Friday, August 24, 2007

Good evening!....

Hi ya'll. I hope you had a good day today and a restful evening with family.

I managed to get 14 of my photos matted and in little protective bags for the shop downtown that is located in a refurbished area near the marina. There are new condos built right next to the marina, and alot of the businesses have been renovated. Anyhow there is a cute little boutique down there that is run by two sisters..and they like my nautical black and white images. So I mat those with a black mat and put a backing to them and into protective photo sleeves..and I have a happy buyer.:0)
And hopefully get a little word out about my photography at the same time through the shop.:0)

I posted 2 new handbags over at my etsy shop. They are really cute.

I worked this afternoon on colorizing a copy of the Farm Wife Print (I have one available also on my etsy shop.) ....and I framed it for my dining room re-do. I'm going to hang it near my french doors in my dining room area next to the buffet.
Well...I discovered that the pears turn a nice golden yellow color when they ripen..which is nice. They taste pretty good too..nearly like an apple would.
So..I shall wait until they turn a golden yellow color before using any more of them..the ones that I used in the pie were still green..ha. Ahh well..the pie was still delicious though.
Well...all this evening it was looking like rain...pretty dark on the horizon..but wouldn't ya know..not a drop of rain fell! Maybe it will rain during the night/early morning hours.
The sign business has been doing well this week..and I helped hubby with that by addressing a mail out, and running a few errands here and there. Interesting thing happened this week..he was contacted by a Presidential Candidate..a woman up North ... that is running for President! How cool is that? He designed her campaign bumper stickers.
Well..that's all the new and noteworthy things from my day today.
Hope that you all have a very nice evening.
Thanks for joining me in "blogland"
~The Garden Goose~


kim said...

Your shop is coming along nicely! The bags aer so cute!

Anonymous said...

Would that be Clinton that wanted
the bumper stickers ? If so that
should be a huge order.
Maybe names can`t be mentioned here.
Stepping out on faith is never
wrong especially true faith. Go
sign business

GardenGoose said...

nope, not Clinton..somebody else.

thank you Kim.I enjoy thinking up new things to have in the shop. It has been fun thus far.

Tori's Mimi said...

Do you have your Farm wife print framed?
I am having trouble finding a frame for mine and wondered if yours was and if so where you got your frame?