Thursday, June 28, 2012

oh gosh..I have not been on here in a long time friends. I think it is mostly because I, like many others got sucked into the facebook vortex,but here I am. I wanted to say for the is not I that has is my son that was diagnosed with it in January. (I had a comment where someone mistakenly thought that it was I that had it) my son was diagnosed with type 1. ok...well I / we have been doing well. Adjusting to our new home. I/ we have been planting blueberries,some of the plants from lowes and home depot and the master gardeners show here in marion county last spring on the blueberry bushes for those who may have wondered where we got them from. Also put in 6 raised beds 5 of them 8 feet by 4 feet beds and 1 recently built about 8 fort by 8 foot that will soon hold about 100 iris bulbs.busy putting in a rose garden and  other plants around the new homestead and adjusting to the type 1 diabetes journey. I am glad that school is out for a little while...we home school,but still a break is good from that also. I just wanted to stop by and check in with everyone and say "hey there..I'm still around" :)  if any of you here would like to add me on your facebook friends list please feel free to. ( post a lot of my photo work over there. (the photo below is not mine,but I thought it was beautiful.)

 I'll try to remember to stop in here from time to time too.