Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hello...and more...and a wee request...

Hello there...Hope that you all are having a wonderful evening.

I was away for a few days from my blogging schedule, because I have been being nurse to my hubby who has had the flu for a few days.
He is on the mend now, but it does take a while to get one's strength back up.
I was delighted to find 33 comments thus far on the butterfly image give away. Wow!
What fun!
We have had a fair amount of rain here the last few days due to the tropical depression near the Panhandle. We did not get the estimated 50 mph winds, but we did get a bit of rain..which we shall not complain about at all, as our summer was drier than usual this year, and any extra rain is welcomed.
I have been posting onto the Mary Janes Farm website..actually in the barter area...trying to barter for unique/fun/even heirloom varieties of either annuals or perrenials../flowers or veggies...

Why? you might ask..well..because I actually want to start a little plant nursery in my backyard.

Where I can begin to grow plants that cannot be easily found at the local Walmart/Kmart..but varieties that have been tried and tested..and perhaps even varieties (heirlooms)that have been passed down by family members.

I am hoping to be able to begin selling small pots of plants next Spring. It is slow going on the barter so far, but am hoping to be able to trade a few fun things for a few bits of seeds.

If any of dear readers feel like you'd be willing to help me out on my quest for seeds/ to help me to begin my venture...feel free to email me through my profile here.
I will send a thank you gift in return.
The weather here has been so delightful! I will be spending more time outdoors as soon as I have the hubby on the mend and up and out of bed.He's been laid up since Thursday.:0( I hate having any of my family members feeling poorly..and I know that they like having "mom/wife" nearby when they feel puny.
Daffy the duck has been doing real well lately.

I did get a call last night from a woman that lives about 32 miles from town..she has some Peking ducks for sale..but they are full grown too..and now suddenly I am at a quandary...

Do I buy a full grown duck that has most likely been raised just to sell, and not really had a chance to be around people much, except to probably just have its food tossed at it?... and I'll wind up with a feral acting duck in my yard to have to go through the aggravation every evening of trying to round it up into a pen every night so that it doesn't get eaten?

Or do I wait until Spring when the feed stores have the babies for sale?..that can have the oppurtunity to imprint upon a human and actually learn how to go into a pen in the evenings willingly?..without giving me the run around and a "wild duck chase" every evening of it's little ducky life?

I think I'm leaning towards getting a baby duckling and allowing it the chance to be tamed, and to learn to follow us around versus a most likely... wild version.

My male duck will be a year older than any duckling I least they will both be tame ducks.
Well...that's about all for this evening.
Have a lovely evening.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~

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