Friday, July 13, 2007

A good report....

Had an absolutely wonderful report today on my son's follow up visit to the dr. about his ear..all of the infection is gone and the ear is healing up! Yay! We were all beaming and happy and thankful as we left the dr's office.

We stopped by at Books A Million to have a little bit of fun, and I let dear son pick out a few books and oldest daughter too. Youngest daughter stayed at home with her dad, we picked out a little sticker book for her to enjoy as well

...and of course I picked out a few items for myself...

a new issue of "Tea Time" magazine.

..and a book about 2 best friends growing up in WW2 in Vienna,Austria titled "The Devil in Vienna" .

..yes, I must admit I judged the book by its had an old photo of 2 little girls standing before a building with a swastika symbol on it and the one girl has her arm draped around the other girl's shoulder. I haven't started reading the book yet..but something tells me I may need to keep a box of kleenex handy when I start reading this book.

We also enjoyed a treat at the Joe Muggs coffee shop in Books A Million..they have a new Frappe which is Butter Pecan flavored..ooh yum!

I have sourdough bread rising and will bake that just before I head to bed this evening.

Wanted to share this really cute poem by Emily Dickinson..I think she was a terrific writer...of course some of her works I understand and some I don't...but I guess poetry can be like that sometimes.
Anyhow this one is pretty nice:


Two butterflies went out at noon
And waltzed above a stream,

Then stepped straight through the firmament
And rested on a beam;

And then together bore away
Upon a shining sea,—

Though never yet, in any port,
Their coming mentioned be.

If spoken by the distant bird,
If met in ether sea
By frigate or by merchantman,
Report was not to me.


Oh, I forgot to post the images of the tug boat that I mentioned yesterday..I will get those posted tomorrow for sure. I do apologize...but will definitely share them soon.
Have a wonderful evening and a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for visiting me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~
p.s. yes, the collage images of the butterfly stages were taken by me last October..we have a passion vine in our yard and this plant is the host plant for the Gulf Fritillary butterfly which lays its eggs on the vine leaves and tendrils, when the eggs hatch the caterpillars feed on the plant and then form chrysalis nearby and the cycle starts all over again.They usually show up in the yard in late August early September to start laying their eggs on the vines. hope you enjoy the images.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
that is good news. Souds like you had fun.

GardenGoose said...

we are all is such a weight of worry off of us now..we were really worried about his ear..just so thankful it has healed now.