Monday, July 16, 2007

Tug Boat images..and more...

Here are the promised Tug boat images..sorry it took me a few days.

This tug boat was docked at our local marina downtown. It looked really worn out and in desperate need of repairs, lots of rust on it...but I thought it looked pretty neat too.

My husband thought it would be a neat image to capture his shoe leaning up against the big rope used to tie up the tug boat.

After we had looked at the tug boat we decided to head to another area of beaches and saw that the tide was very much husband was able to get a few images of a bird next to the water..he had on boots and I had on a nice pair of sandals that I did not wish to ruin in the water and mud.
Here are a few of his photos.

some sea weed that had washed up along the shore.

and a water bird that was clearly having a bad hair..err feather day..ha.
Well...Today was a nice day..but I am a wee bit concerned about my favourite duck..the male duck..he has developed a limp this evening. :0( I don't know if it is due to something he ate or what.. I will have to put some epsom salts in his water and hope that it helps him to feel better.
I will have to make a run to the store first thing in the morning to get the salts to add to the ducks drinking water and bathing water as soon as possible, just in case he ate something he should not have.
I checked his feet and he has an odd foot where a tiny portion of one of his feet has an extra bit of webbing than the other foot to an outer toe..anyhow this wee extra piece is folded under and he steps on it. ..and I'm not sure if that is causing him the problems or not. The other foot is not like that at all, the wee bit of webbing that persists in folding over by the toe is only about half the size of my pinky finger nail.
So..I don't know if that is causing him problems or not..there appeared to be no scratches or sores on his feet or legs and I checked for broken feeling bones and that was clear. So, next thing is to add the epsom salts to the drinking water in case he has caught botulism..a few days ago it was extremely hot out so we set up the mister and the ducks were going crazy in the mud that was caused right under the misty water..they started really sifting through the mud and dirt..I later found out by doing research online that mud and dirt are not good for them especially in the summer months as they can wind up catching botulism by eating the things in the mud/dirt..but gracious who would have known? they were having such a grand time of it..I had no idea that it could possibly make them sick.
So..we will try our level best to get Sir Drake Duck a.k.a. Daffy to feeling much better. I would be terribly heart broken if he gets I do love my ducks alot.
Well..I have been going through the homeschooling out all of the books/materials I no longer need. I'm hoping I can pass them on to folks that can really use them.
I have a whole lot more to go through..I have bins and another full cupboard in my garage stuffed full of home education materials. Yikes.
But time to clear out a good bit of them..don't need as much as I tend to gather.
I worked yesterday afternoon a bit on writing an article for the magazine(Small Town Living)
So far the upcoming issue is coming along very nicely.
Yesterday afternoon too, I had a ball spending time sitting on the floor with my kids and playing "Hungry, Hungry Hippo" you know how fun it is to play that game with a 2 yr. old that winds up squealing with delight when she has won the game and declares to everyone in a loud voice"I won..yay!" (In her little sing songy 2 year old voice) It about melts my heart I tell you what!And hearing the laughter and chatter of your other two children as they play along too? Very special moments.
Well..I also went to the bank today, then to the post office and then oldest daughter and I went to Hobby Lobby to look at the Simplicity patterns that were on sale for 99 cents.
It was nice to spend the time together as mom and daughter..or rather as best friends.:0)
It really is a blessing that my daughter and I think of each other as best friends and get along very well.
That's truly a real blessing.
------------'s hoping that you all have had a really nice day today.
Thanks for joining me in "blog land"
~The Garden Goose~

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