Thursday, September 27, 2007

About Cross Eyed.... homeschooling helps..and more...

Have been proof reading the Small Town Living magazine today..and I swear..I'm about cross eyed now..ha. At 50 plus pages..that is alot of proof reading.

... But..the magazine will be another great issue this time around...lots of fun topics.
We always have a blast putting together each issue. Lots of work for which we don't get paid, is so wonderful to bring to others the information that we do, and to recieve such wonderful comments and encouragement to continue bringing wonderful articles to our readers.Plus it is so very fun to meet new people along the way...folks who have told us their stories and shared bits of their lives with not just my husband and I, but our readers as well. Wonderful folks from all around the country.
Oldest daughter and I took a jaunt over to Joann's Fabrics again today...and found that most all of the clearance fabrics were marked an additional 50 percent off.
Yay! What fun.
I found some darling flannel fabrics from which I will be creating a few items for the younger children's rooms. Cowboy themed print, and a darling farm kids print fabrics.
I wanted to mention that I had someone share with me a wonderful Homeschooling Resource...a very nice website that offers many themed lesson plans in all grade levels.Lots of lesson plans and also websites offering free worksheets to print out.
For those that asked how to make a is a website with tutorial.

happy sewing!
Hoping that you all have a lovely Evening!
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~

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Quinne said...

Hi Tina :) I will surely lend you my reading glasses if that would help - lol! Praying with you that the next issue will be a blessing to you and others. I enjoyed yesterday's post and today's - so nice to catch up with you. Love, Q