Sunday, July 22, 2007

Home Baked Bread...and a relaxing day....

Baked a yummy loaf of a focaccia style bread today but without the cheese...oooh yummy.

What I did was to take the recipe that my friend Elizabeth..over at "Elizabeth's Clothesline Talk" had posted on her blog for a French Bread....

well...I mixed up the ingredients into a large bowl in the order given...but then I added a little bit of garlic salt (about a teaspoon )...

a few shakes of oregano, basil and thyme (oh I'd say about a teaspoon of each spice) then stirred it up well.

Spread a little olive oil onto a cookie sheet, then shaped the dough into a big fat circle...then brushed the top with olive oil.

Let it rise for a few minutes by getting a dish towel wet..zapping in the microwave for about 3 minutes then setting up a few small glasses on the pan that my bread was on..and laying the towel like a tent over the dough and glasses.

Then instead of baking my bread at 425 degrees..I set my oven for 350 degrees and baked the bread for 30 minutes.

Of course if you'd like to alter the recipe even more I'm sure that you could add shredded cheese of your choice too to make it a true focaccia style bread.

Anyhow..that's how I gave it a decidedly "Italian" flair.(thanks Elizabeth for the original idea)


Just sort of "chilling" around here today..although I do have a new book that I really want to take a look at and start using the ideas's the "Everything Organize Your Home Book"

I can always use ideas..and I have been wanting to de clutter even more around the homestead here.


Yesterday my hubby and I went to the library..we like to check the sale table..anyhow I hadn't found anything much of interest..until we were getting ready to leave and I spied a few boxes off to the side..I asked the librarian if those were for sale also..and wow..wound up finding quite a few books that I can use for homeschooling, and a few to pass on to friends, then this one on organizing. ..oh and a book from the National Geographics on vintage photos(I had wanted that book several years ago when it came out..but never did get it..and found it yesterday for 20 cents!)

We wound up with 2 armloads of like new books for $6.50!

And the home organization book is brand new and had a price tag of $14.95..


Well... I do hope that you all have a really wonderful day today...

I'm off to go start tackling some organizing projects around here.

I think I'll just take things slow and by room.


I tend to be pretty organized anyhow..but lately I've been wanting to simplify even more.

There are always areas that can stand for improvement.

I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday!
~The Garden Goose~


Beemoosie said...

Ohhh...the books and the bread sound divine! I LOVE a good book sale!

Jenny said...

Hi, thanks for coming to visit my blog. the bread sounds delicious.