Monday, September 17, 2007

Yo-yo's and more...

Well..I joined the yo-yo craze. Bought myself two of the Clover yo-yo in a heart shape, and the other in the flower shape.

You can find them here:

I have yet to use them, but..I do have several projects in mind using fat quarters of fabric.
I love when Joann's fabrics has the 99 cent sale on the fat quarters. But at least I have my tools and fabric ready.:0)

I'm still adding to my yo-yo Christmas garland, and when it is completed it should measure about 15 feet. The nice thing about it is that I can display the garland year round..I can drape it over a set of French doors or anywhere really.

I'm also contemplating making up a bunch of miniature aprons to be used as ornaments on my tree this year. A homespun look, simple and less glittery.
Today is my birthday...I'm not quite 40...but close.:0)
Hubby's birthday was yesterday..and I bought him a cake and icecream.
We both had nice days. Just relaxing and enjoying our special day.
I recieved a few birthday cards from friends and family.
And yes..I'll probably get a slice of cake after dinner.:0)
I have some "catch up" to do with all of you lovely gals that have visited my blog lately. Several new! I love it. Always love to have folks visiting with me, and it's so nice to meet a new friend.So I'll be visiting with you all soon.
I'll be taking my photo entries tomorrow to the Visual Arts Center. I'm crossing my fingers. I hope I place a ribbon, but you really never know how the judge will look at an image and what they will see as a "winner".It is fun to enter anyhow though.
Well..I better get busy with making dinner..don't want the natives starting a revolt..ha.:0)
Thanks for joining me in "blogland" and thanks so much for all the lovely comments.
Have yourself a beautiful evening!
~The Garden Goose~


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Tina,
Mine is coming up in a few week. I am quiet a bit older than you.Don't worry 40 isn't bad.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FRIEND. I hope today has been everything that you have wished for. Hope you and yours have a blessed day. Tell your Hubby HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, too.

Craftypiggie said...

come and join in the yoyo fun we have at yoyo along...
come to my site
hugs kat

Quinne said...

I hope it has been a lovely birthday! I am a September girl myself who is not quite 40 :) Love, Q

CountryintheBurbs said...

Good luck on the photo contest. the pictures are great! Happy Birthday too!

kim said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! 40's are no big deal, believe me! I've been waiting for a 40's birthday to bother me since I was 35, 10 years ago. lol! But enjoy your 30's while you can.

I love all your photos you are entering. MY fave is the butterfly on the flowers. I bet it's the big winner!

JANET said...

Oh, a happy birthday to you! And to your husband.
Thanks for the farm girl links, and I hope your photos are winning ones.

GardenGoose said...

thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a very nice day.

Sue said...

Happy birthday sweet Tina, I hope you had a wonderful day and got spoiled rotten, you deserve it!! Hugs!!