Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scott Hagan- The Barn Artist

Several issues back in our "Small Town Living" e-zine we featured the barn art of Scott incredibly talented young man that paints barns in really neat designs.... Reminiscent of the old Mail Pouch Tobacco and old timey barn advertisements from years ago.

Scott has brought this lost art form back to the forefront..and travels around the country painting barns.

You can see a time lapsed video of what he does here:

And if ever you need someone to paint a really cool design on a barn that you own you can contact Scott through his website at:

Oh how I wish I had a barn big enough to hire Scott to come paint it. Incredible talent! ..and I love that he brings the nostalgia of an era that many have forgotten back to the forefront again.A time when barns were painted with advertisements for things like "See Rock City!", "Mail Pouch Tobacco" and so much more... Barn art!'s terrific!


~The Garden Goose~


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Very pretty! Can barns be pretty?? Yes, I think so! I have a fondness for barns. My grandparents had one on their farm and I spent a lot of time there. Sweet memories.


Beemoosie said...

Ohhhh I love his artwork!