Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby it's HOT outside!...and more...

Gracious sakes is it !HOT! outside.... I tell you! ...No could probably fry an egg out on the pavement it has been so hot here.

Yesterday the plants all looked nice and lush..give it a day and they are so shrivelled up. uggh.
So outside I went this evening, when it got darker..and thoroughly watered everything out there. Poor plants.
But they'll all bounce back.

It has been 90 here today with a heat index of 106. This gal hibernates when it gets that hot out I tell you!

I'm about as fair skinned as they come and me and the sun and heat..well..just put it this's not a pretty sight. Plus..I like my fair complected self and my nice healthy I try to keep it that way by avoiding excess sun rays.

If you do have to be out in the heat and sun..remember to keep hydrated ,and to wear a hat and sunscreen. Skin cancer is not a fun thing to have to deal with.

Avoid the sun if you can between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. as that is the time of day that the heat and sun rays are at their strongest.
I have a new product in my etsy shop today! It is so darling..I love it!

I am going to have to make myself one to tote around. They are so very pretty and cheerful.
We(my daughter and I) harvested all of the pears! did we wind up with a mess of pears! Fun! Fun! (Our tree is only about 3 yrs old too. So this is last year we only had about 5 pears all total and the birds got to them.)

They will ripen off of the tree..I'll have to put some into brown paper bags to help them to ripen.

Then the fun will begin.
I will start creating things with them.

I'm thinking that I'll probably make something akin to an apple butter with a fair amount of them..then probably something like a pear topped coffee cake with some more of them..and I'm thinking that I will try a pear pie or something of that nature.

In either case we have quite a few to get cooked up and it will be interesting to see what I can use these with...but I'm up for the challenge.:0)

We had an apron a large bowl full!

Here are the pictures of our harvest! And if you see the photo above'll see that some of them are pretty good sized too.Yum!Well, don't forget to get your name in on the pot for my little drawing here.I'm going to be adding a few surprise items to the mix too..I don't know what's even a surprise to me..ha..but it will be fun though.

And hey..if you have any pear recipes you want to share..just drop me a line. I could use some ideas.------------I forgot to mention that I stopped by Kmart this evening and bought another pear I had mentioned that I never know when my neighbor is going to finish butchering hers down. Anyhow the tree was normally $ was on sale for only $6.20!!! woohoo! Now I have one to help pollinate my tree without worrying about it being hacked to pieces! yippee!

At that price I may go back and grab a couple more..who knows..hee hee. Oooh yeah..I love this country way of life..and growing things for yourself..even in the city! Gotta love it! :0)

Have a great weekend!..and thanks for joining me in "blogland"!

~The Garden Goose~


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, look at all those lovely pears! Our avaocado tree is producing lots now- yummy!
It is terribly hot- really zaps one's energy- everytime I go out in it now, I seem to get a bit of a rash... I am very fair-skinned as well.
Stay cool and have fun making all that pear butter!
Oh, and your tote is so pretty!

tracey said...

Those pears look delicious, Tina! And that little handbag is stinking adorable :)

Janet said...

Pear recipes you ask?
Have you ever tried pear pickle?

I submit my mother's and grandmother's famous pear pickle recipe. Just can 'em and put 'em up for this winter, and when your mouth waters for something sweet and spicy (cinnamon and cloves), bring 'em out. We serve them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they're great anytime and not that hard to make.

6 pounds pears
3 pounds sugar
1 pint water
1 pint apple cider vinegar
4 sticks cinnamon
2 tablespoons whole cloves
2 tablespoons whole allspice

Peel pears and leave whole if they are small enough to fit through a large wide-mouth, quart canning jar. Otherwise, cut in halves or quarters.
Combine other ingredients and bring to a boil in a Dutch oven. Add pears. Boil until pears are tender and transparent.
Fill your jars and let seal.

(Note: We often double or triple this recipe depending upon how many pears we have. In that case, we use two Dutch ovens to speed the process.)

GardenGoose said...

thank you Regina, Tracey and Janet!
I have some of the pears in little brown bags on my counter as pears tend to ripen off the tree.
From what I can tell the type I have is identical in looks to what they call a comice pear. Mine are big and fat and stocky looking.
Janet..I will for sure have to try that pear pickle recipe. I have never ever eaten a pickled pear, and am curious to try it.
Thank you!

madrekarin said...

Yum, pears. Aren't they luscious looking- uh huh.
My friend and I made pear ginger jam on eyear. I will have to see if I still have the recipe. It was delicious with pork chops!
Your new bag is sweet! I love her cheeky little smile. Time to save up a little moola to send your way for one. :) Totally fab!!

Sandi @ the WhistleStop Cafe said...

My mouth is watering at all those pears.
How bout some pear cobbler?

Sue said...

Baby it's hot here too, 101 today and no rain in weeks, my poor plants! Please enter me in your drawing, don't know how I missed it? Lol Keep cool! Love the tote!

GardenGoose said...

Hi Karin, Sandi, and Sue!
So glad to have ya'll visit with me.
Sue, I entered your name in the drawing.
I know what you mean about the poor strawberries were so lush and green, now they are just hanging on..I have dead leaves to remove from some of them now..hopefully they'll bounce back and I'll have a crop next year.
Sandi, I am "So" gonna make a cobbler from some of those pears too gal!Sounds delish!
Karin, hope you are staying cool in Ga too girlfriend.They pear/ginger jam sounds so yummy..ooh my I can just picture a cheesecake made with a gingersnap cookie crust and then topped with some gingered pears..oooh me oh my! Gosh darn it..wish I was skinnier and this stuff wouldn't just land smack dab on my hips and on my butt!

Tori's Mimi said...

wow, that is some good looking fruit. Gingered pears, delicious! I'm sure you will find lots of yummy ways to use them.
I'd love to be entered in your drawing too.
The tote is adorable too. Very creative juices flowing there. :)