Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sentimental Softy That I Am...

Yes, I'm the first to admit it..I'm a big sentimental softy...and when I saw this item on ebay last night..I burst into tears...why you might ask?'s because my grandmother used to own one of these clam shells with the wee farm scene in it, and she'd display this shell on a shelf in her room of my favorite things to do when visiting her room as a wee girl was to get the shell and hold it up to my mouth..and gently blow until the water wheel in the scene started turning....everytime I did..granny would say.."be careful now"..
Granny's special shell was intricately carved on the top with an oriental dragon design.Very pretty.
Anyhow..after my dad and my granny passed mom put the trailer they used to live in up for sale..and of course granny's items were in the trailer..
during this time mom had several folks walk through looking to buy the trailer.

After a few walk throughs with folks looking to buy the property..and after one particular couple we knew that were unfortunately heavily involved with drug use and whom the lady was into oriental items...walked through..well..the shell was never to be seen again.

I asked if mom ever found it..and she said "no..I think honestly that it was taken by someone we knew."

So..of course I was upset about it at the time..and honestly didn't realize how upset..until last night when I spied one very similar to it(the shell on the right in the image)and found myself bursting into tears.

So..I knew I just HAD to have one again.

So..I am pleased to say...although it is not granny's is pretty close. And now I'll have a beautiful shell of my own..too bad it's not the one that held the precious memories..but sometimes life is just like least I'll have "second best"..and I can handle that.

~The Garden Goose~


Day4plus said...

Those are really unique. I don't think I have ever seen them. How neat to find such a precious memory. MB

amy said...

i am so glad you found one!

Donna said...

I have never seen anything like that. I'm sorry you don't have your grandmother's to cherish, but I'm happy you found another!

Ann Marie Newman said...

I have never seen anything like that myself. I can see how wonderful they would be to an imaginative child. Neat that you found one, now your children can create their own memory of them as well. I have fond memories of my grandmother's large button jar - that probably is why I have a large collection of old buttons and use them in many of my arts & crafts projects.

jayedee said...

how cool is that?
i spent months looking for a set of mixing bowls that i remember from my grandma's kitchen. funny, isn't it? what makes an impression on a child's mind?
i'm glad you have your memories and now, this tangible reminder too!

BClark said...

I have never seen anything like that, no wonder it struck a note with you. I have some idea how you feel as many things that belonged to my Grandparents "walked" off. I am glad you found something close to what was that you can cherish.
Best to you, Barbara