Monday, July 9, 2007

Homeschool Helps...About BATS...

I thought today that I would like to share some information about BATS.
I created a one day study several years ago to share with a group of homeschoolers. It was alot of fun too. I am one of the types that actually find bats to be rather amazing and fascinating...and several years ago I became interested in them and knew that alot of what folks do tend to hear about bats, usually has a negative connatation involved. Things like..bats get tangled in your hair..bats suck your blood, bats are evil...just silly things really..but superstitious things that may taint ones idea about what bats are really all about.
So..with that in mind..I wanted to share with the group of children I was involved with at the time..that ...Bats are a very misunderstood creature.
I purchased through the Bat Conservation International..
the following items:
a poster showing Bats of the World:
and a video that showed the unique characteristics and benefits of bats:
Titled "The Secret World of Bats"

I took the time to create worksheet packets with information about the bats found in my area(Florida)... and also to share information about things like"what is the name of the largest bat?, what is the name of the smallest bat?..and where are these creatures found?".

I also included worksheets on the anatomy of a bat, and used a student from my audience to act as my "bat" to show how the wings of a bat are much like a person's arm.

I created a cake to share with the class in the shape of a bat.

And together we viewed the large poster and the video. Afterwards we talked about what we had learned.

I also had my husband create a silhouette type vinyl graphic that we used as a stick on stencil then applied to t shirts for each student and had them use black and yellow paint to sponge a bat and moon design onto their t-shirts...when the stick on stencils were removed they then had a perfectly painted t-shirt showing the bat and moon silhouettes..these were a big hit with the kids..(this project was at the end of the class time/each student provided their own clean white t-shirt/I provided the supplies)

I also included information in their packets on how to build a bat house at home.
The class was alot of fun and I actually had about 30 students sign up for the class.
Anyhow I wanted to share some of the information I did happen to gather back then..some websites that were very helpful:

Bat Conservation International:

Enchanted Learning Bat worksheets:

a small site that shows information/link to Carlsbad Caverns and also a few photos and info on echolocation:

Bats for Kids:

Incredible Bats:

A comprehensive Unit Study on Bats(showing things such as Bats of North America, bat anatomy, etc...great for teaching more about the topic):

small worksheet that has plans for building a bat house:

a 3 page info sheets that can be used as handouts for study:

Bats/why should you care?:

learn about echolocation and hear bat clicks here:

I hope that you will enjoy these websites and have fun learning about bats too.

~The Garden Goose~

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michele said...

Im not into bats but found your info & websites GREAT! I shared them w/ my daughter, she is a science nut. Thank you so much. Thats really great you did a day study for homeschoolers. Kids love the subject of bats. Thanks for sharing it.