Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wet, Cold...and Rainy... has been wet, cold, rainy and dreary gray outside the last few days.

Me..I've been cooped up indoors soaking up the warmth..and wishing for the sun to pop back out.
I did manage to write a wee article for the upcoming issue of Small Town Living though.
...And have to get a few items for the article either photographed or scanned.
Well..I recieved something really darling in the mail on Saturday...I had purchased 2 pairs of wee dutch shoes from my friend Frannie over at
and these little shoes are just so adorable! They are dolly sized and quite old.You see..I collect wooden Dutch shoes and try to add to my collection when I can.
I had never seen wee shoes like this.
I have several sets of tiny ones that are pincushions and thimble holders and are only about 3 inches tall..but these are slightly larger than that. Then I own an adult sized pair and then several pairs of actual child sized shoes.
But nothing quite this wee size.
They are really rather darling in real life..the photo(that Frannie had on her site/ and that is shown here ) does not do them justice.They are carved on the tops then painted.
Cute! Cute!..thanks Frannie!
Well..I hope that you all are having a nice weekend and staying warm.
Thanks for joining me in blog land.
~The Garden Goose~

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