Monday, January 21, 2008

Ouch!..and more...

So..I had a dentist appointment today. Seems I had a tiny bit of receding on my gums..some of which can be hormonal induced. Anyhow..silly soon as I noticed it..I started putting hydrogen peroxide on it...thinking o.k. that's a good thing to do right?...nope..then since my gums were really hurting by that point..I thought o.k...anbesol will help right??? nope..see what I had done was put the peroxide on my gums straight..then I'd rinse it with water....but..what that had done was cause a chemical burn to my gums..ouch! and then the anbesol also was creating a burn..ouch! double ouch!

Luckily I had only done that for 2 days before I was like..phooey..forget that!.. I was due for a good teeth cleaning anyhow..and when I went in today the gal told me that what I had done was basically chemical burn my gums ..the peroxide acted as a sloughing off and had started to slough off some tissue, then when I added the anbesol it had done the same.
I! Yi! Yi!!!! So..she said it was like eating extremely hot pizza..good thing will heal..but ouch! It really had hurt. Oh silly me! But ..thank goodness I didn't do a doozy with it.
And who'd have thunk it? I mean would think gargling with peroxide would be ..sort of o.k....and anbesol after all is sold to help ease gum pain right. Sheew.
Well..I'm a bit sore mouthed..but wiser for it now. Oh the things we learn sometimes the hard way..
I wanted to mention that my husband had gotten a few copies of the book
"You Can Do It!" The Merit Badge Program for Grown Up Girls by: Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas.
Anyhow he had bought them as inventory for his business and I asked him if I could offer a few of them here first.
So..if you are interested in a copy of this book, let me know before Thursday.(I only have 6 copies available)
Cost is $12.00 plus $2.50 shipping.(email me at gardengoose at gmail dot com if interested and I'll send you a paypal request)
It has been so cold here today, and in fact yesterday morning we had ice in the duck's swimming bin at about 1/4 inch thick!! And I have hanging birdbath/bird feeders that were full of water..they were totally iced up..ha..and this is the Deep South! The last few days it has felt like we've suddenly been transferred to some regions far North. Shiver, shiver...brrrrr!
Well..the little critters are doing o.k. through the cold weather. The ducks seem to congregate into the warmest area of the yard they can find..and the chicklets like to find an area that is both sunny and has leaves aplenty..they then stretch out and's so funny to see a chicken with one of it's legs just sprawled they are on a Caribbean beach just soaking in the rays or something. Too funny.
Well..I hope that you all are having a lovely Monday.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


BClark said...

What's the saying, "Live and Learn". There was just an email going around about the uses for peroxide, I snoped it and they warned about using it on mucus membranes, etc. I hope you heal soon, and do not experiment no more! Take Care, Barbara

GardenGoose said...

LOL thanks Barb. it is labelled as being "o.k." for a mouth rinse..but..I found out that for me..that's not the case..yep..Live and Learn..hopefully someone else will learn from my mistake.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I can feel your pain. Hope its better already.
The sunset pictures were amazing... thanks for sharing =D

Inspired Tokens said...

Ouch is right...who would of thunk that peroxide would do that? Hopefully you are on the mend now. Love the story about the that I'd love to see.