Monday, May 10, 2010

Beautiful Spring ...and more

Hi there folks. Wow! A whole month nearly since I've written, but it certainly has been a busy one. Since I wrote last we have moved to central Florida and wow! We love it here!
 We are leasing a home that has a huge back yard and my kids love that, I do too as it is so nice and quiet here, and we can sit outside for long lengths of time and not have to worry about "no see-ums" (biting gnats that cause one to itch terribly... for those of you who do not know what a no-seeum is) 

And every morning and evening we have a little visitor. This cottontail rabbit visits every day. Spring time has been gorgeous here! 

Well, after our move the kids and I went to meet up with a group of homeschooler's at a well known chain restaurant geared towards kids here, and 2 days later we all started getting ill with sore throats and coughs and sinus problems..uggh. Seems we all caught a bad bug that someone had left there. Everyone was sick for a week and some of us are still getting over it all. We have learned that we won't go back to a place like that, just not worth catching germs from. But it was nice meeting the homeschool group though.

My irises and roses that are in the "holding garden" at my mother in laws are doing wonderful! (I can't plant anything here as per the lease agreement, if I plant anything I have to leave it) So I go over and "visit" my plants at my mom in laws house. I can't wait to have a yard of my own to putter around in. Soon..very soon. Isn't this iris gorgeous? It is one of my "little ladies" that are waiting for me to have a garden to plant them in soon.
As soon as we moved in I was told to get ready for a garage sale, so during the time that I was working to get us settled in to a rental home, I was also going through every single box of what we owned and thinning down yet again. I somehow managed to thin out about 14 boxes...big boxes now mind you...filled with items we no longer needed...where I found all of the stuff I don't know, as prior to the move I had gone through a lot of items and gotten rid of quite a lot, but I amazed myself that I found even more... and that much more..that we could live without. So..we had a 2 day garage sale this past weekend and I did pretty darn good if I say so myself. Sold nearly everything that I had carted over to my mother in laws for the sale, and now I have a little change in my pocket going jing a ling a ling. :0) Of course as soon as we get moved into a permanent place I'll have to go through the cleaning out process all over again...after I decorate that is.

Well..I hope all of you moms had a terrific Mother's day! I did. My two youngest children went to their grandma's house and  each made me a keepsake plate on which they drew pretty pictures. And hubby got us all Chinese takeout for dinner so that I did not have to cook, and I got to sleep in on Mother's it was a great day! 

Here's wishing you all a great week! Thanks for stopping by!
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~The Garden Goose~