Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting a wee bit crafty...and more...

Trust that you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends.

We had a good time.Nice visit with some family members.
Plenty of food and then some..ha.
I am trying to figure out what to do with about half of a ham left over.
This evening I used some of the ham..chopped up about 2 cups of ham..prepared some pasta noodles, then tossed it all with about 4 tablespoons of artichoke and tomato bruschetta sauce.
It was quite tasty.
I'll have to come up a few more fun and innovative things with what is left.
I'm sure I'll figure it out, and when we finish eating the ham..there will be a big ham bone left to prepare a big pot of bean soup with.
Well..I wanted to share a few crafty things with you all.
I made a wee something for my husband for Christmas..out of wire.
I wanted to see if I could do this..and I'm actually pleased to say that it turned out pretty nicely.
And was quite easy.
It was a little wire sculpted bird.

To make this wee bird first you take some wire... start by creating the top shape of the birds silhouette first...then when you get to where the tail part should be you create a tail shape ..then come back to where the bottom part of the bird should be..twist about 5 twists of the wire and continue with the underside of the birds body.
When you get back to the beak portion give the wire a good 8-9 twists to form the beak. Crimp the sharp end over with your needle nose pliers.
You should have a flat looking bird body silhouette.
Bend the tail portion up as it should be on a bird..not flat but holding up on the body.
Now you have a general bird ouline but it needs to be "rounded out"
start at the head portion near the beak and start twisting about 4 twists of the wire take the wire over to the opposite side of the bird and twist about 4 turns. Keep working creating a "rib type " look on one side of the birds body..all the way towards the back of the bird..about 6 "ribs"
Press the "ribs" outward.
Turn the bird over and repeat on the opposite side.
You now have a bird shape that looks a bit rounded(has form/not just your birdy has a "body), minus the feet and wings.
Next you will want to sculpt the wings.
use about 6 inches of wire... fold partly in half..and make it have the shape as a wing would..give it a bit of curve.
Now weave some wire in a zig zag type way over the wing shape, twisting after each zig/zag.
about 6 lines across the wing.
Attach the wing to the top of the bird body by twisting it tightly to the body. Shape the wing out by bending it as a bird wing would look..give it a little curve up and out away from the body.
Repeat on opposite side.
Now for the feet...
get two pieces of wire about 6-8 inches long.
shape into an elongated heart shape with a tiny portion of the wire....pinch the heart shape to look more like bird toes. twist around the foot part.
Do this for each wire piece. Attach end of leg to underneath of bird body by twisting tightly.
Attach an organza ribbon to hang.
Hope my instructions weren't too difficult to understand.
Now that I have made one of these I certainly want to make more..and plan on making a few larger ones out of sturdier wire soon.
I used a light weight jewelry type wire for my first one.
If you create one of these..please let me know..I'd like to see what you have made.
I'd like to share with you a few things that my crafty daughter has added to her etsy shop at:
A really cute Graduation donkey..this little donkey is created using a pattern from about the 1940's.
My daughter adjusted the pattern and added a diploma and cap.
Too cute!
This is available in her shop for $24
This would make a great graduation gift..or a gift for that person who thinks they..umm "know it all"...ha
Next ..she created a really darling purse from her own design.
Appliqued mushrooms on the outside. A darling red polka dot liner, and darling red polka dot accents on the handle.
Really sweet hand bag!
Only $17!
Then she made a one of a kind apron!With a pattern she designed herself.

This apron is a pretty polka dot green fabric with hot pink accents.

Only $17 !

Isn't it awesome!
Hope you all have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!...and photos of Collin


I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
May your day be filled with fun,laughter,family,friends and plenty of things to be thankful for.
As promised here are a few photos of Collin..he is now 11 months old.

Please forgive the quality of the camera battery was extremely low.

But you get an idea at least of how handsome our little guy now is.
Have a terrific evening!
And if you'd like to join me over at the new "Small Town Living" forums!
please stop by at:
It is a new fun place to share about your town,garden,crafts,and more with others that have a love for small town community feel,getting back to basics and things like gardening, crafting,frugal living,and a lot more.(88 members and growing)
Hope to see you there!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, November 21, 2008

A nice Friday...

Hi gals!

Hope you all have had a nice Friday.
Mine was a good one.
Hubby and I got out for a few hours, ran a couple of errands then did some Christmas shopping.

Yeah..I decided that since I had not been too crafty this year..and I kept drawing blanks on what to make for whom..we decided to go shopping instead.

I did manage to create a few wee homemade things.(yep..few and wee they were ..ha) I mean I really was drawing blanks and wracking my brain about it.

So it's not all 100 percent store bought goods, but anyhow...It was fun deciding what to put in each families gift box.:0)

Now the only thing left is to find a few things for our own crew.
For one of my hubby's gifts ...I managed to be able to get a great deal from a special mentioned on a recent episode of Oprah. ..yeah..I was able to get that deal from turned out awesome and I can't wait for hubby to see it. It really will be great. It was regularly $29.99..the special was a 48 hr. deal where all's you had to pay was shipping of $6.99.(oh gosh that sounds so cheap huh?)

Cool!..yeah I like a good deal...ha
(o.k. sorry to be so secretive, but you know..hubby might happen upon my blog and whoops..figure it out's enough about that..ha)

(If you want an idea of what it is, just look for the item on snapfish that starts at $29.99)
Haven't figured out what to get the kiddos yet..but I'm sure I'll get it figured out.
So hard to believe that the year has zipped right on by and here we are at nearly Thanksgiving and then right around the corner is Christmas.
Well..this evening I did mange to get the kitchen pantry all organized.
No more scooting this item over to get to that item and so I can tell where things are.
As Martha would say.."It's a good thing"..ha

I'm afraid Martha would have freaked if she'd have seen my kitchen pantry before the organization. Shoot even now that it's organized she still might freak..ha. A Martha I am not..even though my family calls me a neat freak and Bree..ha...all's I do is roll my eyes and say "puleeze!"
Let's see what else is new?
Oh..we have some exciting news coming up in the upcoming issue of Small Town Living!!!

If you are not on our notification list for when the new issues get published to the website..please do contact me if you'd like to be notified.
(gardengoose at gmail dot com/in the subject line please put :Attn. Small Town Living)
Well..I think that's about all for today.

Oh..I have got to get a new photo of our fur baby "Collin" up on my blog.
He is almost a year old now..can you believe it??
Oldest daughter and I groomed him yesterday..yeah..he's a right wiggle worm when it comes to grooming..he's not too keen on those clippers it took 3 1/2 hrs from bathing, to drying him off, to clipping and shaving. But..the way I look at it..I managed to save over $40.
So it was worth it..and he looks so handsome now.
I will have to get a picture for sure.
Have a lovely evening!
Thanks so very much for stopping by!( Please leave a comment letting me know that you stopped by. I love to read your sweet comments.)

~The Garden Goose~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi gals..a few recipes to share with you!

My gracious the days have been zippping by on me again..waaah!

I am trying to get a few things cleared out again..Why is it that things like desks, and kitchen drawers and pantries can get messy so quickly?

Gee whiz..
Anyhow..I got my desk cleaned out. Yikes..what a mess. I had tucked catalogs for this, and papers for that in the drawers..and gracious..I wound up with half a garbage bag full of paper.

Too bad we didn't have a fire in the fireplace tonight..I could have really had a good bonfire going..ha.

Next up will be cleaning up and organizing the pantry and kitchen cupboards and tackling some cleaning that has been waiting on me. Wanna come help?..ha
I've been working on a few wee Christmas items here and there also.Wish I could show you..but..the recipients of said gifts do happen to frequent my blog from time to time..and I can't go spoiling their suprises now can I?
Wanted to share with you all a couple of recipes that can be used for gift items if you'd like.
Peanut Butter Fudge
2/3 cup evaporated milk
1 2/3 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 1/2 cup mini marshmallows
1 (10 oz.) pkg. peanut butter chips
1/2 cup chopped peanuts
1 tsp. vanilla extract
In a large saucepan bring the first 3 ingredients to a boil.
Cook over medium heat. Make sure to stir constantly. Cook for 5 minutes.Remove from heat.
Add the rest of the ingredients. Stir until smooth textured.
Pour into a greased 9 inch square pan.Cool completely.
Cut into squares. When cooled and cut into squares you can wrap with saran wrap.
Tie a small bow around each little wrapped fudge square to make it look like a mini "package".
Next up is a bath product recipe:
Peppermint Bath Salts
1 cup fine sea salt
2 cup epsom salts
6-8 drops peppermint essential oil
a few drops of red food coloring
Mix all together in a large mixing bowl.
Put into small jars and make a pretty decorative tag to accompany.
You can substitute other scents of essential oils. For example:
try an orange scented oil and a few drops of red/yellow food color to create an "Orangesicle Delight" bath salts.
Try Eucalyptus oil, or create a lavender scented bath salt by using lavender oil.
Have Fun!
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Monday, November 17, 2008

A few more awards..and more...

Gosh I was late on claiming my award from Linda over at
a "Thank you!" to Linda.

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his/her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary and personal values every day.The rules to follow are :1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.2) Pass the award to other 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
****O.k. though instead of posting to 15 folks..I always, always have a very hard time with this! I am gifting this award to the first 15 of you to comment on this post. Feel free to share it with those that you feel are a good match for it.
And I am also honored to accept this butterfly award from Cathy Jean at:

"Thank you!"
1. Put the logo on your blog.2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award.4. Add links to those blogs.5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.
Again..there are so many blogs out there that I think are downright cool!
If you are a poster and one of the gals found in my blog list here..feel free to share the award with someone else that you find to be "cool".
has it been cold where you are at?
It has been down right chilly here in the evenings.We had to cover some plants last night, and had some towels that were tossed up over the courtyard fence by the plants. It was funny to see that about half a dozen anole lizards had hidden up under the towels for warmth. Lizards that are cold, are very slow and sluggish lizards. After we wrapped the oldest daughter moved the lizards back up under the towels and in amongst the plants that were covered so that they'd have a chance. We also get little geckos here..we have been told that they were a local pet shop escape and a pet escape from out at our AFB.
(lizard photos courtesy of creative commons/commercial usage photos)
O.k. I had a question recently about.."what is a yo-yo"? in regards to my last post about Christmas gift ideas/crafts.
A "yo-yo" is a small piece of fabric that is either a circle shape, a heart shape, or a flower shape. They are pieces of fabric that are gathered with a running stitch to create these shapes.
Years ago they were just done as a round circle shape and were used for such things as table mats, quilts, and so forth.
In recent years the 'yo-yo" has made a comeback and is being used on various craft projects. To embellish t-shirts, purses, hair barrettes, and more... And someone has invented several plastic templates for other shapes(the heart and flowers shapes shown in previous post) So that crafters can expand a bit on their yo-yo creations.It is a fast, easy way to embellish craft projects and to create something fun using up those little colorful scraps of fabric that every crafter seems to have more than their share of.
So..hope that helps a bit on what they are.
I'll try and post a few more things here and there with ideas for Holiday crafting.
Have a great evening. Stay warm..and hey..curl up with a cup of tea or cocoa if need be.
Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homemade Christmas Ideas...

Wanted to share a few ideas for Homemade Christmas gifts with you all.

Idea # 1: Mini yo-yo wall quilts.
Create yo-yo's using either a heart shaped yo-yo maker, or a flower yo-yo maker available at your local craft/fabric store.
Idea #2: using the same yo-yo makers create hair barrettes for little girls.
Idea #3: use a few of the yo-yo's to embellish the packages, or to embellish jar mixes.Or to even make small ornaments by attaching a ribbon hanger.
Idea #4: use a few of the yo-yo's to embellish floursack tea towels.
Idea #5: create cute napkin rings by attaching the yo-yo's to a piece of elastic. Make homemade napkins to go with the napkin rings
Idea #1: create yummy caramel/chocolate covered apples.

Create gourmet looking apples by first dipping large apples into caramel, let set up,

... then dip into either white or dark chocolate, let set up, then dip again building up the layers.

Lastly either roll in candy sprinkles or nuts, or chopped candy bars, or chopped heath bits,or m and m's, then drizzle over the top with a little chocolate drizzle. Wrap in cellophane.Embellish with a pretty ribbon. Oooh yummy!
Idea #2: The usual standby..home made cookies.... but how about changing the packaging this year to perhaps a Chinese take out box for the holder?
Idea #3: jar mixes and cocoa mixes:
Look online for any of a variety of jar mixes, spice mixes, cocoa mixes. Make darling tags to accomadate.
Idea#1: Bath Salts: combine 2 cups of epsom salts, 1/2 cup coarse sea salt, 3-4 drops essential oil of choice(peppermint is good for the holidays!!) and 2-3 drops food coloring..stir well and package into baggies,or small jars. If packaging into baggies create a nice bag topper label.
Idea #2: Create memory pillows...(or a family heirloom canvas print) If you have a photo of your children or other photos you'd like to share. Have photos printed onto canvas .
(printing can be done at
Make a cute gingham fabric pillow topper. Sew canvas square into center of pillow fabric(before you sew the squares together) and embellish corners with buttons.
There you have it..a few more Home made Christmas Gift ideas!
~The Garden Goose!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Small Town Living Magazine "Call For Artists/Crafters"

Small Town Living is offering artists, crafters, cooks, service providers and gardeners a chance to promote their businesses.

Small Town Living is a bi-monthly ezine aimed toward those who live in small towns or who's hearts are in rural America.

Each issue contains crafter's profiles, How-To's, Small Farm and Gardening Tips, Livestock Highlights and a variety of other related topics.

We've got thousands of fans who visit the site each month to read our magazine and we'd like to tell them about you.

For a limited time we're offering you the chance to be included in our "Handmade in America" section at the back of the publication.

Our intent is to maintain this guide in each issue, permitting readers to find locally made products including crafts, art, home grown veggies, food and services.

Acceptable businesses include: Handmade Goods, Crafts, Art, Pottery, Ceramics, Photography, Sewing, Woodworking, Found Art, Collage, Cooking, Baking, Fruits and Vegetables, Livestock, Jewelery, Clothing, Music, Books, Doll Making, Magazines and Personal Services.

This section is not intended for businesses reselling other's work.
You should be the maker, grower, etc. of the items which you sell.

We reserve the right to accept or decline any submission.

Over time we may adapt and change this section but for now when you submit please include:
1. A photo of your products or a single product which represents your work.
2. Your business name.
3. Your business contact information: Mailing address, Phone, email.
4. Your business website.
5. Four or Five Sentences describing what you do, what you sell or a bit about your experience.

We will run all the ads we have space for and time to set up.
Since we're limited in staff we may hold some back for future issues if we're short on time.

The cost? FREE. We're doing this as a service, hoping to help as many people as we can. Eventually we may have to charge a nominal fee to offset our costs but for the time being there is no cost to you.

Go to: for the contact us page
or email: gardengoose at gmail dot com

Thank you! We hope to be able to feature many "Made in America" businesses.

Can you help?? ..Going behind bars for a cause...

My sisters are going to be tossed behind bars...and they need to make bail.
O.k. let me rephrase that...
Both of my sisters were recruited by someone in their town(they neither one know who signed them up for this) is for a good cause.
They will both be going behind bars to raise money for Jerry's Kids.(MDA)
You can help them to reach their goals by clicking here:
and here:
Thanks so much!!!

~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A few things to share....Getting Back to the Land...Victory Gardening

I hope that you all have had a very nice week thus far.
I have a few things I'd like to share with you all this evening..maybe steer a little bit away from my normal topics and address something that some of us take for granted or don't put a whole lot of thought into due to so many "modern conveniences" and fast paced life styles.

And that is...
taking the time to sllllooowwww down and think about just where our food comes from.
In the American lifestyle(and no doubt in other countries as well now) it is now so very, very easy to find so many easy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner. So much of the foods we now consume come in paper, plastic, cartons, and bags and require very little preparation/thought if any on the part of the consumer. the long run what is all of this "super convenience" really doing to the health of all of us?
( and studies show that diseases like diabetes and more have nearly doubled in the last 10 yrs!)
So much for our fast, easy, convenient life style huh?
Anyhow... so..I for one will begin growing a lot of my families fruits and veggies when I get located to a new home.I want to know where our food is coming from..and how it is grown.
I have for quite a while been fascinated with things like growing heirloom varieties of fruit, vegetables, flowers.

Types of seed that are not genetically modified by big whig companies that think they have to control America's crops and use pesticides on seeds and hybridize everything.

But my interest is in saving the heirlooms..the true to strain varieties of seed that have been passed on from generation to generation of good old fashioned farmers and families whose aim was/is to preserve the proper ways of farming and growing food, and not tainted by who knows what kind of pesticide/chemical
So with that goal in mind I have been collecting seed for several years now. Flower seed, vegetable seed and herb seeds.

I whole heartily believe in saving and growing these untainted seeds...and preserving a way of life former workers of the land strove to preserve and pass on to other generations that would come to understand just how important preserving these things really is..
So..with that in mind..and if you too believe that providing food for your family..where you know where your food is coming from, and how it is grown/and knowing that it is not hybridized or tainted by who knows what type of new pesticide now... is important to the health and well being of your family and yourself...

I'd like to share with you a few websites/seed sources where you can obtain true to type open pollinated/heirloom seeds for gardening.

As well as information on getting started on growing a garden no matter where you live.
Having a garden/growing your own vegetables does not mean you have to have a large area of land to do so.
You can grow plenty of food in a 10 by 10 square area or less, in pots, on a balcony, just because you do not have acreage should in no way be a deterrent.
First up..I'd like to share with you a link to a War Times Victory Garden Manual(copyright 1919) Some of the information in it is still useful today:

And a 1944 copy of a Victory Garden manual:
Seeds to begin a complete Victory Garden:

Heirloom Seed Sources(where to buy heirloom seeds):

An excellent resource on "getting started with your Victory Garden"
Building a small greenhouse:
Book recommendation:
Gardening With Heirloom seeds
No Ground? Use containers!
(container gardening guide)
Freedom Gardens is an online social community of gardening enthusiasts who are fed up with foreign oil, frequent food miles and high food prices.
And..a family that grows more than enough food to sustain their family on only about .25 of an the city!
Check out their website:
These websites will at least offer you some good information on getting you started in gardening/growing and saving heirloom varieties of seeds.

Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Call For Artisans/Crafters!!!

Hey Gals!

I'm putting a shout out here for any artisans/crafters to please contact me if they'd like to be featured in an ongoing gallery in "Small Town Living" magazine.
A terrific way to promote your crafting business!!
So..if you create things like jams/jellies, embroidered goods, altered art items,sachets,candles,dolls,hand spun yarns,children's clothing,purses, and everything in between..please contact us!!

What I would need from you is the following:

We will be featuring from now on in the Small Town Living magazine..a gallery section in each magazine that will showcase artisans/crafters from all over.
What we need from you is the following:

1-2 high resolution photos of the products you create

Your website address

4 sentences describing what you create

Your contact info: email, phone(optional),city, and state

Please contact me at:

gardengoose at gmail dot com

~Tina/~The Garden Goose~

Friday, November 7, 2008

Art Challenge -November

I breezed under the radar just in the nick of time to join in the art challenge over at "Mind Wide Open" (see side bar on left)

And last night I remembered that the entries had to be in by midnight tonight.."oi!"

So..I hurriedly created a little sumpin' sumpin' from the art we had to work with...and the theme was "Beloved"

Well..once I saw the image we had to work with and it being Fall time now...well..
I thought of pumpkins...and Peter, Peter..Pumpkin Eater...

Here's what I created.
The image that we had to use is what you see in the center ..a woman behind a window.
So ..I found a pumpkin patch image and the Peter Pumpkin wording and used mat board and wire to hang it from..and then framed with gimp trim and flower springs and a little bead garland around the window.
(I'm thinking now that I should have used a wee bit of glitter on those pumpkins..but aww was fun anyhow and I only had a day to do mine cause I totally forgot about the challenge until the last minute...but we are given a week..and I forgot until yesterday.)
So...the contest starts officially tomorrow Nov. 8th when all of the pretty art works are displayed over at "Mind Wide Open"
So do stop by there and cast your vote for your fave art.
Thanks for all of your comments last lovely to have you all visit with me!
You all really make my day!
Have a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A little nature lesson...Peacocks

I wanted to share with you all that I "finally" framed the peacock lady image that I had needed a frame for.(mentioned quite a while back in a previous post)

I had some loose peacock feathers that I wanted to use around the print..but needed a large enough frame to accomplish my goal..well I finally found a frame that would work and completed the image.
Anyhow..I found a website that tells a little about peacocks..thought you'd enjoy looking at it and sharing the images with your kids.
(The website is from the San Diego Zoo)
Also here is the photo of my completed picture in the frame...and some images that I have taken of Peacocks at our local zoo.

I want to wish you all a lovely day!
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Garage Sale finds...

Had a fun day out with hubby today..we went to a few garage sales in the area.

Oh let's see...what did I find?
I found:

1. a retro 50's rooster (ceramic)..about 6 inches tall for $2 old mirror from about the 60's, early 70's with a thin frame on it(it measures about 16 by 12..for 50 has an arched top to it..will paint it red on the frame.
3. 3 tiny glass red/the other 2 are clear
4. a very old Ball mason jar
5. 3... 11 by 14 frames, and an old plastic frame from about the 50's it is an 8 by 10 size(I was able to finally frame the peacock lady image..I will share a photo of that later)
6. a nice Franklin Mint "The Royal Swan" bisque porcelain swan.(mine does not have the wood stand)( got it for $4)
7. a really neat set of stackable bud vases used for rooting is hard to explain..they come in 2 triple sets of blown glass bud vases, and 1 is a quadruple set of vases..they all stack on top of each other to form a "tower" of tiny bud bubble vases.(got that for $1)..I can root 10 cuttings at once with it.
8. and a covered clay baking dish.
9. and 2 accordian style expanding peg racks.
10. and....a window from an old house for $5 (6 pane window..that I will hang from chain..will try to find a photo of a poppy field to make a scenery on the window panes of a poppy field)
It was a fun day out with hubby..and what was nice is we were able to find some things to add to my vintage rooster collection and to find a few other fun things that we will use in new home.
After hubby and I were done with the garage saling we stopped by Schlotzsky's for sandwiches and sat at the marina and ate our lunch...then went to a couple of antique shops.
The weather was lovely out today.
I do hope that you all had a lovely day!
Thanks for stopping by!
May you have a lovely weekend!
~The Garden Goose~