Sunday, September 20, 2009

Awesome Garage Sale Finds

It was a terrific garage saling day around here yesterday!..which to be honest with you is a very rare occurence in our area to be able to score such nice vintage finds. But score I did! I am still excited about the cute/fun finds I mananged to acquire yesterday. Here are photos of what I found.Ooops.... and I still forgot to get photos on here of the 2 vintage cameras I found..I'll add those in a next post....But here is everything except for the 2 awesome antique cameras I found.

cake and pie keepers from 1970's.(cake keeper was $12.50 and pie keeper was $5)

chicken figurine and chicken candy holder... from late 40's and mid 50's. (Found for $1 each)
little pug dog figurine..unsure of age but it is old..and old dog print in frame..this was created by the Wilson Chemical Company around the 1930's-1940's they would sell these little prints to customers for 25 cents when the customers would buy their Cloverine Salve. I could not find much else in regards to info/value on this print other than the name being "The Last of the Litter" ..this print in very old frame too with wire wrapped hanger. (Got this picture for $1 /pug was $1)
wee dutch shoes/child sized were $1
little cherry embroidered doily /old on linen..was 25 cents
modern garden quotes book was 50 cents

Awesome vintage child's umbrella in excellent shape...scored this cute find for all of 50 cents!

And.... I scored 2 antique ladder back chairs in excellent condition with rush cane seats for $10 each!

Then this vintage wooden folding chair for $3 I'll need to repaint the yellow chair as I was unaware when I bought it that it had a fair amount of mildew on the underside of the chair and a strong musty/mildewy I will have to clean it with vinegar to kill the mildewy smells and probably sand and repaint..but I do like that cheery yellow color though..but may go with painting it a robin's egg bue..unsure of what color it will wind up....may keep it brilliant yellow, but it does have to be repainted as in currrent state the smell is a bit I'll have to scrub it and possibly have to sand it too.

then I found this little Chrysanthemum mug with underplate shaped like a flower. I'll be listing tis in my etsy shop as I already own a set of 4 of these... it is quite the Ardalt company...this one still has the old foil label on the bottom of the mug.
I'll post my vintage camera finds later on this evening though.
I really had fun finding these treasures and am pleased with them..Hope you enjoyed my little "show and tell"
Thanks for stopping by and joining in my bit of "vintage finds" excitement!
~The Garden Goose!~

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wee sewing project...

I've been having fun with my new sewing machine lately.... I had not sewn anything in about 9 years. Have not had a sewing machine for that long either, so hubby bought me a new sewing machine about a week and a half ago as an early birthday present...and I've been having fun getting back into sewing.
Here's a little Scotty dog mini pillow I made yesterday. Isn't it cute?

I really like it, and will probably find a way to add gusset to the belly area and make it a 4 legged version.

Thanks for stopping by . Really appreciate it when I have visitors, and love to read your comments too.

Hope that you have had a lovely Monday!
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A little painting...and more..

Created this wee painting today..after about 5 years or so of having not dabbled in water color painting. I created this is about 4 inches tall by about 4 inches wide.After I painted the image I added pen and ink details.

Just a wee something to try to get the creativity going again.:0)

Then I wanted to share with you another one of my vintage circus themed items.
That I'll be using in my new home..once we get to that point..ha.Anyhow..I like this little guy and can't wait to get him out to display him in a new home.

I'm not into those weird creepy/scary clowns..but I do like vintage, folksy clown and circus type things..ones that have a slightly European look to them like this one has..very hard to find them like this. Either the clowns are too cutesy-kiddy,or too creepy to suit the look I am wanting in the new I was delighted to have been able to find this one a while back.Doesn't it look cheery? And I love the mix of yellow and blue.

Well, we have had a bit of rain here today and yesterday..which is good for the bean plants though..I have a few varieties of heirloom bean plants growing right now.(Jackson Wonder Butterbean, Queen Anne Blackeye Pea, Provider Bush Bean, and Royal Burgundy Bush Bean) Don't the little seedlings look great?

I hope you all have had a good weekend thus far!
Thanks for stopping by.
~The Garden Goose!~

Monday, September 7, 2009

Art Challenge...what I made...

It has been a while since I entered the art challenge over at but this month I decided to join in the fun again.

We are given an image each month to create whatever our little hearts desire, but we MUST use the image provided somewhere in our creation.

This month's creative challenge prompt was the word "Daughter" and this image.

To create my project I used the backing cardboard from a package of gourmet jelly beans I had received back around Easter time..yes I saved the cardboard backing as it was already cut into this scalloped type edging along 3 sides..creating a "perfect" framing.

I then found some patterned paper with a repeating crown design, a larger crown image that I cut out very carefully, then I cut the image of the little girl out of paper, found a architectural image of an old urn, and a vintage botanical rose image..cut both of those out very carefully from paper....and had fun combining all of these elements. Then I edged the entire image with a pretty lace and ribbon edging in a pale beige color, then up in the top corners of the lace edging I applied two very tiny aqua colored pom poms.

I think the crown theme is very those of us that have daughters enjoy having our "little princesses" around.:0)

I made this image for my youngest daughter. It will be displayed on her dresser at a new home.She loves it!!
Now...if you like this creation..or any of the other creations that will be posted on September 9th over at
don't forget to vote for your favorite artist/creation. Winners of each month's challenge receive a $20 gift certificate towards the purchase of some nice art supplies....and maybe next month you'll join in the fun art challenge too.:0)
~The Garden Goose!~

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A little bit of Sewing...and more..

So sorry that I am a few days late on finally posting my latest sewing project. These little pincushions are so fun to make. I did depart a little from the usual in the design of the 2nd "round" in the stack on my pincushion isn't actually "round" I created a small square and then tucked each corner inward as an added bit of interest. But when gathered with the threads it still winds up looking "round" even when it started out as a square...still cute..and still fun none the less.

And don't you just love the contrast with the little aqua polka dot ribbon? I do!

Anyhow..there you have latest little sewing project. I'll be creating more of these for sure.
And...I am going to be creating a little scotty dog pillow too..I'll have to share photos of course.:0)

I also found this rose growing in what remains of the cottage garden..I'll have to pot the rose plant up, as I love these roses and want to carry it with us to a new home.
The bean seeds that my youngest daughter and I planted over a week ago have finally sprouted I expect in about a month or so we will be harvesting beans..yay..I'll need to get photos of the plants too.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you are having a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose!~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Designing a Princess Style Room

I have a little "princess" that will soon have her own bedroom... So I've been looking around and planning out a few cute ideas for a room fit for a princess(once we get moved that is).

Here is some of what I have found that would create a gorgeous , yet whimsical room for a little girl.
Shoot..I even like the canopy myself... and may have one custom made for the master bedroom too. The canopies are available at very reasonable prices...and custom made at that! etsy seller
And for the little artist...fancy chalkboard vinyl decal available at
These are also terrifific for use in a kitchen area..I intend to have one of these inside my pantry door or in the kitchen itself.
And to add a bit of that Cinderella fairytale feel to the room..what about some darling little birds flitting about near a window?

Maybe you'd like more of a garden theme to the princess room?
Aren't these cheery flowers just the ticket? Also available at

Oh!....and we cannot forget the most important feature of a Princess themed room...the castle!!!Wouldn't this be absolutely adorable centered in the middle of that canopy?? Right above a bed?? oh my Yes!!! (again available at )

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed my Princess theme room design.
~The Garden Goose!~