Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whoa! Nellie...

Well, I decided to just jump in and start re-arranging things around here today...oh my! ha.
It becomes a full time effort..nearly all day long..moving this object from this room ..then to that room, and figuring out a new look for a room.

It's an undertaking..but after it is completed it's a very inexpensive way to get a whole new look too.

I've been re-arranging areas of my living room today..still haven't finished that yet.

Then daughter and I decided that her room can be converted to a crafting room/studio. We still have lots to tackle in there.
But we are switching out some room sets/dressers and ..well..boy can imagine!
Making some progress on things..and it's looking nice though.
Well...we recieved a little bit of rain today..and for that I am glad. It has been too hot.
Daisy the duck laid 2 eggs on the patio by my back door today..both were very thin shelled and nearly see through..she only started laying eggs last week..some have been perfectly fine, while others have been real small..then some have had the really thin shells. I was told that it takes them a while to "get the hormones in balance". I hope that eventually things balance out for her and she can lay decent eggs.
It really hasn't been very exciting here today..just alot of room clean up and re- arranging. ...and dear daughter is excited about transforming her bedroom into a studio/crafting area.
And I'm glad that I have created a whole new look for my master bedroom...for free..ha.
Well...I hope that you all have had a good weekend.
As of tomorrow my summer break is officially over, and I will again resume the role of teacher.
I'm actually looking forward to it..and so is my son.
That's all for tonight...short and sweet. I'll make it up to you all later this week though...I promise.:0)
Have a good evening!
~The Garden Goose~


michele said...

I forgot Florida starts earlier. I am no where near ready yet. Havent even started school shopping. Next week for sure. Tina I still have to mail you the magazines, you must think Im terrible. I will get them out this wk. I've just been so busy.

GardenGoose said...

Hi Michele,
oh gosh girl..I don't think you are horrible..I absolutely understand life getting I was errand girl and going and if only I had the energy like the ever ready bunny I'd have it made..ha.
We home school I can basically start anytime that I am comfy long as I teach my child for 180 days out of the year. But..I do try to keep it close to the same days that the public schools here start.
So, today was our first day of school.

Anonymous said...

Tina ,Enjoy your blog so much.Keep up the good work.Love You

GardenGoose said...

Hey you too.:0) It works! woohoo! you can now leave me comments anytime.:0)