Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Ducky....

Here's the update on "Daffy"

when I took Daffy in to the vet's today they don't usually see pet ducks and it had been a long time/if ever that the vet had even treated one.

In fact I wound up having to tell the vet about the different things they can get..(I had done a good bit of online research/reading)anyhow..we couldn't find any broken that checked out.

No scratches or sores.

So it is most likely a bacterial infection of some sort.Fecal culture checked out just fine internal problems as far as cholera/botulism or what have you.

So he was prescribed Baytril which is an antibiotic for a condition called "hot leg" which I thought he had because the leg was warm to the touch and followed alot of the same symptoms as outlined on my research.....what "hot leg" does is cause swelling around the ankle/hock area right at the joint up above the webbing.(no real known reason as to what causes it)

The treatment is either a dosage of Tylan 200 or Baytril an oral antibiotic.I am also to soak Daffy's foot for a few minutes once a day in an epsom salt bath and quickly rinse off. little duck has now become my $100 duck..ha.

Spoilt? yes.

I have to administer the antibiotics orally twice a day.

Do any of you have any idea just what kind of a sight that is? Giving a duck .03 cc's of meds twice a day?

Funny thing too all the staff were surprised to see a duck in the office, everyone had to come see him...and some just had to pet him....ha.

I guess I will be doing plenty more study on the duck ailments and what not so that I can help out where needed on my vet really didn't know what to do...and didn't know much about ducks/ailments they can get..but he was the only one nearby that even treated birds/exotics and was willing to take on the challenge.

Luckily he did have 2 small doses of the antibiotic on hand but did inform me that they usually don't ever get calls for using that sort of thing.

So..since the duck has to have all of this special treatment for 7 days..I felt it made no sense to have him outside where I'd have to round him up every day and try to hold him down while giving him meds, then round him up to soak his foot once a day..that...he is now taking up residence in my bathroom off of the master bedroom. Yikes.

I will have a mess to contend with I know..but ..Daffy is special.

While we were at the vets he kept putting his head up under my arm and snuggling like he used to when he was just a few weeks sweet. He would settle right down once he could snuggle his head in the crook of my arm..ha.

So..that is the update..and I have a feeling he'll be as good as new in no time.A bit more spoilt acting after all the "royal treatment"? I have no doubt!...ha.

(yes, that is a picturwe of Daffy when he was a few months younger)
Well, I have had a busy day here today.
Vet visit, to the store for a few household items,to go pick up lunch, getting bathroo ready for duck, gave duck antibiotics, took care of family...then I have to go stretch some canvasses onto framings ..canvas art work that will be taken to a few area shops later.
..then I have a little bit of housework to get done.
Full day of things..but a good day.
Hope you all have a really good day today.
~The Garden Goose~

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2 LMZ FARMS said...

Sorry to hear about your little one. I can imagine how hard it was trying to find a vet for a duck. The things we do for our pets. I know, I do the same thing for my goats and horses. Wanted to let you know that I really apperciate your friendship and for being there for me during this time. Have a good one.