Sunday, July 1, 2007


Life just tosses these little curve balls or well..I guess you could say..big curve balls at ya every now and then..moments when you have no idea how things may/may not turn out..and moments where all's you can do is just Trust..Trust that God has your best interests at heart and will see you through as He has been faithful to provide all of our needs and even some of our wants..from the get go.
Does it mean that the worry isn't'm's there..does it mean that I have tumultous moments where I could just cry..yep..been there and have done that...and in fact did that again I feel like I don't trust enough...oh yeah...can I say I have a total peace about the current situation?..nope.
Wish I could and wish I did...
My husband decided enough was enough of working in a sick building with known mold problems and he would start feeling better at home then get sick everytime he was at work for a few minutes ..the building is awful you can see big blotches of pink spots all on the walls where mold is growing like crazy under the wallpaper and black moldy stuff..anyhow he would keep getting sinus stuff and reoccurring ear infections and difficulty breathing..this has gone on for 7 yrs..and finally I told him "when are you going to say enough is enough?" and so finally this past week he did..he took off the entire week and has been here working on his business and on antibiotics. Wrote his boss and told him that he would not work in the building. He now has workmans comp papers to fill out...etc. And is in negotiation with his boss as to where are they going to transfer him to that is not a sick building. If they can't come up with something satisfactory my husbandl will be quitting and we'll be having to get our business up and going for sure.
So anyhow..that's where we are at right now with ..just trying to get through each day without spending money.
But my husband just cannot keep exposing himself to this stuff over and over and having months on end where he does not feel good at all. He can be home for a weekend and get to feeling better and then right when he would go to work within 30 minutes he'd close up in his sinuses and not be able to breathe clearly.
They knew over 2 yrs ago that the building had a mold problem and never took care of it..and I asked him if in all of his 13 yrs of working at this place had he ever seen maintenance change out the air filters on the a/c's and he said..come to think of it never it's just plain disgusting. No sense in it.
So enough is enough. I want my husband back. If worst comes to worst I will have to go back to work to help get us through things. ..but hopefully the sign business will start picking up and I can help go out and drum up business for that.----------------
So anyhow..that's the latest happenings here. Hopefully soon I can have a peace in my heart about everything and trust God more. ..and worry a whole lot less. :0)
Have a blessed week.
~The Garden Goose~


Kay said...

I admire your husband for taking a stand. In 1997 I went to work for a company and the building was full of mold. It was a new building and the insulation in the ceiling had been installed incorrectly. It was collecting water and the mold was bad. All of us were sick but didn't know why. Then when the mold was discovered the company tried to cover it up and say it wasn't bad. They finally ended up moving us out of the building and sent us to the doctor. However, it was still a major cover up because they knew how toxic the mold was but didn't tell us that. I'm glad that your husband is not going to work there until it's fixed!

Happy Homemaker said...

Poor guy! We ended up with mold in our home after a hurricane blew through and I had a horrible reaction to it. We're just now getting a new place and I'm excited. I'm praying it all works out well for both of you!

Patty said...

keeping you folks in our prayers. Mold is nothing to fool around with. I think he made the best or rather the only choice he could for his health.

Trina said...

It sounds like you are already trusting in the Lord to look out for your family, but I just wanted to remind you that all of this fits HIS plan. Don't give up your hope in HIM. I am glad that your hubby is feeling better. You will be in my prayers.