Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A wee bit busy today...

I was a wee bit busy today..but it was fun.

You see..I have a small online shop over at and I'm always trying to come up with unique items to feature in the shop. So, today I worked on both getting some products labeled, photographed and listed in the little well as helping to get a few items ready to take to a little shop downtown.

Here's a few of the items I worked on today for my online shop:

Actually my husband designed the bookmarks for me, and daughter helped me cut them out, then husband designed labels for both the damiana and lemongrass 2 oz. tins. I applied labels and seals and filled the tins.
I also worked on cutting out some canvas bags...for the shop downtown.
And a few canvas bags that will be featured in my etsy shop.
(As a preview..the canvas handbags that will be featured in my etsy shop will have the same design as the book marks. Aren't they just lovely??)
I baked a quiche for dinner tonight and 2 small loaves of bread today also.
I also scheduled all of the Stay at Home Mom meetups for the little group I started here locally..scheduled those through the end of September.. and sent out notices to the folks that had joined the group. To date..I have only had 2 folks show up at the last meeting..not much..when you have had 16-18 women sign up..ha.
Ahh I said when I started this thing..I never get my hopes up anymore.
School will start here for us next week.
On Monday.
I'll only be teaching one child this 7 yr. old.
My oldest will begin studying for her GED, and will also begin studying about book keeping and business skills.
Things that she can put to practical use on maintaining and running her own business.
Yes..we do tend to be a bit of an entreprenual family.
It was hot, hot, hot out today.
I must say I will be glad when those dog days of Summer are over.
Hubby found a few trees at Kmart the other day... they had marked their trees down to just $5!
So he got 2 Yoshino cherry trees that we'll plant on opposite sides of our fenced eating area out back.
I do need to get another pear tree too while they are on sale.As I never know when my neighbor will wind up hacking hers they've already butchered the poor thing to where it looks just pitiful.It's the only tree in the neighborhood that helps to pollinate my pear tree.And her sons have hacked the poor thing every which way it can be hacked to's the ugliest tree...and truly is pitiful looking.
Well..don't forget to join in the little drawing below if you are interested.:0)
Hope you all have a really nice evening and are having a good week! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying "howdy!" You come back now ya hear?
~The GardenGoose~


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tina,
I put a link to your magazine on my blog . I hope that is ok.
Love all the new items.

Sue said...

Are you too busy to get a award? lol Stop by my blog to check it out!

Kay said...

Tina -- you got an award. Visit my blog to see it.


GardenGoose said...

oh my goodness! thanks so much Sue! my first ever blogger award! woohoo!
and thank you Kay! oh my gals are the sweetest! are more than welcome to put the link on your blog..thanks ever so much!
wow! you gals are the best.