Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet my family..they all blog now too!!!

Meet my mom!!! She just joined "blogland"

Please stop by and say hi to my mom and welcome her to "blogland"

Meet my sister Sharon!:
Please stop by and say hi to her and welcome her to "blogland"

Meet my sister Emily!:
Please stop by and say hi and welcome her to "blogland"


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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I should have said.."Meet my 2 sisters!!"

Happy Dance! Happy Dance!!!

Both of my sisters have joined the blogging world!!!

Meet my sister Emily:

Meet my sister Sharon:

Stop by and say "howdy" and welcome them to blogworld!

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Ouch..even big girls cry...oh..and meet my Sister!!!

Had an errand to run this morning then afterwards oldest daughter and I decided to go ahead and hit a few garage sales today.

We were on our way to a sale in a really nice neighborhod when I tell daughter "let's walk along the sidewalk to get to the sale" because she had started to walk along the grass..
So we start walking along the sidewalk..and up by the walk there were some really pretty rose bushes..we were walking and commenting on the roses..when all of the sudden...

Whomp! Down I went and hard!..right on my hands!
Ouch, ouch, and double ouchy ouch!
And wouldn't ya know there was about half a dozen folks at the garage sale too.

But what hurt was I had scraped all the skin off of one of my hands by the bottom of my palm..ooh..and not only that, but it had a big splinter sticking out of it! A big piece of pine needle had slid right up into my hand too.

Both hands had splinters in them, but the hand that had the skin slap off of it had the biggest splinter wouldn't you know.
Well..the owner of the house came and asked if there was anything she could get me, and I told her that "a wet paper towel please" but she brought me a wet washcloth to hold on it.She told me that she hoped I had a better day..and I told her.."oh it's not a bad day at all..I just took the time to stop and smell the roses..and it caught up to me..literally"..we both laughed.
We looked around for a minute and I found a small mirror and small shelf that I'll paint red.
Then back here to the house to clean it all out.
That's when I cried.

Driving home not able to bend my hand really hurt. My one hand literally felt like it was on fire.
And has felt all day long like I have just literally laid it right onto a hot burner.

You should have seen me gritting my teeth when daughter helped pour the peroxide all over the raw part.
Oh my! I about climbed the wall.

But..I'm all bandaged up and what did I do after I got the splinters out and had a good cry?
I told everyone that I had gotten up too early and I was going to go take a nap..ha.
And I did. least part of me feels better now..ha. But yeah..sometimes even big girls cry..and gosh darn it..that hurt!!..and still hurts..but I'll heal.
I did manage to also find a cute old paper umbrella too for only 25 cents it has oriental type birds on it..real pretty, and a new travel cooler..a smaller sized rubbermaid cooler that was brand new.
So it wasn't all a loss.
Now onto the exciting news!!!!
meet my sister Emily!!

Maybe some of my other family members will join blogland eventually...but at least now one of my sisters has joined the fun!
Stop by and make Emily feel welcome why don't you!
Tell her "Garden Goose/Tina" sent you.
Thanks for stopping by!
May you have a lovely weekend.
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Zippity Doo Dah..Zippity Yay!...

"Zippity doo dah..Zippity yay! My a wonderful day!"...have you ever heard a 4 yr old sing that song? 4 yr. old loves for me to sing to her in the evening before she goes to sleep..and so a few weeks ago I started singing the old "song of the South" song..and my 4 yr. old loves to sing it along with me.

Melts my heart everytime.
I will definitely have to record it soon as it is the sweetest thing to hear her singing about "Mr. Bluebird's on my shoulder"..ha

She loves to sing and boy can she sometimes belt them out.
I'd actually like to get a copy of the movie for her soon.
Well..the loud chicken..and the duck now have gone to live on a 43 acre farm in Alabama. Our friends don't kill their critters, so all of the animals will live out their natural lives. The duck and chicken are joining about 23 other chickens. So they'll have plenty of company.
We do still have 2 chickens left..and that is more than plenty..but they are quiet gals..and I hope they remain quiet too..the one gal was so loud in the mornings/early afternoons that you could hear her clucking even when the windows/doors were that is loud!
I've been working on creating new items every day for the Zazzle shop..check it out(left hand side of blog) Several hand bags, mousepads, coffee mugs and more.
(All with my photos on them!)
Fun! Fun!... and unique.
Well..we are keeping an eye on the storm Gustav..really hope it doesn't hit here.
Hope that you all have a lovely weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Downsizing the backyard flock..and Homeschool Helps..more I created a few more things for the Zazzle shop..we can now create skateboards! Cool! Only thing is the flash photo on my Zazzle shop doesn't show the skateboard, is in my shop..and you can see it by going to the shop(left hand side bar). Check it out if you get a chance.

Totally Girl Power!..ha.:0) I created a few aprons too and a few mugs, a keychain, and a fridge magnet. Cute items.
We are downsizing our backyard flock..getting rid of the duck and one of the big hens..why? Well because it is better this way. The big hen in question is a very verbal gal..and starts a squawking at all hours of the morning..and in the city that just can't for the sake of being able to keep our remaining "quiet gals" well the loud one has to go..and was pretty "Goldie". Then the duck has turned out to be a boy. We are having a friend that owns 43 acres up in Troy,Alabama..come this weekend and give the 2 critters a new home.

We'll keep the one large Ameracauna gal..named "Henny Penny..and the smaller Ameracauna gal named "Cinnamon"

My friend will get the duck and chicken and the one portable cage.She'll eventually integrate the duck and chicken into her large 20 plus flock of other chickens and roosters.
When we eventually move it will be much easier to only have to transport 2 chickens and a smallish chicken coop.Just so much better to simplify. We'll then only have 3 animals to worry about.

2 hens and our dog.
---------- is time to post some "Homeschool Helps"
We recently studied about the state of Maine...
I had no idea that at certain times of the year that "Puffins" can be seen in Maine!
How cool!
So..dear son and I took a look at "Puffins" on this website:
You can even hear what they sound like on this site too. Really strange sound.
Then of course Maine is known for its many "Lighthouses" so we enjoyed looking at all the different light houses, and reading about when they were started, and the length of the light house signal, and what colors the lights are, and the fog signals and so forth..Cool!

Well..I hope that you all have an absolutely lovely evening.

Thanks for stopping by!
~The Garden Goose~

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogging Awards

Wow! I'm truly honored to have been given not one..but 2 very nice blogging awards this week..Wow!..(blushing a little bit here now)

I want to thank Jeanie of "The Marmalade Gypsy"( )
for bestowing upon me the "E for Excellence" Blog Award

....and a thank you to Linda of "Remote Treechanger"(
for the beautiful "Arte y Pico" award.

Now...for receiving the "E for Excellence" award..I am to in turn bestow this award upon 10 bloggers that inspire, or that have a sense of "community"... blogs that are downright cool and inspiring,and just plain fun.
1. Gayla at:
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7. Laura at:
8. Karin at:
9. Naomi at
10.Wanda at:

(Of course if it is easier on any of you that have been awarded to reduce that number of 10 down to say..about 5..then by all so..this isn't meant to cause added "uh-oh factor" to anyone's day)

Then for the "Arte y Pico" award..I am to do the following:
Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material and also contribute to the blogging community.

Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog.
1. Dawn at :
2. Kim at:
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5. Lilla at:
Each award winner has to show the award and put the name of and link to the blog that presented her/him with the award.
The award winner and the one who has given the prize has to show the link of Arte Y Pico blog so everyone will know the origin of this award.
Show these rules.
*** Oh my gracious..did any of you know how hard this was to do??!! I would have loved to have awarded everyone that is in my blog list..but..yeah..I had to "play by the rules"
Thanks for stopping by..and I hope that you wear your new "badges" with pride!****
Hugs...from me to you...~ The Garden Goose~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New shop...Taking a Different Direction...

As many of you know..I am a photographer...and a person that loves crafts/crafting and art of most any kind.
I have over the time that I have had my blog... tried this way, and then that promote my photography...and ...I'll admit is hard to sell.
But..I have absolutely lovely images that I do not feel comfortable with hiding away in the dark recesses of my computer files... or allowing these images that speak to the human be hidden away for them to never be seen or enjoyed.
They MUST be given the chance to live some way, some form.
Because ..well..because they just have to. You'll see.
So... what to do with the images that I have taken many hours of my time capturing and enjoying to capture?
I was recently introduced to a website called "Zazzle" this website my photography can now be featured on products such as handbags, tee's and even shoes!
WOW! longer are my photos relegated to the dark recesses of my computer files..but now they have a chance to be seen and enjoyed!
It is what they have wanted ever since the camera first clicked out an be be enjoyed. To bring joy to the viewer!
I am working on creating new and lovely products now that are very reasonably priced and practical items for every day use.
Like this one shown here:

Perfect for yourself, a friend, co worker, or for any gift giving occasion.
Please feel free to visit my Zazzle shop anytime.(Link to shop is in left hand side bar here on my blog.)
New products will be added all the time.
***Please note** I no longer have the Garden Goose Gifts blog.. I only sell my products..the Garden Goose line of products(home decor,vinyl decals, etc/ and photography items)... through my new Zazzle shop and my etsy shop.
Thank you!
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My husband's creations/Art Decals for your walls

As many of you know by now my husband and I own and operate a sign business.

My husband is a talented graphics artist
with many years of graphics art experience.

He loves to design new products.
Lately he has been
designing a line
of wall mural art decals.
Decals to be used to
enhance your decor.
I love all of the designs
he has been creating,
and I think you will too.

Here are some of the designs.

If you are interested in any of the designs that you see here please visit our etsy shop at:
Custom orders are also welcome. If you imagine it...we can create it.

Learning "outside the box"...musings about Home Schooling

I guess after 13 years of educating my children at home, I now have the title of "veteran home school mom"..ha.

Well..that's all fine and dandy I suppose, but one thing I have learned on this home schooling journey is that I too am learning...and being taught.

You see once you embark on this journey into the realms of teaching your own child/children you begin to see things afresh. You begin to find out about things that you too never learned in a public school setting, and gosh darn it!! ..its fun!!

Has it always been fun? ..O.k...o.k. you've pegged me on that question... hasn't always been fun....and I'll tell you why.

When I first embarked upon this journey..I was of the impression like most folks that are just starting out into the great wide world of undertaking this task...that "everything....and I mean everything...had to be "by the book".

What an erroneous thought that was! ...and what a tremendous amount of undue stress it put upon myself and upon my child.

So much so that we just about tossed in the towel a few months later.

But...I stepped back and accessed the situation back then and realized doesn't have to be "everything by the book"..and after all..who's book was it anyhow?

Every child learns at a different pace and in a different style.Unique to them. What works for one child, won't necessarily work for another.

So..after a few months of near tears trying to do things in a strict by the book method.... We decided to go a different route.

Of course we still maintain some structure to our home schooling schedule, but now it is no longer along a format of "you will tell the child this..the writing examples must look like this"..and so forth.

Now we utilize things like the Internet, videos, and found books, sometimes old text books from our local school board media center, and everything and anything "educational" to teach and learn with.

We have gotten "outside of the box" and learned to relax with learning and teaching.

And the journey just keeps getting better and better.

I think one of the first things I would say to someone wanting to look into home educating their own child is this...."Relax".

Don't get it into your mind that everything has to be done by a "rule book" of sorts, or by using any particular set curriculum.

Sure some parents find this approach to be easiest for the first year or two..we did..but after that..we learned to lighten up and relax.

Our children still learn, and sometimes more than exceed what is being taught in their grade levels in the public school arena.

We cover the requirements...reading, writing, arithmetic and everything in between.

If you just take the time to look around you..there are learning opportunities to be had everywhere.

For example:

In your kitchen when you are preparing breakfast...engage the children in a talk about farm animals and where the breakfast foods come from.

With the older children you can take a lesson about the egg and start researching embryology. See where I am going with this?
Teaching and the learning experience are only limited by your own imagination. Let go and have fun!

Learning is so much more fun..when we learn to relax..and to think "outside of the box"

So, in case you are beginning your journey on this route..I leave you with this little phrase..."Learn to'll be glad you did..and the journey will be amazing!"

~The Garden Goose~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And....the Winner is....


the winner of the Seaside Collage is... "SweetAnnee"!!!

I hope that you will enjoy the collage..and again..thanks to everyone that joined in the fun!
~The Garden Goose~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I won!...and I want to tell you about a wonderful blog/shoppe

I recently joined in a little blog give away over at

Blog owned by a new blog friend named Rosalie...

I honestly didn't think I'd even have a chance to win...

as I rarely ever win anything when I sign up on any of the giveaways...

so it was quite a shock to me to get an email from Rosalie stating that indeed I had won!

Oh my!...double wow!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ROSALIE!!!!

What did I win?
Well....none other than one of Rosalie's beautiful handcrafted dollies! Be still my beating heart.

Now isn't this little dolly just the sweetest thing?!! I LOVE it!!

Rosalie is an incredible crafter...not only does she offer these lovely Raggedy Dollys..but she also crafts wonderful items like Prim Signs, and Garden items, and more.

You'll find her online web store here:

Dolly's can also be found here:

and at her etsy shop here:

Here is another example of one of Rosalie's Dollys currently available for adoption..isn't it a darling? Primitive Signs for any room or occasion, also garden themed items..and more.

Stop by her web'll be glad that you did. A lovely selection of items for gift giving..and for treating yourself to a little something special!

Last Day to Join Giveaway!!!

Today is the last day to sign up for the give away..see below..for a pretty 16 by 20 seaside collage!

Join the fun below.

~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Always fun to add to a collection....

When a new collection is started or one decides to expand a current is always fun to find something special.... and at a steal of a deal... great price.After all what gal doesn't like a deal..and finding fun things to decorate with??

I love vintage items..things with a past...and with "character".

Things that I can create little displays with soon ..and dream about decorating a new home with soon.These items are being tucked away to take to a soon to be new home.So that when I move..I can have a few "new to me" items to unpack and start afresh with.

So..I have been slowly,but surely finding inexpensive little things to expand upon my Dutch themed collection.

And a few wee things here and there to expand upon my Victorian themed collection.

Here are a few new wee things I have found recently.

A 1940's Dutch scrapbook unused but with a lovely print on the front! I will display a set of kissing dutch boy and girl figurines in front of the book and use the book as a "backdrop" for them.
A pair of Dutch boy planters from Japan.

And for my Victorian theme collection..a darling vintage die cut image of a little girl... that measures nearly a foot tall! wow!! It is lovely don't you think?
And the best part...all of these items fall into the vintage/unique category....and... ta-dah!!!.....aren't from Walmart! yay! ..ha.
Well..I hope that you all have an absolutely lovely evening.
Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my new found fun items with you.
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to School Time...

We will be resuming our home schooling studies on our lazy summer time days are very rapidly drawing to a close.

I'll be pulling the books out tomorrow and getting everything ready....yes..I will admit...I procrastinated a bit on digging all of the books out...but like the kids..this year I just sort of wanted the summer time break to drag on a bit longer...but..times up now!..and the studies must resume.

This will be my oldest daughters last year of home schooling.Teaching a high schooler is always a bit more challenging, but a lot of her schooling is pretty much self led.Meaning she knows what is required now at this stage in the game and alot of her schooling doesn't have to be supervised as much as the younger ages have to be.I just have to mainly make sure it gets done after assigning it.

But my son will be in 2nd we'll have lots of hands on activities/science related activities for him to do..and a lot of fun things that he has expressed interest in learning about.

My days won't be as freed up now..but I do still hope to blog a little just might be more of a worn out mama blogging.. than my lazy summer days were..but I'll still be here.And I'll still hopefully have something of interest to write about.
(I hope anyhow)
I want to start sharing a few more of our home schooling ideas and topics with those of you that home school.

Over the 13 yrs that we have home schooled I have acquired a large amount of very useful home schooling websites and information..and always enjoy sharing the ideas.
On another totally different note..there are only a few days left on the give away get your name in on that post... see be a part of the fun!
Looks like Florida has another storm/maybe hurricane? headed our way...(groans!)...I really hope it fizzles out before it comes ashore. Florida has had too much of that in recent years and we could stand a hundred year break from things like that it seems! We are keeping an eye on things and will be going to get some water and batteries and emergency supplies to have on hand..and of course if it heads our way..we will evacuate to safer land.
Here's wishing you all an absolutely lovely week.
Have fun with all of the back to school preparations.

~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Look what decided to bloom!

My mom in law had given me this cute hen and chicks plant last year..and I have managed to keep it alive so far..anyhow..a few months ago I put it outside on my deck railing and well..sort of forgot about it, until I started noticing it was sending up tall stalks and those tall stalks have little pinkish/yellowish colored "capsules"..I waited a few days and what a delight!!There are 3 stalks on the "mother hens" and they are all blooming with really cute yellowish/pinkish orange flowers!

Thought I'd share this delight with you... as I have never had one of these bloom for me before.
~The Garden Goose~

Monday, August 11, 2008

Time for a Give Away!!!!

I'm in the mood for a giveaway!

Leave a comment below for your chance to win my "Seaside" Collage!

(open to U.S. residents only please)
This collage is 16 inches by 20 inches with bits of ribbon, buttons, lace, and vintage looking nautical images and a poem that reads:
I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

Colors are seaside greens and blues.

All on a canvas background.
Good luck..and let the fun begin!

Drawing will be held August 21st!!
~The Garden Goose~

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Annalee Collectable Doll For Sale

New with tags 1999 Annalee Collectable Doll"Marvin the Magician" 13 inches tall..dressed in tuxedo tails and has a top hat with a rabbit.Absolutely adorable gift!Perfect for Christmas.List price: $70

Asking only $35 plus shipping/ I figure he should be able to fit into the $6.80 priority size box ... Asking Price is half the List price on the website.If interested please contact me through my profile here on the blog.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lots of New Items in Etsy Shop!

I am pleased to announce that my etsy shop now has a section devoted to the scrapbooker,altered art artist,collage maker,assemblage creator...and crafty person in general!!

I have a new section in the store that will be full of really nice vintage images from very old books that we have taken the time to scan, clean up and present to you for your crafting use.

Check out my etsy shop at:

I also will be offering a selection of vinyl wall graphics that are suitable for using for wall murals.

Currently in stock I have an absolutely adorable Aesop's Fairytale themed children's room decor..."The Tortoise and The Hare"

This set of vinyl wall decals is available at:

My husband has been creating some awesome vinyl wall graphics(again these are suitable for creating your own mural art work)...or for just adding that "super special touch" to finish off your decor...available in his shop at:

Some examples of what he has available right now are:

An absolutely lovely "Bird Cage with Canary"

Also available ..a set of "Stylized Butterflies"
Decorating a room and need something "custom made" to fit the decor???
Let us know.
You can contact me through my profile here on the blog, or visit either one of our etsy shops.
Thanks for taking a look!
~The Garden Goose~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My entry for Art Challenge...and"seeing Red"...

Sheew..I'm tired..the last couple of days I have been "seeing red..."

Red paint that my daughter and I have been painting the trim work in our hallway and entry way.

Oh my..what a tedious the trim is a decorative wood trim next to has to be very carefully painted.

And since it was right up against the wallpaper that we wanted to keep..that meant we had to use a small paint brush on the edges.

6 hrs of working on it yesterday..then today another 6 hours of painting door casings and baseboards and so forth.

The end is almost in sight as we only have 2 doors left to do the trim around..and then we'll go back and touch up any areas where we might have made a few "boo boos"
Sheew..we were really tired tonight. is a peek at the new color combinations.
And is my entry for the art challenge.

I used a photo I had taken of some pink chrysanthemums as the background. Then some lace pieces, and a piece of a card that had real flowers on it..then some real flower embellishments, and an old necklace.
And a few tiny bee images.
I like how it turned out.
If you like my sure and vote for me over at "Mind Wide Open" on the 8th of August.

Hope you all have a great week. I'll be busy the next couple of days getting ready for family to visit.Take care.I'll be back soon.
~The Garden Goose~

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Art Challenge..and more..

I'll be joining the fun again over at "Mind Wide Open".

For the monthly art challenge there.

We are given an image to create anything with that we come up with...but given a 1 week timeline to do so.

My item is already completed and I'll be sharing that with you all soon.

Voting begins on August 8th for your favorite creation.

It will then be posted on the "Mind Wide Open" website..(see left side bar for link)

This month's challenge is titled "Secret"..using the image above.

Isn't it very pretty? Anyhow..we were to use the image and create something with it.

I like the item that I created, and will probably keep it for the new home..but I sure could stand to start creating some more items for my etsy shop though..but I like how this particular creation turned out.
Speaking of etsy shops...
I have a couple of items that I have added to the shop(and will be adding more items soon) of which is a darling set of Art Noveau note cards.

I found a few more wee items for the new house..even though I don't have my new house yet..but I have been on the look out for retro chicken themed items..they have to meet a certain look though..have to be from about the 50's/60's to fit the look I am going for.
Like this...I just found these 1960's candle holders on them.

And...I'm still "Going Dutch"...

I have been looking for Dutch themed items still... a farm girl friend (Ronna) sent me a pair of wooden shoes with..get name woodburned in the side...ha..she joked that sometimes she finds things that seem to have folks names on them..but this time it literally did! funny.
So she sent them to me along with another wooden shoe and a darling tulip print apron.
And I also found a 1960's set of Dutch children chalkware plaques with hooks.(shown here)
I must admit..I have had fun finding these little treasures, and the nice thing about it isn't cutting into the family budget at all to acquire my "new to me finds"
I simply use the funds from my etsy shop sales to fund my "treasure hunting".
I am looking forward to being able to decorate a new home with these nice older/vintagey type items.
My cottage garden in the backyard has been mowed down now... waiting to see if it will spring back up with anything in the next few months..if not it probably will come Spring time.
Most all of my roses have been placed into pots along the fence that is the courtyard area.
The yard is now starting to look like "plain lawn" again.
In October I probably will hoe out the courtyard areas..they currently have been treated for any weeds and mowed down.
So the area is a "blank canvas"...but I'll probably hoe everything out of there and sprinkle a canister of wildflower seeds in those areas.
And come January and into spring....there will be pretty flowers in that area..which will be helpful for selling.
The vegetable garden is done now..we just have 2 rows of sweet potatoes to harvest in the next week or so...and the pear tree is literally straining under the weight of some very heavily fruited branches this year. We'll be collecting lots of pears soon also.
Then having to do some major tree pruning , so that the tree does not begin to split.
Our backyard flock is thriving...the duck has become best friends with the youngest Ameracuana chicken named "Cinnamon" and they house together in a seperate pen ..the other chickens(Henny Penny and Goldie) haven't taken too keenly to the newest chicken..she is definitely the lowest on the pecking order..but the duck is her "guardian" and the duck will follow her everywhere and vice versa..they are quite the pair.
Always within a few feet of each other.
Anyhow..Cinnamon hasn't started laying eggs yet... she should begin around October.....
but the other two hens give us an egg a day.
We haven't had to buy eggs in quite a while..and we hope that this stays that way for quite some time.
Have a great day!
~The Garden Goose~

Friday, August 1, 2008

August/September 2008 Issue of Small Town Living

Just a note to let you all know that the August/September 2008 Issue of "Small Town Living"

is now available online at:

Highlights in this Issue:



Each year over 400 antique tractors gather in Eastern Iowa for Tractorcade. If you love tractors and old time farming, this is the event for you.

Legends Ranch:

Casey Jones shares his story of raising whitetail deer on his ranch in Sumterville, Florida.

Spinners Speak:

Spinning fiber is an ancient art. A group of artisans took some time to answer our questions and share some of their inspiration with us.

Simple Homemade Baking Mixes:

Use these great mixes as the basis for your own culinary creations.

Backyard Poultry:

More and more people are finding a place for chicken's in their urban lives. This month two of our contributing authors talk about their chicken fever.

Live on a Farm? Or in a Small Town?Love to Garden?..Like to Write??

Live on a Farm? Live in a Small Town? Like to garden? Have a backyard flock of chickens or other fowl?

Like to can food items? Like to spin, knit, or do other "back to the good old days" type of things??

Like to write??

Small Town Living magazine is looking for folks like you...folks with a story to tell/share.

If you fit any of this criteria stop by

and drop me a line through the site there.

Or you can contact me through my profile here.

We'd love to hear from you.

~Tina~/editor "Small Town Living"


~The Garden Goose~