Wednesday, September 5, 2007

hey ya'll...

A nice day here seems to be starting to cool off and things are starting to finally get that Fall look and feel to things.


"Daffy" the drake duck seems to be doing pretty good. Today found him actually eating quite a bit and enjoying a long swim in his pool..yay! Although he still stays right by my back door during the day.I leave the blinds open so that he can see us and we can see him. We put him in his cage for the evening now as soon as it starts turning dusk..around 7 p.m. Definitelty do NOT want to take any chances with losing him. He is my favorite..although "Daisy" was sweet and I was saddened at her loss, I'd most certainly be very much more heart broken if anything happened to "Daffy".. and that crazy duck have a bond as silly as it sounds. I guess that happens when you have a duck in your bathroom for a few days and have to give him meds with a syringe as was the case not too long ago here...ha.And he just has a much more 'people pleasing" personality than Daisy did.She was sweet, but a bit stand offish at times. Ahh well.
Anyhow.."Daffy" seems to be faring pretty well thus far.

I did place an ad in our local advertiser paper in the "wanted" section..for a female Peking duck. Hopefully someone in the area has one they are willing to part with. If not..well..we'll just wait until the Spring and acquire a new baby duckling.
I am going to make some new items for my shop hopefully this evening.
Some vintage look silver teaspoon ornaments..really pretty..the handles of the spoons have tea pots on them..then the spoon part of them will have vintage images and embellishments and ribbon hangers. They will be really pretty when completed.
This evenings dinner was baked Tilapia..I soaked the tilapia fillets in milk then dipped in melted butter and then into crushed rice crispies cereal that had a sprinkling of Susie Q's Brand Santa Maria Style Seasoning (from a farm girl friend in California). The seasoning is a blend of garlic salt, parsley and pepper. Anyhow it was good.Italian style green beans and vegetarian baked beans on the side.
Well..I am also starting a few Christmas gifts..and going to make a handmade yo-yo garland for my Christmas tree this year and some handmade ornaments to decorate it with. Give it a "homemade/homespun" feel this year.
Going to try and barter for a few handmade items with my farm girl friends over at Mary Jane's Farm Connection.
There are lots of talented gals over there and it's always fun to swap and barter items for something else that one might need/want.
Well..that's all the news from my corner this evening.
Hope you all have a very lovely evening.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"

~The Garden Goose~


madrekarin said...

We had tilapia for dinner as well! Great minds think alike. :) Glad Daffy is doing better. Poor duck.
If you can believe it, I just came out to find my son watching Walker, Texas Ranger, with his eyes half-closed. That's why I am at the computer at 3:00 in the morning! Had to see what's going on. :)

jayedee said...

you might try calling your county's agricultural agent too....he should know who has pekins!

Tori's Mimi said...

Sorry to hear about Daisy, hope you'll soon find another to keep Daffy company.

I like the picture you put up at the top of this post. very sweet.

Darly Dolittle said...

I love your blogs and this particular page out of a vintage childrens Mother Goose book. It was entitled, "The Real Mother Goose" and copyrighted 1960 I believe. I had one just like it when I was a toddler. The meories came rushing in when I saw the pic. Thanks for sharing.
Sincerely, Darly