Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another nice day.....

That's what I wish for you all. (smiles) Another nice day...

Well, yesterday evening saw me again outdoors trying to make some headway with getting the flower beds back into shape...I have a small flower bed near the back patio/french doors..and it needed weeded and the lantana(bright red and orange flowers) trimmed back a wee bit to a much more manageable look....gracious how the dollar weeds just creep on in and try to take over out they had to go..and then I remulched the flower bed.

I then went over to the courtyard area and started removing the dollar weeds from amongst the rose bushes in those wee flower beds..but ouch!..yes..I got stabbed a few times by the thorns..but..I did manage to get the weeds out..let's just hope I got most of the roots from the weeds out too..ha.

Of course while I was weeding it was so fun to have my pet ducks waddling around beside me..that was so sweet...they'd come up right next to me and do a soft "hey you, what are you up to?"..ha.

I certainly am glad I have those little ducks..they are such a joy to watch and to have them follow us around the yard..yes, they are a little blessing to us. We so enjoy them..and have grown so attached to them, and them to us.When we watch them we are reminded to take a breathe and move a bit slower take the time to enjoy the things we have been so very blessed with.

God's creatures never seem to be in a hurry, never seem to fret about the day to day..or where their daily needs will come from, how they'll make it through...they certainly are a reminder to us to learn to slow down and to just trust too.

(so easier said than done sometimes though that is for sure/human nature..ha)

Well today..I plan on making Chicken Divan for has been a while since I have made that particular dish..and it always is a winner with my crew.

I'll have to share the recipe with you all soon.

I'll probably wind up puttering in the flower beds again this evening..have 2 larger ones inside of the courtyard get all of the dollar weeds removed from and then the bed remulched.

Hopefully it won't be too hot outside this evening to tackle that.

Here's wishing you all a lovely day filled with sunshine and smiles!

~The Garden Goose~


Catherine said...

Your garden sounds absolutely lovely!!

GardenGoose said...

I try, but I swear some days I think the weeds are determined to win..ha.