Friday, July 31, 2009

Hen Box GiveAway and chicken musings...

Another chance to get your name in the hat for a backyard chicken Hen Box over at "Georgia Farmwoman":

Maybe 3rd time is a charm for me??

Yes, I must admit I'd be over the moon if I actually won one of the chicken nesting boxes featured on this fun blog.

See, Georgia Farmwoman's hubby crafts these awesome hen nesting boxes from quality materials, and you can tell just by looking at the photos that a lot of pride and craftsmanship goes into the creation of these nesting boxes.

I'd actually really love to add something like this to our future chicken coop.

Right now we do not have any backyard chickens, but we did have 2 hens ,and it was so nice to watch them strutting their stuff in our backyard and providing us with more than enough eggs for our family.... unfortunately something scared our favorite gal a few months ago and she died, so her coop mate went back to the feed store where we purchased the gals, and someone else gave her a nice home.

Kind of hard to keep backyard chickens when a home is for sale and being shown... as not everyone in the city/coming to look at a home that is for sale in the city understands the backyard chicken concept. :0)

But..we will definitely have backyard chickens again in the very near soon as our current home sells and we get relocated.

We'd love to have at least 4 hens at our new place.

My oldest daughter and I have talked about the types of chickens we'd like to have, and we both like the Polish Crested /probably if the younger children become involved with a 4-h poultry club they can show the Polish Crested, and my daughter had 2 Ameraucanas...that was what our gals were before...friendly little hens that both laid pretty greenish- blue eggs. So we definitely would like to get a pair of that type again.

Anyhow... hop on over to Georgia Farmwoman's blog to check out the nest boxes.

The drawing ends on 8/1.

~The Garden Goose~

Monday, July 20, 2009

Decorating "Farm Style"

Sometimes we all want a fresh look in our kitchen..but sometimes the "old is in"...meaning... sometimes we can create an awesome new look by going back a few years, and bringing vintage styled items into our rooms,creating an all new look that adds cheeriness, as well as a good bit of nostalgia.

I don't know about you, but I for one do not want my home decor looking like everyone else's, or full of big box store items...the look that everyone and their sister can find for a dime a dozen, and marked "made in (insert some foreign country name here) ...
Nope...I tend to gravitate towards things that fit into the "vintage" category...true some of them just might have come from another country...but, I didn't support a big box store when I bought them...nope...I supported someone who took the time to unearth these treasures at either an estate sale, garage sale, or dug out of a box from grandma's attic or such.
You seee...I enjoy shopping on for my fun decor finds and thought I'd share a few farm themed items I came across here for you.
All of the items posted here are posted along with the shop name of where you can find these inexpensive, but fun, and vintage decor items.(no, I am not being bribed, paid, or begged to list these items here...I'm doing it just for the fun of it) Enjoy!

Kids and Farm print in black and white from (would look great in a red frame)

Copper Cookie Cutters from would be cute hung from red ribbons against gingham curtains.or in a small basket with a rolling pin nearby.)

A set of 2 awesome cow anatomy prints from
These would make a great framed set.Very detailed illustrations. (I could see these framed in classic black frames or again in cheery red frames.) Next up... these four seasons on the farm prints are available from

These are very pretty I think.Showing each season on the same farm. These would look nice I think displayed in frames over top of the kitchen cabinets..,in a panoramic sequence of frames starting with Spring and ending with Winter.

Wouldn't this old book be so cute propped up on your counter next to a display of little farm animals, or alongside your vintage chicken display along with a plant? Available at

What about this cute old goat print? Not often that you can find a nice print like this of a goat. This fine print is available at :

Goats and cows not your thing? What about horses? This lovely horse tray is available at:

Into about this little "Inch by Inch, Row by Row"..tiny plate? isn't it adorable? Available at:

And last.... but not least we can't forget the little cluckers...this cute rooster figure is available at:

Hope you enjoyed discovering a few new places to shop. Have fun decorating your Farm Style kitchen!
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose!~

Gone to the Birds...Bird Rehabilitating that is


my afternoon was spent on bird rehabilitation.
Not because I really wanted to, but when I took Collin(my mini schnauzer) out to go to the bathroom this afternoon ... he kept sniffing and straining towards the big christmas tree type tree we have in the backyard...

and that's when I saw it...a wee tiny mockingbird(about 3 inches tall) that could not hop very well at all it kept tumbling over itself, and could not get away very well at all.(Couldn't fly at all) and when it tried to hop it literally did tumbles over itself..poor thing...

So my daughter and I scooped it up, found a nest that has been blown apart and another nest that was tipped sideways in the tree, so my daughter took the one good nest and set it back upright into the tree and we put the baby bird back in the nest.
I went back out about 3 hrs later and the same scenario ensued... baby bird back on the ground, no parents around, and the nest was again tipped over.

So this time around we went ahead and scooped the baby up and brought it in to keep the ants from getting it.

I have left little birds before like this thinking that nature would do what nature would do, and the parents would find them only to return to the bird a few hours later to see fire ants having a feast...I did not want the fire ants to have a feast on this little one.

So this afternoon has been spent making sure it eats. I have also discovered that its leg is broken up near the hip joint, so I tried my best to bind the leg with some very fine,thin seam binding and tape. What a chore! Not only is the bird a little wiggle worm, but my gracious birdy legs are so thin! It is tough trying to bind a baby bird's leg.

But the good news is it is a vigorourous eater and has really been scarfing the blueberries and some moistened dog food. So that is promising.

My daughter managed to get it to eat a grub worm this afternoon too, so that is really good.

The one leg that I had to bind, it refuses to move it and the foot is just being held very limpy, the hip joint just kind of flops around, so I tried very hard to bind it up to minimize the flopping of the leg.I could see where the leg joint had gotten broken, but other than binding it up of course I don't know how to set it.At least it tries to hop around on its one good leg though.And boy it can chirp loudly too.So..that's how our day has gone this afternoon.------------We've gone to the birds..LOL
The leg appears to still have color and blood flow to it, so that is promising at least.(same coloring in the toes and foot as the healthy leg/so this is a good sign/only thing is it isn't using the leg and the leg has a good bit of "flop" even once it is bound) it definitely eats well, and tries to peck at the foods also.... so this is a good thing.... so far it is doing well.

We are using a Warm rice pack to keep the critter warm too.
Now if this was a baby dove I would not have even tried this, as doves have to be fed regurgitated "dove milk" ..but this one is a mockingbird, and eats a good bit differently.Had a treat of a fresh grub earlier that it enjoyed, and really enjoys fresh blueberries and moistened dog food.
I looked all over for any signs of other baby birds that might have fallen out too but this was the only one.
Had the situation not repeated itself 3 hrs later I would have just left it alone of course.
But we have some wicked mean fire ants around here that would have had a nice lunch had we not intervened, as I saw a few of them up under the tree when we rescued the baby.
Last year we had a baby blue jay fall from the nest and I spied the parents nearby, so I left it where it was... only to go outside a little while later to see it covered in fire ants...the poor thing. I know nature can be cruel, but I honestly did not want to give the ants a chance today.
I looked online for wildlife rehabbers and from what I could tell... the closest wildlife rehabilitator to us is about 40 miles away. So, we will do the best we can to take care of it here.(yes, I have a little experience in these types of things as we rescued quite a number of little birds like this back when I was a teen, and I have done some research also on how to take care of the wee one/if I feel that the little leg needs to be amputated I will find a capable vet in the area/am keeping a close eye on the development with its little leg and so far the color and blood flow look to be good)
This afternoon and evening the little chirper packed away the following:

the insides of about 2 big juicy blueberries
1 fat grub worm
1 rolly poly bug
and about 2 pieces of moistened dog food

4 rolly poly bugs
and 1 big juicy blueberry innards.
All's well so far at the "zoo" ...LOL
Have a goood day!
~The Garden Goose!~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And the winner is....

Had hubby pick a random number from the number of posts here. Just bug hubby while he is totally absorbed in business and say "hey hubby/pick a number any number between 1 and 52"

He chose number 36 it is....


Deena from "Sweet Annee"
You will receive your choice of vinyl decals from

Thank you to everyone that entered the contest.

I of course will have more contests periodically, so there is always a chance to win.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

500th Post GiveAway! $75 worth of Awesome Vinyl Decals

I've made it to my 500th Post! Wow! I knew I was a "jabber jaws" LOL..but you all know it too. (ha) celebrate... I am giving away $75 worth of awesome vinyl decals that you can use to decorate your walls with, you can use them for art projects, or whatever suits your fancy.

------------------ To enter to win you'll need to visit and come back here and leave me a comment letting me know which vinyl decals you would choose if you were to win the $75 worth of decals.

That will get your name in the hat once.

To have 3 entries in the hat leave me a comment and choose one of the images here to display on your blog with a link back here to the contest.
Pretty easy really.
So..take a peek over at
and then stop back by here and let me know what you like.
The Winner will be announced here on July 16th.

So you have until July 15th to get your name in the hat.
And thanks so much for having visited my blog.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Awesome Apron Give Away..and more...

Wanted to let you all know about this super sweet give away over at my friend Susan's blog.

Susan will be giving away not one, but 2 darling aprons!...and as we all know by now..Aprons are IN! get thyself hence over to my friend's blog...pronto..and join the fun..

..o.k., least after you finish reading my get your name in the pot for the drawing though, and let her know Tina sent ya.:0)

Also..why not join in on Susan's "Friday Baking" event?

Or at least enjoy the wonderful recipes that she shares quite often..and let me tell you folks..her recent post wherein she shared a recipe for blueberry pie..oh be still my beating heart..that pie was so awesomely delish! You will definitely be missing out if you don't at least try that recipe. It was a winner here at our house, and in fact I have a hankering for some more of that pie soon too. stop by and visit with Susan and let her know that I sent you on over.:0)
O.k. now..I am fast approaching my 500th post..and I will have something fun to offer in the way of a drawing'll want to stop back by real soon for that.
I also have had a little bit of excitement going on here...
I have had one of my photos published in a national magazine!
Yes! ...I am really excited about that!
You will find a photo created by moi..on page 64 of the August/September 2009 issue of "Mary Jane's Farm"! The magazines are available at Books A Million, Barnes and Noble and also at some Tractor Supply stores.
Also... I have had another one of my articles published in the July-August 2009 issue of "The Country Register" for the Nebraska region.
The article is about collecting vintage photos...
The newspaper type paper is available at specialty country and antique stores around the state...
"The Country Register" itself is a newspaper that is distributed across the U.s. and Canada and typically carried by antique specialty shops and country themed stores and specialty boutiques.
So it is rather exciting to see more of my work getting "out there".
And....I have something else in the busy working on it, and doing my research...when I have more of it completed I of course may let a bit more of the "cat out of the bag"...but suffice it to say..I'm having quite a lot of fun lately.
That's the news from my little corner of the world.
I hope that you all are having a wonderful evening.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

oh wow! Look at this Give Away! What fun!

O.k...without a doubt I would SOOOO love to win this! (see my left hand side bar/the link to the super cool bike) Madsen Cycles
You can enter the contest too which is open until July win one of these super cool cycles.
Oooh la-la! So..what are you waiting for? Get thyself hence over to the website pronto and sign up.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some flower seeds I have collected/For new gardens

Those who have been reading my blog for some time now know that I am a plant/flower nut..and..if you didn't do now..ha.

Anyhow..I wanted to share with you some lovely flower/fruit seeds that I have in my personal seed bank that I hope to grow at a new home.You might find that these varieties are something you too may want to try in your I will admit not everything I will be growing will be heirloom varieties, but most will be...

I must admit that there are some hybrid varieties that I do have a hard time resisting, as they are just so very pretty too.So, yes sometimes I will be growing a few hybrids in my flower gardens, but for the most part I do try to find heirlooms, but listed below are some hybrid varieties with the exception of the fruit producers.(the passion vine and the pomegranate)

The really nice thing about seeds is that many varieties can be stored and saved for several years and they will still be viable. Things like melons, peppers and so forth can maintain their viability for up to 5 years or more. But anyhow..back to pretty are some pretty flower seeds that are a part of my seed collection and that I am hoping, hoping, hoping that I will be able to start growing real soon.
If you'd like some flower seeds like this stop by the online shop of ebay seller 55hoffman. That is where I found all of these varieties.
I was able to find a unique("rare") passion flower vine seed called "Banana Passion Vine"
Aren't the flowers beautiful! And the great thing about this variety is that it produces fruit. I have a maypop/purple variety of passion vine that produces lots of flowers and lots of "volunteer" plants but I have yet to see any fruit on the I am excited to hopefully try growing something that has the potential to produce an edible fruit.
Then I found seed for this real pretty sunflower called "Ruby Eclipse Sunflower"
These will grow up to 6 ft. tall .
I had been wanting to find seeds for Pomegranate for a while and found seed for those.They are supposed to be relatively easy to grow..I hope so.


And then I love cosmos..they come in so many colors and are such a cheery flower in the garden.I found this variety called "Summer Dreams Cosmos". Oh I think they are so very pretty.---------------

I like scabiosa(pincushion flowers) ..I find them rather fascinating in that they look like little ..well.. little pincushions full of pins..they are rather cute little flowers.I have grown the pale lavender variety before, but found these ones called "Summer Berries".
And lastly..I found this cute variety of nasturtiums called "Papaya Cream" nasturtiums are an edible flower and can add a slight peppery taste to salads, or be used merely to add as a garnish to a plate.But..don't you think these would look so pretty tossed into a salad though? I do.
So...there you have it..some really pretty flower varieties..have I managed to get you to thinking about adding something new to your flower gardens?...ha.:0)
Have a lovely day!
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Firework Photos and..coming up to my 500th post and a fantastic giveaway

Shhh..don't tell but erm, of my neighbors had some awesomely huge fireworks this year that they set off in the neighborhood...actually.. umm... a bit uhh ...."illegal" to do fireworks of that caliber around here without a permit, but...a great photo oppurtunity..only thing is ..fireworks are rather difficult to photograph... as you never know when they are going to light the fuse, and just how high up in the air you actually will need to focus, and it is rather a least for me..but I did manage to get a few decent photos tonight, and have posted them here for you all to enjoy also.
Also..I am nearing my 500th post on! and with that of course I will "Have" to do an awesome giveaway!As I get closer to the 500th post I will announce the won't want to miss it.I think I have 5 or 6 more posts to do to get to not too much longer before we have a bit of Fun!, Fun!, Fun! here.
Oh, and I am pleased to announce will find some of my photography work on page 64 of the August/September 2009 issue of "Mary Jane's Farm" magazine. It is a photo of a girl in a pink floral apron holding an ear of corn..only the hands and apron and corn show. I'm excited to have my photo in a national magazine.:0)
O.k. that's all for this evening. I hope that you all had a lovely day/evening today and have been enjoying a lovely weekend.Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you all a lovely Holiday weekend!

Happy 4th of July!

~The Garden Goose~