Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another lovely day...

Hope that you all have had a very nice day today. I did. A bit busy...

had to give the Daffy duck his meds..twice today..and had to give him some bathtub time.

He no longer has a limp/yay!

I did have to put Daffy outside this evening... it's just a bit stressful for a family of 5 trying to use only one bathroom on hectic days....And gracious what to do when 2 of us have "got to go" at the same time?..not a pretty sight..ha.

So...since Daffy's limp is gone now...yay!... and he has no problem taking his meds from the syringe..I decided to put him back outside with Miz Daisy his girlfriend.

He was starting to miss her terribly and to quack constantly if he heard her quack outside..and since she couldn't hear him..he kept on and on...and was missing her terribly.

As soon as he saw her and the fresh water tonight outside for them to swim in well..he became Mr. Amorous..ha.

Who knows what caused his leg to swell and cause a limp?.. I have no idea..but a day and a half of antibiotics and water therapy in my bathtub worked wonders in a really short time for limp at all and the swelling is gone.

I will of course continue his meds and make sure he has water therapy every day..which they always have fresh water every day to swim in anyhow.

And my bathroom got a thorough scrub down with bleach this evening.
Sooo..glad to have my bathroom back.

So..yes..the lil guy is back outside and doing better..yay.


Went to work with my husband for a couple of hours this afternoon..I just rode along then waited in his office at work for him.

Boring..yes..but I took along a few magazines to look it wasn't so bad.


We still haven't decided what we will do as far as the job situation/sick building case goes... we'll come to that decision when the timing is right.


Was such a nice day today..but oh so hot out.

Yesterday when we got in the van to go somewhere it registered at 106 degrees!! then dropped down to 97. Today it stayed at 90 in the shade. ugggh.


The only time I spent outside today was to transfer Daffy back outside and to make sure he was doing good, and make sure the ducks had fresh water and to move their cage...and to water all of my plants/flowers ...and to clean off the patio.

It was just too hot to do much more than that out there.


Had the lawn mowed yesterday..I always like how nice and fresh it looks after it has been a freshly vacuumed green carpet..ha.


I wanted to share with you all a really interesting website that tells about farm life back in the early 20's and so makes for some interesting reading of "how things were done..back then"


Now's something I wanted to share especially for the children.... this is a website that offers little miniature items to create your own "fairy wonderland" all sorts of really cute things to make a little "fairy land"


Hope you all have a really nice evening.

~The Garden Goose~


jayedee said...

ahh what we do for our feathered kids LOL

i try to be very very practical as it relates to my poultry and rural life....but fail miserably sometimes.
ok ok, most of the time.

all in all, though, i wouldn't trade them, or this rural life, for anything else!

i love your blog!

Lindy said...

I love Selena at Motherhues!
She and I are in a Waldorf Doll Making group together and I have ordered several things from her. She has a lot of talent! We have a seasonal table and we use a lot of her things on it.

Anne said...

Hello Tina!
I wanted to say thank you for sharing the link to Motherhues. I had fun browsing through all the little fairy items. I thought it was neat since my sister just gave me "fairy house" as she called it. It's a cottage looking house that is used as a garden decoration. Well, I suppose I can bring it indoors during the winter, but for now it is nestled among the flowers in my garden. It's so cute. I'm hoping that I can find some small fairy statues somewhere to put next to it.


PS I enjoy reading your comments over at my friend Jewels' blog and at MaryJane's Farmgirl Connection.

GardenGoose said...

so very nice to have you ladies visit with me(jayedee-a new face to me..and I hope that you will visit often,Lindy, and Anne)thanks so much for dropping by to say "howdy"
and I am so very glad that you all enjoy my blog..yippee...that really makes my day!