Friday, August 24, 2007

A nice day to you!...

Well, it seems like our residential hummer is back in the area. Last year it was a visitor around October..and hung around our bottle brush tree sipping nectar in the evenings. It would also stop to rest periodically in our drake elm tree and also on some branches of the bottle brush tree. See the pictures to the right. You can click on the box to get a better view of this winged jewel. It is a female ruby throated hummer.
This morning we set up the nectar feeder up under the drake elm tree on a shepherd's hook. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some more images of our winged friend this year. I have some more errands to the bank, post office and to get some nautical images printed out at the photo lab for a shop downtown that wishes to buy some more of my small matted images..yay!

I've been working on doing a little decor re-arranging in my house..moving the wall decor around and creating a new look. It's the frugal girl's way of creating an all new look..on the cheap! ha.
but works..and it's actually fun.

Well..I've got to get these errands whipped out today. I hope that you all have a very nice day today!
Thanks for joining me in "blogland."
~The Garden Goose~


madrekarin said...

I love hummingbirds. We have a pair that come every year. Yes, I am certain that they are the same ones year to year. :) They are so sweet. They seem to prefer the hosta blossoms over other things in my garden. And I was going to dig them up this year. Guess not! I do not want to do anything to make my little fluttery friends go somewhere wlse!!

JANET said...

Is the photo of the bottlebrush tree? Very different. I've never seen one. Love the bird photos too!

GardenGoose said...
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GardenGoose said...

the type of bush is called a bottlebrush plant because the red flowers that are formed look like a bottle brush cleaning tool.