Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well..I did it..and more... I went ahead and sent in a digital portfolio to the photography company that has an opening here in my town.

I figured.."why not?" It's worth a try anyhow.
I'm letting the photos do the talking for me..and I figured that if the company is interested I'll get a call. least I did try.'s the good ole' "wait and see" now.
Okey dokey..let's talk about something else now shall we?
I'm feeling lots better today..thanks so much for your well wishes.
I had something really comical happen today....shocked me..and then I started laughing out loud! ...As I just could not believe what my eyes had just seen...haha.

Well... the last few weeks I have been noticing a few dove feathers on the ground around the bird bath by my kitchen window
...I knew something was up..but what?? I wasn't sure.
..but had a sneaking suspicion that my male duck was probably behind it. But..I had no real solid proof..until this afternoon..
I happened to be at my kitchen sink this afternoon getting dinner prepared, when I glanced out the window and saw a big fat Eurasian collared dove land at the bird bath and sit on the edge ...getting ready to take a nice enjoyable sip of water..right??
hmm..well..that's what I'd have thought would have been going on... when all of the sudden here comes the male duck just waddling up as nonchalant as you please....
until he is positioned right up under that big doves butt!!
... then he(the duck) reaches up and takes a big bite!!! right out of that doves tail feathers!!
There stood the duck with a mouth full of dove feathers that he quickly spit out..and off flew that dove! haha. I just stood there in shock..then burst out laughing.
That poor dove didn't even see that one the duck didn't run up to the dove..but just slowly waddled right up there..LOL oh dear..I start laughing about it all over again when I think about it.
I think perhaps I should make a sign for my yard that says "Warning to all Doves: Derriere Biting Duck on Premises"
Got a nice surprise in the mail today from the "Farm"! Wow!
Mary Jane and Meg sent out a "thank you" package to those of us that had participated in the recent pinkeep making contest over at "Mary Jane's Farm Connection".
A really nice package of Farmgirl Budget Mix , and a jar of Strawberry/Rhubarb jam..and a lovely card from Mary Jane and Meg. :0) What a lovely surprise!
If you have never visited the "Mary Jane's Farm Connection" I encourage you to do so. It is a very fun way to connect with other farm women/farm girls at heart (those who either live in/or long for the country or farm way of life) and share about everything from "how to create your own handmade laundry soap" to "having a backyard flock of ducks in the city", and everything in between. Loads of information, fun,laughter, and caring and sharing.

(You'll find the link to the site up under my"websites I like to visit")
Thank you for joining me in "blogland" this evening. I hope that you all have had a very pleasant day..and a wonderful evening.
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I just know they are going to love your photos. I can just see the male duck spitting out the feathers. lol There never is a dull moment around animals. Hope you and yours have a blessed evening.

Day4plus said...

You have a wonderful blog I visit often but don't leave many comments---and I should, so here I am. thanks for the tour of your house. Mighty nice. MB

JANET said...

Now, you just need to get a photo of the duck and the dove!

Katie said...

Love the duck! Who knew a duck has a sense of humor?

Nice giftie from MaryJane and Meg. Just right for biscuits and jam, right?

Always fun to check in on your blog.

Anonymous said...

There is certainly a lovely group
of Farm Girls on this blogsite.
Family and Friends are not as much about
being related by blood as it is about relating through love. Feel the love .

Have a great day

Catherine said...

Lot's of luck! From what I've seen your photo's are beautiful!!
Enjoyed your house tour also!
Did you get a photo of the duck..?