Monday, January 7, 2008

Funny New Item in my Etsy Shop..and more...

Hubby created some cute/funny notecards for my Etsy shop this evening.

They make me laugh. They have funny sayings at the bottom of them that will certainly make you chuckle.

I've listed them over in my Etsty shop at:
Today was a nice day..warmer weather here today.
Sunny the duckling is finally spending her first evening out in the pen with Daffy the full grown duck tonight.
Sunny is nearly full grown now, but still has a good bit of growing yet to do. She still has some baby fluff left on her and is still only half the size of Daffy (the male duck) She certainly looks little compared to Daffy.
She was very, very tiny when she came to live with us.
This evening I made a neat pesto sauce to go over some chicken breast cutlets that I had cooked up in a skillet with a touch of olive oil....anyhow to make the pesto sauce I took about 4-5 pieces of sundried tomato in olive oil, a small can of black olives, and about 1/2 cup pecans and chopped it all fine in my chopper. Mixed in about 3 Tablespoons of marinara sauce and then heated in the microwave for about 3 minutes and spooned over the chicken.
It really had a neat flavor and was very tasty.Would have tasted yummy tossed with angel hair pasta too...but instead I made some broccoli and some black beans and some peaches and strawberries on the pasta tonight.
It was a good meal though.
Last night hubby and I went to watch the sunset at the marina again..I think this is becoming a tradition of ours..ha.
We do enjoy the few minutes of getting out together and spending a few moments of romantic time together.
Here are the images from last night's sunset.
There was also a dolphin nearby, but since they just rise up a little bit above the surface of the is difficult to get a good picture of them. It was neat to actually hear the one that I saw..hissing the water out of itself as it surfaced.You could actually see the water spout up a little bit. Cool!
Have a great evening!
~The Garden Goose~


JANET said...

Gorgeous sunset! That would definitely be a nice way to end the day with your spouse.

Donna said...

The sunset is beautiful! I love to watch the sunrise and sunset. Your vintage humor cards are great!

Alpicks Treasures said...

That sweet that you two have time to spend. Nice pictures. Glad Hubby is helping out with making the cards. Take Care

BClark said...

My gosh, your "critters" have sure grown. You have been busy as a bee, I'll have to check your shop out soon. Sauce sounds good, will have to give it a try. Barbara