Look mama..a human bean with a green purse!"

(that sort of thing..ha)

Bulleted list:

allows you to put a little dot/bullet in front of something you are fixing to type

a way to create a little list without numbers but to draw attention to it.

Block Quotes:

allows you to put things into quotation marks


Then you'll see a ABC with a check mark:

Ahh..this is a terrific allows you to..spell check!

A bloggers friend! It allows you to catch the boo-boos in typing.


Next you'll see a picture with a mountain scene:

This allows you to add photos from anywhere on your computer onto your blog.

Now..when you have clicked on this choose "browse" and choose a photo from your computer to drop into the box of your text. can choose where in the text you want this image to appear:

Do you want it to be on the left hand side of the writing? On the right hand side? or do you want it to be somewhere in the middle?

Simply click the box that allows you that choice.

Then click the "upload image" orange box.

Then a box will appear above the blogging that says "Image added/with a blue box that reads "done"

Click on the blue box to have things added completely.

Now..once you have your picture into the text/body of the writing can then move your mouse over the picture and you'll see a diamond shaped image/icon

Click on the picture and then you'll see that the picture is now surrounded with little boxes set at different "points" on the image.

This allows you to adjust the size of the image..if you wish to.

To add to the height or width.

Usually not necessary to do, but sometimes you may want to play with it.

But...if you move that little diamond into the center of the picture and click and can move the image anywhere up or down in the area you have designated(left hand side/up or down/right hand side: up or down/or center: up or down)

This is great..this allows you to place the image exactly where you want it to go in correspondence with your writing

.After you have the picture where you want off to the side of the picture to "drop" the picture into place.


Next you'll see a video icon: This is for adding video from various places onto your blog.

I personally have never used this. And probably won't in my blogging.


Next you'll see an eraser icon:

I have never used that icon either.


Then you'll see a blue wording that says "Preview":

This allows you to see what your blog post will look like before you publish it. This allows you to go in and make sure things are as you want them to look.


Now..across the tippy top of the area where you'll be typing you'll see little "tabs" that look like file folder tabs:

They say:


this is for typing/composing your blog post

Edit HTML:

this allows you to go in and say for instance if you want to remove that picture you just pasted into the text:

you will look for the area that has something like:

0001234.jpg blogger image would then go to the beginning of that little <> and go in and you can delete that if you need to.It is for basically making sure the computer codes are as they should be.

O.k...I admit it..this part..the html code part is hard to explain.


Then at the very bottom of the typing area you have a :

Publish Post orange button:

this lets you publish to the web

Then you have a "Save now" blue button:

this allows you to save your typing at any stage in the come back to later without losing everything you have written.


Then at the tippy top of the page now..

you'll see the following again that looks like file folder tabs:

you'll see the following:


this is where you are creating your post at


Edit Posts:

if you click on this tab it shows you every post that you have ever posted and allows you to go into each one and edit anything that needs edited.

If you decide that you want to delete an old post it allows you to do this as well.


Moderate Comments:

This allows you to be able to monitor comments/limit comments/not allow comments/allow comments/require that every commenter type a little "security code" before posting..and the like


At the tippity tippity top now..we see once again tabs that look like file folder tabs:

We see :


this opens the window to allow you to post


this area pretty much has all the info typed right up under each little button on the page to explain to you what the settings are all about


this allows you to add pictures, text and more into the side bar areas of your blog

View Blog: Takes you back to see your blog

There you have it...a pretty basic run down on blogging and what most everything on the little blogspot blogger is about.

Hope this was of help to you.
~The Garden Goose~