Friday, July 27, 2007

Nice Friday...fabric...and more...

Had a nice day today...

This afternoon oldest daughter and I took a drive across town to Joann's Fabrics.

Checked out the clearance rack of fabrics where I found a nice chocolate brown colored pinstriped denim, and a dark blue/ teal colored cotton fabric..these will be used to make some elastic and draw string waist skirts for myself.

Daughter is helping to sew them up for she's the resident seamstress here.
For dinner this evening I whipped up a very fast,easy meal...used a pre made pizza crust...added a sun dried tomato alfredo sauce, pepper, and basil and oregano sprinkled on that...then sliced ham, and mozarella cheese..easy, easy, and yummy.
My kids love it when mom makes homemade pizza.:0)
I'm going to have to find 2 yummy pear recipes for an article I wrote for the magazine....for the upcoming issue.
I so very much enjoy being a part of the creative process with the magazine...and helping to find the information that we share with our readers.
One of my jobs is to help to find folks that are willing to share their stories with it about their farm, about gardening, or about their animals, or the businesses they run.
Part of my job is to help to coordinate this type of input from others, and to gently remind our contributors when the deadlines for the submissions are coming due. (Many of these fine folks have become my friends along the way...that, to me is a terrific reward for doing this..I love all of the friends I have made along the way through our work with the magazine!!!)
I also help with the proof reading.
This evening I watered the plants, dear daughter helped me to round up the ducks..they are doing just fine now.
"Daffy..well..he truly is "Daffy"
...I think perhaps I may now know why he had an episode of lameness recently, where the vet found that his toe was sprained ,and he wound up with what is termed as "hot leg".
The other evening we were trying to usher him into the cage and were calling him across the yard. He started making his way towards us, when all of the sudden he takes off running the other way and slams his body into the fence!!!...
So, oldest daughter gets the flash light....thinking that perhaps what is making him act oddly is maybe a rat near the fence or something...but rat....
So, we start calling him back over to us again..going "o.k...that was odd"
When all of the sudden there was a flash of heat lightning in the distance...
Daffy took off running away from us again and slammed his body into the fence once again.....and my guess is that he percieved the lightning as a "threat" because he proceeded to slam his body up against the if he was trying to attack an intruder.
Very strange indeed. I have never known an animal to act like that..but as my mom pointed out..I did name him "Daffy" and maybe he is just living up to his name from time to time...ha.(maybe I'll need to change his name ..huh?)
Anyhow..I hope that he doesn't knock himself silly or cause himself to go lame again.
I hope he'll soon realize that he cannot continue acting like that.
Well, I'm gearing up to get ready for our Visual Arts Center's yearly Photo Contest..yay!
Last year I placed an Honourable Mention in the largest category..the "People" Category of the show. That was really amazing.
This year..well, I'd honestly love to be able to walk away with the first place in that category.
So..I will definitely try.
I have 2 other entries that I will be entering also.
After the show..I will share them here.
You have been given a peek at the one that will be my entry for the "People" Category though.(on the posting below..the image titled "Fascination")
The other 2 images will be in the Nature category.The contest is a National Contest..with entries coming in from all over. Last year they had ...I believe it was..600 entries.So to have placed an honourable mention was quite exciting indeed.
Well, that's all the news here for today.
I hope that you all had a very nice day today.
~The Garden Goose~


Aunt Jenny said...

I bet you will do great in that show..your photos are wonderful!!

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Good luck. I just love looking at your photos. Wish I could take great pictures like you. Hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed weekend.