Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Birthday cake..and more...

Well, my wee little one turned 3! does time fly.

We had yummy cake, a few frosted cookies and strawberry cheese cake ice cream... and then the birthday gal had a few small gifts..a Dora doll, and some sundresses and a wee pocket care bear toy.She had also been given a Dora bean bag chair, a bag full of like new clothes ,and 2 games the week before, plus 4 new she wasn't lacking for surprises/and now isn't lacking for clothing either.

Oh the look of delight on her little face sweet. It was so fun spoiling her..err "well loving" her today. She had a very nice day today..and we also enjoyed celebrating her special day with her.
We have recieved quite a few submissions this time around for the online magazine "Small Town Living" and have been busy getting things together for a few days the issue will be online.
My husband had a truck to get lettered today ..and got that completed..the truck looks really nice. It is for a cabinet shop in a town 50 miles away.
Well, tonight's post is short and sweet.
Hope you all have a very nice evening.
~The Garden Goose~


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
They do grow up fast. Soon she will be out the door. LOL She is so cute.

madrekarin said...

What a cutie, Tina!! I love the picture with her nose buried in the flower- innocent perfection.

Nancy Jo said...

Thankyou so much for your nice comments on my site, you are so nice.
Happy Birthday to the little one. They sure do grow fast, I know my four grand daughters were babies just a minute ago. Time moves along, can't stop it.
Looking forward to your next Small Town Living, they are always so nice to read.