Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fun Friday...Wet/Dreary Saturday...

After running errands yesterday..oldest daughter and I headed to the antique mall to take a look around.

Me....I was on the look out for vintage ads that would make for great wall art.
I found some really nice I just need to find frames for everything.
Along with the vintage ads..most from the early 20's.
I found 3 vintage Valentine's to add to my! fun!
One of the vintage ads I found looks like an insurance is an ad for "Life Insurance for Baby Chicks"
An ad that was posted in the Saturday Evening Post 1923 for Purina Chick Startena with buttermilk.
It shows a farm woman in an orange dress with a baby chick in her hand and 10 other baby chicks in a row looking up at her, in front of the feed sack.
So cute..and so "farm style!"
Yes...I'll have to share a photo of it...(smiles) It's really cute.
We've been getting the new issue of "Small Town Living" ready to be published on the website at:
A few things yet to finalize...proof reading is completed for the most part now..and a few final touches being done.
A labor of love, and something that we(Paul and I) enjoy doing.
If you'd like to be added to our notification list.. to be notified when a new issue is available online..simply email me through my profile here, or through the website.
I'll make sure that you are added to the list.
Well..Saturday(today) has been yet another wet,chilly, and dreary day. Seems we have been having a sunny day, then a gray dreary day, a sunny day..then a gray dreary day..and so the cycle goes...and waaahhh! I'm wanting to play in the dirt..but right now it's just mud...uggh.
Soon though the sun will start shining again and I can start my gardening.One really good thing about all the rain we have been having lately is that all of the seeds that I tossed into the cottage garden have been getting watered(grins) and hopefully that will mean come Spring time we should have quite the flower show! I certainly hope so anyhow.
I recieved a packet of dwarf pomegranate seeds in the mail today.I'm looking forward to plenting those soon.
I've never grown anything like we'll see if I have any luck with it.
I had a chance to speak to a fellow farm girl/and blogging friend on the phone today..what fun! Pamela over at "Beehind Thymes Primitives"..a real sweety to chat with. (It was so fun chatting with you today Pam!)
Well..that's all the news for my little corner of "blogland"
I do hope that you all have an absolutely lovely evening!
Thanks for joining me.
~The Garden Goose~

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Cathy said...

I can't wait for spring here in New England. I have so many wonderful seeds to plant this year.

It's so cold outside right now I can't imagine it ever warming up.

Those pomegranit seeds sound amazing! Let me know how they grow.