Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank you!....and more...

Wanted to say a very big "Thank You!"
To my friend Jewels over at Eyes of Wonder.
She so very kindly shared with alot of you..the link to, and information about..our online e-zine called "Small Town Living."

I am so thrilled to announce that in the last few days we have had nearly double the visitors that we normally see in an entire month! Wow! How wonderful!!
And others have so kindly shared information with folks that they know as well.
A very big "Thank You" to my friend Laura over at 2LMZ Farm also....for letting the folks at the MS Goat Association know about us as well. Wow!
And everyone else that has shared with family and friends. Thank you ever so much! We so very much appreciate it!

If this keeps up..we may realize our dream yet..that of making it onto newsstands one day..oh..wouldn't that be absolutely exciting??!!!
So..by all means..please keep "spreading the news". :0)
We so much appreciate it.
But more importantly..we so much enjoy all of the wonderful friends we are meeting along the way... and getting the chance to share so much wonderful information with you all.

Today saw me once again playing the role of "errand girl".
I actually don't mind it...it is a big help to my husband when I can help out with things.

Tonight we grabbed salsa and chips from a local Mexican resturaunt..then I cooked up a pound of organic beef and added half a package of taco seasoning. Added that to the chips..and salsa and added a little bit of shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream...easy...and satisfying...yep..another of my "flash in the pan" meals..but it hit the spot.
I have a little embroidery project I am starting..I have to create a redwork tea towel for a swap that I am participating in.
I had a hard time finding a design that I liked... sure there are plenty of free patterns online...but I wanted something a bit unique.
So, I looked in an old farm A,B,C's coloring book that we acquired at an antique shop a while back.
I found a picture of some cats being given milk from a big pitcher..and the milk is pouring out of the pitcher into the bowl...one cat only has its back showing, the other cat is looking at the milk. So, I thought that this image would be unique, and fun to embroider.
I did a little research online for even more blogs that relate to the simpler ways of life..and happy home making, and cottage style living. I have come across a few that I will be visiting/checking out over the next few days..and hopefully finding a few more friends along the way...and adding some nice places to share with you all.
Well, Here is wishing you all a most lovely evening!
I have so very much enjoyed having you visit my blog.
Thanks for stopping by.

~The Garden Goose~


Regina Clare Jane said...

Tina- you have such a lovely and thoughtful blog! I am glad to have made your aquaintance! I love all your flower photos as well! And the magazine was wonderful- I learned so much!
I am working on a cross-stitch project that seems to be taking me forever to finish! Your project sounds so sweet!
Looking forward to visiting you again!

Nancy Jo said...

Thanks as always for stopping by. Yep love those blue birds. One I bought from the Hallmark store a few years ago, the other two I got at, well you know the thrift and a garage sale, paid a whole lot less for the last two. HA.
You know if you decide to go to hard print with your magazine I would like to get it. I see Frannie put the word out.

GardenGoose said...

thank you so much Regina, and Nancy Jo for visiting with me.