Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just a smidge tired...

Just a smidge tired now mind ya.. just a smidge..ha.

Today oldest daughter and I worked in the back yard for quite a while.

We moved pots from around the deck..emptied any that had old/dried up plants and then stacked them in nice neat piles way back at the back of the property..on a concrete pad.

Then we put down some stepping stones and mulch in the new "used to be deck" raised bed area by the patio..and also 2 bags of peat soil.

Then we put down about 8 bags of mulch in the rose garden area(a large flower bed that we created a couple months ago..and are just now getting around to mulching around all the plants)..it is looking very nice now.

We have another dozen bags of mulch to get laid down tomorrow.
Then we raked a bit in the backyard..and removed branch debris that had blown down into the yard.

Planted 2 yoshino cherry trees that we had in pots..that needed planting.
Planted 2 pittosporum plants also.Removed dead looking debris from around plants.
Alot got accomplished...and the yard isn't looking too shabby now..just still looks winterized..I must say..I'm looking forward to Spring..when everything will be new and green again.

Even in Florida..things turn brown and grey in the winter time and many plants can get frozen and die back to the ground..

I always enjoy the bright new green Spring colors...and new flowers springing up out of the ground.

Tomorrow our goal is to finish the mulching and tackle raking the front yard and sweeping the driveway/walk way.

Then..I'll have a little bit of my regular household indoor chores to do...
sheew....time for a nap soon huh? LOL
Nawww...actually I have a nice pot roast in the oven now..and I'm just "chillin'" out..relaxing now after a nice day of getting my yard back into shape.
There's more yet to do..
I have jasmine vines needing trimmed, and several other projects. Always something needing done...especially when you own your own home and have to do it all yourself.
But..the added bonus is..you can do it "your way".:0)
I have a new little shop here on the side bar of my blog."Garden Goose Market"
If you are into gardening ...like I am..you'll want to check out the heirloom seeds up under "In the Garden"..I have lots of heirloom tomato seeds and all sorts of heirloom varities of vegetables..even some lovely flower seeds.
I also have some lovely garden decor items and tools.
Lovely craft and home decor books..
And if you are into simpler living and sustainable living..you'll find plenty of books that address those topics.
And cooking..lots of lovely cook books for the farm girl/country girl in you!
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If you love decorating with vintage finds..I also have books that address this topic.
Lots of fun! So feel free to check it out.(in the left hand side of the blog under"Garden Goose Market")
Oh..and I'll have some new sunset photos to share!
I went to the marina last night again with hubby..and it was one of the most gorgeous sunsets yet! Absolutely stunning.
I have to get the photos loaded onto my computer..then I'll be sharing them here soon.
I hope that you all have a lovely evening..and a lovely week!
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


Tracy said...

Your new shop is wonderful... I had a look around the other day.

Anonymous said...

We just bought a few things from your little garden store. I looked through the books, but have to curb spending a lot right now, but I WILL want a bunch of them. Lovely heirlooms that you have, my garden and I will be happy for them.


GardenGoose said...

thank you Tracy and Annika. I hope you gals have a great week..and Annika..I hope that you really enjoy all of the garden goodies!

Pamela said...

Oh, how beautiful the roses are!!! I will be ordering some seed from you. I am a GARDENER at heart!!! I definately will get some of those Sugar Baby Pumpkin Seeds & more. Here in Kentucky we are at 19 degrees at this moment. Just put you on my favorites. Keep up the great work. Goode Day, Pamela

Donna said...

Wow you sure have been busy! I love gardening too and I'm going to go check out your shop now!
Donna :)