Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Time for another drawing here!!!

I'm in the mood for another fun drawing here!

So...join in the fun...
Tell me in 20 words or less what you love about the South!

Then I'll do a drawing on August 15th for a winner..and post on the 16th.

So..get them thinking caps on and tell me what you love about the South!

My list:
front porch sitting
tea sipping
orange blossoms
a "hey ya'll"
big ole oak trees
spanish moss

The winner will recieve a "Breakfast in a Bag" kit

that includes a biscuit mix, a country gravy mix, wooden spoon, and a package of chocolate raspberry coffee.
(and knowing me..I'll probably add a few other fun goodies)
P.S....If you can't think of anything about the South..you can still join in the fun..just leave a comment and I'll toss your name in the hat.The more the merrier!
Hope you are having a wonderful week thus far.
~The Garden Goose~


Day4plus said...

Hi Tina, include me in.
What I like about the south in 20 words or less.
I like the south because it is so different than here in the west. Things I don't usually see.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Thought I would give it a try:1- sweet tea 2- lazy summer days 3- grits( girls raised in the south)4-saw mill gravy 5-porch sitting 6-boiled peanuts 7-the blues 8-farmed raised catfish 9-tomato sandwiches 10-banana sandwiches 11-black-eyed peas 12-magnolias in the spring 13-the gulf 14-b.b.king 15-redbuds in the spring 16-best cornbread on earth 17-overalls are business casual 18-moon pies 19-where else can a blue tick hound sit at the dinner table(lol) and the last 20- ELVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't add me in the drawing, we have the advantage for we live in the south. Hope you and yours have a blessed evening.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

I know, you said in 20 words or less. Just thought I would give our friends something to ponder on.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

OH, the winner will have to make cat-head biscuits with the saw-mill gravy!!!! yum yum think I just made myself hungry

Miss Paula said...

Katrina, being a relief worker, new friends, praying with hurting people, giving a hug and be blessed, MY life changed.

Quiverfullacres Mom said...

summers with nats, sweet tea, pig farm, old homes, pecan orchards, peach trees, grandma working in her garden.

Angie said...

Grandma's porch swing and buttermilk biscuits. Talking "southern" when I am tired or mad, because it's always in your soul.

BlissnBlossomFarm said...

Here's my list: Some of my dearest friends live in the south, southern hospitality of course!, iced tea my all time favorite, football fans and cajun cooking.
There are many more- did a habitat for humanity in South Carolina when I was in high school and the ride on the shrimp boat to an island was amazing!

Janice said...

Hmmm...It's tough to keep the list so small-lol:
1. Tea(the word 'sweet' goes w/out saying in the south)
2. Porch swinging
3. grits(in the south, the word has two syllables - gree-its)
4. Magnolia blossoms
5. wildflowers
6. hand fans
7. wicker furniture
8. azaleas
9. Kentucky Derby
10.Belle of Louisville(paddlewheeler)

Shari Thomas said...

For me, the south meant:

BBQ and coleslaw
Black-eye peas and hog jowls
Gumbo and etouffe
Brunswick Stew
Home-made biscuits
Catfish and hushpuppies

Can you tell I love southern cooking?

Mary Isabella said...

Sunflowers picnics neighbors who care about each other watermelon sunrippened tomatoes fried green tomatoes.

Denise S. said...

They have a way down South we could all take a lesson from at one time or another.
Manners, most southerners still have wonderful manners and aren't afraid to use them.
Accents, the most melodic sound in the world to me,my relatives live there.
Food,oh baby the list is endless but a few favorites are catfish,shrimp,slow & low BBQ,hushpuppies,berry cobblers,black eyed peas and greens,crab boils,pecan pie,and beautiful woman wearing aprons.So much to love about the outh!

Kay said...

I'm not from the south but love all these things anyway - sweet tea, bbq, porch swings, fried chicken, milk gravy, and southern hospitality!

momof2jrt said...

I absolutely love the hospitality of the south.People love to talk and get to know you..they love taking time to explain things to you.

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Southern kindness~ gentle men~ straw hats~ gracious ladies~ sweet tea~ kudzu~ ocean breezes~ buffalo rock gingerale~ fried green tomatoes!

knitterforlife said...

20 words or less.

It's home! And there is no place like home!

Gateway Girl said...

mountain air, cool spring water, cool night breezes, the sunsets,fireflies, friendly folks everywhere, spanish moss hanging from the trees, tree swings, picnics, mint juleps, magnolias, pecan pie, biscuits that melt in your mouth...sorry I rambled. Oh that's another thing...southerners forgive ramblings!


GardenGoose said...

loving these comments..keep em' coming !

Queen of Dreamsz said...

My Favorite things about living in the South:
1.The warm breeze off the Gulf of Mexico
2. The Beauty of and Crisp air off the mountains
3. Hospitality & Good Manners
4. Southern Ladies
5. Southern Gentlemen
6. Grits & Fish
7. Southern Slang
8. The Grapevine of What's What!!
9. Screened Porches
10. Beignets & Chicory Coffee!

There's so much more I could add!That's more than 20 words I think but it defines the South that I love so much :o)

...til next time ~ queenofdreamsz

sunshine said...

vintage street paths
Anne Rice came from there (favorite author)
My birth fathers birth home
southern mansions pretty

take care

Mary (farmgirl quilt8305) said...

What I like about the south:
children with manners
meat and three
being addressed as "Miss" Mary
boiled peanuts

Bright Meadow Farms said...

Oh geez. I'm a northern gal, through and through, but my mom was from Jacksonville - and here is a haiku what I like about the South:

Fambly reunion.
Hush puppies, grits, biscuits
Cousins coming home.

Well, that doesn't really sum it up.

How about my memories of a visit to my relatives when I was young:

Bare feet on red clay.
The lake has alligators.
Georgia, five years old.

Big farmhouse -iron beds
Family's arms spreading wide
Biscuits feather-light

kim said...

Tina Michele, Mz. Laura, Gone with the Wind, Grits, Southern Hospitality, fried bologna sandwiches, fried PBJ's, sweet tea, and rocking on the front porch, oh and everybody saying Hey.
Oh and Florida cause my Daddy lives there. OK, I'm done! lol

auntgeorge said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog you really nice farmgal! Oh, congrats on your nice award!!


I nteresting museums

L ittle shops
O ld magnolias
V iolets
E arnest folks

T arheels
H ot Cornbread
E everything Fried

S unrises
O cean
U ptown Richmond
T acos
H am

Farmgirl Hugs,

Elizabeth said...

What I like about the south no snow and ice.:)
Hi Tina Please enter me in your drawing.

Janet said...

Hi Tina,
'Twas difficult to narrow it down to 20 words or less, but here's my take...

Catfish fries,
Pecan pies…
Kudzu jelly,
“Miss Melly…”
Quite compelling…
Mansion ghosts,
Sugar coasts…
“Y’all come back!”

Tori's Mimi said...

#1 thing I love about the south: My Family who live there.
2 beaches
3 grits made the right way
4 orange blossoms, what a wonderful smell!
There are many more things but you said 20 words or less.

Freedom Valley Farm - Kentucky said...



Freedom Valley Farm - Kentucky said...












THERE! 20 l-o-n-g words to describe my south!!!

xoxoxo, frannie