Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Howdy ya'll!..Hope that today finds you all doing well.

I called around to a couple seed and feed stores this morning for a replacement for Daisy..seems that one store knew of someone but they are about 40-50 miles away.I have placed an ad in our local advertiser to see if anyone has any Peking ducks. If I can't find one soon then I can try to get a friend to get the duck in the town that is 50 miles away and then we can arrange to get it.
In either case we will still keep trying to find a friend for Daffy.

Last night I fixed ham and asparagus crepes for dinner.
It is really rather simple.
You create a basic crepe batter and add salt and pepper.
I usually use about 2 eggs, some milk and whisk together..then add about 1/4 cup flour..all purpose. The object is to not make pancakes but rather an eggy type "pancake"
Then I steam the asparagus. I take about 12 slices of deli sliced ham and warm it in a frying pan.
Once crepes are done you sprinkle a touch of cheddar cheese in the crepes then top with the ham and asparagus spears..roll up. And if you wish make a basic white sauce.If using a basic white sauce I usually add some parmesan cheese(shaker green canister stuff) about 2-3 TBS. to make it more like a cheese sauce of sorts.
You can add a sprinkling of almonds to the top.
Very easy dinner.

This evenings dinner was another"flash in the pan"
I took a lb. of ground beef and browned/drained in a frying pan. Drained and rinsed a can of black beans.Then added a package of Rice A Roni whole grain blends Spanish Rice. Cooked for 25 minutes.

You can wrap up the rice mixture into whole wheat tortillas sprinkled with a touch of cheese or topped with some salsa and sour cream.
Easy and filling.

I have 3 new hand bags in my etsy shop this evening. Feel free to check them out. They would be great for market bags for those small items and a great way to keep all those plastic bags out of the landfills.
~The Garden Goose~


JANET said...

They have them in the spring at Holley Farm and Garden Center in Selma!

GardenGoose said...

Hi..yes..they have them in the Spring here too. that's when I got the one's I have. From a local feed and seed supply store here.
I think he'll be fine until then if need be. I did place an ad in my local advertiser paper here and the ad comes out tomorrow.