Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

Hope that 2008 brings us all lots of love, laughter and lovely memories.


Today we had to run to the Auto Parts store to get a new battery for our van. Seems when we wanted to go somewhere yesterday..all we got was a "click" when putting the key in the ignition. So..the battery gave out on it. Luckily that was easily fixed...and that we have a back up vehicle.

So..everything is "right as rain" again.
I had wanted to rip out the deck today by the back door, but...umm that's alot harder to do than I thought..ha.

It is not easy to do. And cannot easily be done with the simple tools I had in hand..a hammer, a screw driver, and a hacksaw..haha.

I broke the blade on the hacksaw. So gave up on that..then couldn't pry the boards up at all with the remaining tools. So...I'll have to go to the hardware store and get a crow bar tool that has the nail groove in the end of it.

I'm sure they have some sort of fancy smancy name for the gizmo...but anyhow..what I had didn't work and I quickly gave up.

I will definitely tackle the project again..when I have the proper the goal is to convert the area into a raised bed planting area.
I didn't get to tackle what I wanted to today, but I did get one of my seed starting trays out and have it plumping up on the soil pellets now(you have to get the seed starting pellets wet, then they are ready to plant the seeds into)...and I'm going to plant some coleus seed and some godetia seed in them.
Yes...I am starting to get the Spring bug.
It usually happens to me right after Christmas and I become eager to start planting and planning.
I've been getting some lovely gardening catalogs in..and so far I think my 2 favorites have been the Baker's Seed Catalog and The Cook's Garden atalog.
Both offer a wide variety.
I especially like the wide variety of lettuces offered in the Cook's Garden catalog... lots of lettuce mixes.
I'll be posting some more pictures soon of the little critters.They certainly grow up quickly.
We have been putting them outside a good bit more often now..during the day..still in their cages, but in the shade. They do get some "run around the yard" time..but supervised... as they are still little, and we do have hawks that fly over the house during the day.
The little hens have already discovered the joys of a dust bath..ha.
Today while oldest daughter had them out..they were sitting in the new flower bed in a tiny patch of dirt...trying to kick the dirt up on their backs..they are tiny chickens yet..still babies and it was funny to see them trying that out.
Daffy the big male duck has learned that he likes Sunny the new baby girl duck after all. He has decided that she is half way decent after all..and has become quite protective of her.
We allow her to follow Daffy around a little bit in the mornings and to also bathe in the large water bin. She really enjoys it.Daffy does not allow anyone or anything near his new "girlfriend" now. He recognizes that she's his companion to be now..and boy has he gotten protective again.
In fact we saw a pile of bird tail feathers near Sunny's cage the other day..apparently a mockingbird got too close to her and Daffy grabbed a beak full of tail feathers...ha.
I remember back when we had our other female duck"Daisy"..I was looking outside of the kitchen window and saw a dove land on the bird bath to get a drink...Daffy walks ever so slowly up under the bird bath..reaches his head up slowly..slowly..then grabs a beak full of that dove's tail feathers!!! The dove quickly flew off..and Daffy spit the feathers out. I doubled over in laughter..I had never seen anything like that in my life. I wish that I had captured it on video. That duck acted out in slow motion and it was absolutely hilarious..just as non chalant as you please..walked up under that dove..and "chomp!" I wonder how many tailless doves are flying around my neighborhood that I don't know about?...ha
If you happen to see one..well...just blame it on "Daffy".. hee hee.
Well.....I sincerely hope that we all have an absolutely wonderful year in 2008.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pretty Fan.... that was my grandmother's

I had mentioned this pretty fan as being one of my Christmas gifts this year..that my mom had sent to me for Christmas ...a fan that had belonged to my grandmother.My grandfather had given it to my granny a long time ago.
When I was a little girl I would always ask to look at the treaures in my grandmother's old metal trunk with leather handles where she kept all sorts of things that she had saved over the years. This fan of course was one of the little "treasures".
~The Garden Goose~

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A nice day...

I do hope that you all had a lovely Christmas Day.

It was cold here ..a bit dreary outside on Christmas day, and wet..and gray. but we stayed indoors and had a nice family togetherness day.

I baked a ham and sweet potatos with pecan crust and broccoli for the veggie.

In the evening we all gathered in the living room and played Wii bowling.
Lots of fun.
My husband got me quite a few packages of flower seeds and a stack of gardening books and some other goodies as well. The kids were well and spoiled. We all had a fun day.
I got hubby some new jeans and shirts and of course some lovely gourmet chocolates..he loves rich chocolates/dark chocolates.
Now that the Holidays are over I find myself looking forward to Spring time already.
Now that I have lots of new flower seeds I find myseslf eager to want to dig in the dirt.
I've joined in the fun of a few swaps over at the Mary Jane's Farm site again. The gals are all getting back into the Sprintime swap ideas..and I have joined in on the old fashioned Valentine's card swap..where we make and send Valentine's cards. It was alot of fun last year.
And then I have joined in on a Spring Fling swap..where we can swap seeds and anything else "Spring/Welcome Spring" themed.
I'm still debating about whether or not I'll join in on a Valentine's themed mini apron swap..where you have to sew up about 21 tiny aprons in a Valentine's theme fabric.And then you recieve the same amount back , but from 20 other people.
My daughter was involved in a Christmas themed mini apron swap and the aprons were absolutely adorable, lots of talented folks involved in the fun.
Anyhow... I'll be leaving the Christmas tree up for just a few more days..then it will be packed away and a New Year with all the wonders it shall hold..will be ushered in.
Here's hoping that the New Year holds for us all lots of love, happiness and precious memories.
Have a good evening. Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Honorable Mention....

I recently joined in the fun of a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest over at Mary Jane's Farm..and I placed an honorable mention!! woohoo.

You can see all the pretty trees here:
Mine is the one titled" Tina W."

Lots of pretty trees.


~The Garden Goose~

Monday, December 24, 2007

everything seems to be fine....

everything seems to be working better again now with the computer. uggh..what a hassle though. My hubby had to reformat my computer and when he did so..alot of things were of which was my favorites folder. Ahh well..I was in the process of reducing it drastically anyhow..ha..Hubby just made it that much easier for me. ..haha.

Now I get to start the New Year with a totally clean slate on my computer..literally.

I did manage to be able to keep all of my photos though..sheew..thank goodness! yay! That was my main concern really was to be able to save those.

And to think that all of this hassle started because of a childrens coloring book page from another country..gee whiz! I had no idea that the coloring page would then be embedded with spyware and malicious viruses that would try to wreak havoc with my computer..and I had tried to delete the page too because I had more than plenty home education websites. Well..all of my good home education websites are gone too now..and I'm talking nearly 9 yrs of collecting homeschooling websites to share with others.

Ahh I said..this new year will definitely be a clean slate..ha.

I had wanted to start simplifying my life..and that included majorally cleaning up the computer/computer favorites as well..what better way than to be forced to do so? hee hee hee.

It's actually funny when I think about it. Wasn't funny when I was worried about losing all of the photos of the kids though...but in terms of having wanted to simplify and it being done for me on my computer..well..that's actually a bit comical. That means I don't have to sit here going through the websites to see if they are keepers anymore or not.With what happened I was actually able to save loads of time on here. So...was the virus/spyware such a bad thing after all?...well..yes and the grand scheme of what I wanted to get accomplished...
it was Sort of like having a maid do it all for

Now if only that would happen with all the cleaning and dusting and thinning out around here in the rooms of my home..I'd have it made.
Aww well..I think I'd be pushing my luck on that part of things though...ha.
It's a nice Christmas eve evening..a good bit chilly outside.
Had a nice cup of cocoa this evening...ghirardelli's don't ya know..but of course..good stuff.:0)
Seems to go together well with a slice of peanut butter toast..sort of like a reeses peanut butter cup, but not quite as sugary.:0)
Tomorrow afternoon I'll be baking a ham for our Christmas dinner. And we'll have some veggies on the side..haven't decided yet what type of veggies, but it'll be healthy stuff though. ..something green I'm sure..ha.
Depending upon how cold it winds up being outside..we may put a log in the fireplace and snuggle up on the rug together.
A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas To You All!

A very Merry Christmas to All my Friends!!!
May you have a lovely Holiday!!!

~The Garden Goose~

Spyware and computer woes..arggg!!

So..hubby and I spent all day long today trying to fix this computer. I was able to save my photos..hundreds of them onto an external harddrive...I'll burn cd's of them soon. I have actually more like a couple thousand photos from way back when I first started my photography back in 2004.
Anyhow silly me..I decided to try to clean up my computer last night by cleaning out my favorite websites. I made the mistake of clicking onto a children's coloring page website from the u.k. and that's when all the problems my trying to delete this website it started up a video and wouldn't stop..then the problems really computer became majorally infected with spyware and started running reaaaaaaaalllyyyyy sllloooooooow. It took all day today of running spyware and virus removal programs to try and fix it.
It is running better but I keep getting a blasted nascar news website popping up on here now..arrrggg!
I don't know how we'll wind up getting it all fixed, but at least I was able to save my photos..that was my immediate concern.
Well..if you happen to be one of my email pals that sends me a note from time to time..please do not send any forwarded messages at al to my inbox. It was pure aggravation enough to try to get most of the spyware removed..that I certainly don't want to go through it again anytime soon from a possible forward having something in it or what have you.
I do appreciate the "hey, how ya doing" regular typed notes though.:0)..but I ask that no more forwards be sent please.
I was really upset yesterday thinking that the computer may crash and all of the photos of my kids from way back..and photos of our garden and trips would be lost. Whew was I relieved that hubby was able to save those.
Gee whiz... computers and technology can be plumb aggravating sometimes! If I have a few days where I'm "missing in action" it's probably due to this computer acting up.So bear with me..we'll hopefully get it all fixed soon.
~The Garden Goose

Friday, December 21, 2007

Precious Stories- by Renie

Speaking of wonderful storytellers..I'd like to introduce you to my friend Renie...

Renie has an absolutely lovely blog where on occasion she will tell stories about what it was like growing up in Wartime Hungary/Austria.(WorldWar2)

Some of the stories will definitely tug at your heart strings. But stories of "how it was"

Renie has a wonderful writing style, and you'll love these stories for sure.

Stop by her blog and tell her Tina sent you by.

~The Garden Goose~

Ann Marie's StoryTelling Blog

I have a friend that I have known for a while....Ann Marie..
Ann has been gifted with a wonderful talent of storytelling. Her stories will mesmerize and amaze folks of all ages.
Ann was recently hired by the Dallas Museum of Art to be their "resident storyteller"!!
I tell you..they recognize talent when they see it.
I was fortunate to be friends with Ann when she resided here in North Florida. We were both part of a local homeschooling group, and Ann and I were always offering fun events for the kids to participate in.
Ann would always have the kids involved in either creative writing events or in helping the children to find their own "voices" through storytelling.
If you'd like to visit Ann's blog and find out more about her storytelling adventures and also to see some of her wonderful art creations.... visit her at:
Tell her Tina sent you on by.
~The Garden Goose~

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Garden Argument

I came across this darling poem today and wanted to share it with you all.

"The Garden Argument"

The tomato said with a face rosy red,
“I’m the queen of the whole garden bed,
So tart and delicious most everyone wishes
On my juicy meat to be fed”
Said the onion so strong, ”You couldn’t go wrong
To partake of my elements rare,
With such a sweet savor I give a rich flavor
So all who might wish me may share”
Said the carrot so yellow ”I’m popular fellow,
At present I’m having my day:
My elements mild are so good for a child,
They make him grow rosy and gay”
The cabbage from the same garden bed
Said “I’m bursting to have my say,
So crisp and so white with flavor just right,
I am fit for a king any day”
The corn pricked his ears and said
“Listen ,my dears!
I have heard every word you have said,
For I am so tall I look down on you all,
I’m the king of the whole garden bed”
The celery said, ”Look! Here comes the cook:
We’ll let her wise judgment decide
Which one she may choose; the rest
Of us lose”
“Fair enough, we agree” they all cried.
The cook came along with a smile and a song:
The vegetables she viewed as a group.
She cut and she sliced
With her sharp paring knife,
And they all went into the soup.
~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clearing Out Snowman Collection

I'm on a major purge out here at my house. My loss is your gain.

I had a large snowman collection and decided that I really must thin this down as well.

Listing here the items:

If you see anything you'd like simply email me with the name of the item/your email address/and your mailing address. I will then create a paypal money request with which you can pay for your order and will ship your order out to you promptly.

First Come/First Serve. Thanks for understanding.

*All prices include shipping of item to you.UPDATE!!!!!
IF ANYONE WANTS ALL THE SNOWMEN I WILL SELL ALL FOR $35.00 which includes shipping to you.

Nativity set with wooden display base: $8.00_Taken/Sherone
Fiberoptic Snowgal : Price: $15.00

Snowman with Birdhouse: price: $12.00
(to the right)-------------->
Musical Frosty Snowman

Sings"Frosty Snowman" Song

Price: $12.00
(here below)
Musical Pop Up Snowman/plays "Jingle Bells" ----------->
Price: $15.00
~The Garden Goose~

More Books_ Health,Garden,Craft, etc.

All of the cookbooks that were listed Previously Have sold. I posted them both here and on a forum that I am a member of.

Here is a new list of items available:

Please understand that I do this as a first come/first serve basis..whoevers fingers do the fastest typing and sending into my email in box wins.
Thanks for understanding.
All of the cookbooks were taken within a few hours of posting the list. So, if you want something from this list..don't hesitate or it will be too late.
Good Luck and thanks for helping me to clear out my unwanted items.

Prices include shipping the item to you via media mail.
If you are interested in a book/books Please email me and let me know.
Please understand items are first come first serve.

The Complete Christmas Book/Hundreds of festive ideas,recipes,gifts and decorating projects(Pamela Westland/hardback)
Condition: Brand New/Excellent
Price: $7.00

The Healing Powers of Vinegar (A complete Guide to Nature's Most Remarkable Remedy,Revised and Updated)
(Cal Orey/paperback)
Condition: Brand New/Excellent
Price: $6.00

The Michaels Book of Needlecrafts(Knitting,Crochet,Embroidery)
(Lark Books/hardback)
Condition: Brand New/Excellent
Price: $10.00

Reader's Digest Complete Book of the Garden
(hardback/1968 edition)
Condition: tear on upper spine/age/good condition otherwise/older book)
Price: $4.00/which includes shipping

Landscape Doctor,Do it yourself remedies for home planting problems
(Sara Jane Von Trapp/Hardback)
Condition:Good/like new
Price: $4.00

Garden Design with Foliage
(Ferns and Grasses,Vines,ground covers,annuals/perennials,trees and shrubs)
( Judy Glattstein/paperback)
Condition: New/good: tiny bend crease on cover, but otherwise like new condition)
Price: $5.00

Better Homes and Gardens
Puttin'On The Paint
101 Projects and Ideas for painting Any Surface(hardback)
Condition: Brand New/Excellent
Price: $7.00

Putting The Heart in Your Home
Decorating that Nurtures Your Soul
(Jean Lemmon/paperback)
Condition: Brand New/Excellent
Price: $8.00

Time Life Gardener's Guide: Lawns and Ground Covers
Condition: Good condition
Price: $4.00

Gardening With Wildflowers
(Frances Tenenbaum/hardback)
Condition: Good/older book with dust jacket/plastic cover/1973)
Price: $4.00

The Underburner's Diet: How to Rid Your Body of Excess Fat Forever
(Barbara Edelstein,MS/hardback)
Condition: Brand New/Excellent
Price: $3.00

The Fit ot Fat Woman: Solutions for Women's Unique Conditions
(Covert Bailey and Lea Bishop/paperback)
Condition: Brand new, but with tiny crease on cover edge flap)
Price: $3.00

If you are interested in any of these books please email the name of the book, your email address and mailing address and I will create a papal money request for your purchase.First come/first serve.Thanks for helping me to clear out my unwanted items.I was thrilled that all of the cookbooks have now found good homes!Enjoy!~Tina

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting Closer To Christmas...

The stores are getting busier and busier, and people are hurrying and scurrying about for those last minute "must haves"

Me..I'm just chillin' out and staying warm in my house...ha

I'll be baking a ham on Christmas morning , and I'll make a few veggie sides to go with the meal.

We'll probably put a log in the fireplace and sit and have cocoa and just enjoy being a family. After's about sharing the love, laughter and smiles.
I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
I have so very much enjoyed all the visitors to my blog...and the new friends I have made this year through my blog! You all are very special to me and I appreciate the sweet comments you leave here. I hope that in some small way I have added a bit of joy to your year as well. I am really looking forward to making even more friends this coming year through this little blog.
May you all have a lovely Holiday Season and may you be blessed in 2008.
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cute Prints

Couldn't resist these really cute prints at a shop in Bainbridge.
Mine have slightly different frames though.
Now if only I had a nice big Victorian home for them to go in...ha.
I just adore images like this. ~The Garden Goose

Saturday, December 15, 2007

An old farmhouse and gate and the Dead Lakes area

We stopped and got a picture of this old farmhouse that was located near Quincy,Fl it had an old wooden gate and a rose growing next to the gate.
We also stopped at an area known as the "DeadLakes" in Wewahitchika,Fl.
~The Garden Goose~

On the town square in Bainbridge,GA

~The Garden Goose~

Victorian Homes/Porches

Here were some of the Victorian Homes and porches in Bainbridge,GA and Quincy,FL.

Lovely homes..some of which were decorated for the holidays...and some just with an old fashioned charm.

~The Garden Goose~

Flowers Bakery Christmas Light Display/Drive Through

This was an absolutely awesome Christmas Light Display. You had to drive your vehicle through the area...roll down your car window to hear the music. The trees were full of ligts, just really spectacular.
~The Garden Goose~

I'm Back...

Had a nice time in Thomasville, Ga the past couple of days.
We had gone up to the Thomasville,GA Victorian Christmas Event and to spend an early Christmas celebration with some family members.
Well..the Victorian event wasn't what we expected..there was alot of food vendors and loads of folks strolling around, a few dressed in Victorian wear.
I suppose I was expecting something more along the lines of a shopping/craft/artist wares type event and merchant sidewalk sales. But it was mostly food vendors..a few choral/musical groups/musicians...and an outdoor marshmallow roast that the kids and big kids alike enjoyed.
Carriage rides, mini train rides.
One sad thing we learned was that on the evening we attended the of the carriage horses suffered an aneurysm and took off running straight for the landmark Big oak, ran into the oak tree(a 400 yr. old landmark) died.:0( There was a little boy in the carriage that wound up getting a cut from having been in the carriage at the time the horse took off like it did..
It could have been worse of course.
Anyhow..I do have some photos to share.

We also had an early Christmas celebration with our family members that live in Thomasville. We also visited several area shops.

During our 2nd day in Thomasville, we took a drive out to the Flowers Bakery Christmas light display/drive through. Oh my! what a spectacular display of lights! I have never seen so many lights in a Christmas display in my was splendid.

On the way home we stopped off at Bainbridge,GA and popped into an antique shop, and walked around the town square park taking photos, and also taking photos of some of the Victorian homes and porches.

After that we took some pictures of some old farm houses and barns.

We stopped off in Quincy,FL and got even more images of Victorian style homes and porches.

Our last stop was a place called the Dead Lakes in Wewahitchika,FL.(an area of lake that has hundreds upon hundreds of cypress stumps and cypress trees)it looks like something from the Jurassic era.

First up..I'll share photos of the Victorian event.

To the right> an air operated Calliope that played player piano rolls, and provided some of the music at the Victorian event. A lovely machine!

We also stopped in a taxidermy shop in Thomasville. Very nice items, well...dead animals/stuffed in there..but well done.
I always have liked this dog statue shown above, which sits
outside the door of one of Thomasville's little shops.
Next of the Flower's Bakery Christmas Light Display.
~The Garden Goose~