Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Shine! Shine!"...and "Just To BE"....

This morning being a Saturday..we all slept in a bit. ...but wee 3 yr. old and I were up earlier than everyone else and so we decided to rouse the others.

My little one went in by her dad and declared "Shine!..Shine!" (she hasn't figured out yet that it's actually.."Rise and Shine!") So she'll say.. in her little 3 yr. old darling sing-songy way..."Shine!Shine!" ..then she will dance around the room twirling around and holding her arms over her head as she twirls about..."Shine! Shine!"

What an awesome way to be greeted in the morning..and what a beaming outlook!
So... here's to you all...I hope that every day you remember to "Shine!...Shine!"
I was thinking today about a few things ....perhaps a bit of a different thing than what I normally mention here...but a thought/thoughts I had none the less.....

.... how so often folks are in a hurry, skurrying about, going and doing...hardly time for taking a break and just "Be-ing" anymore.
Seems that so often folks are shaped by their peers and societies ideas...from a very early age.
Shaped by what others think they should be, where they should go..what they should they should act.

(I'm not saying that sometimes these things aren't necessary..indeed they are..especially when it comes to the raising of young children..we try so hard to steer our children in the right directions through life.)

What I am talking about how so often into the adult years there is so much the mentality of ..."being like the Joneses", ..the "I must have this".."I must dress this way because it's the latest fad"..or "I must drive such and such style of car because it's the latest status symbol" ..or the comparisons of salaries amongst folks or the "my kid is better than your kid because.." or the "my house cost more than your house" get the picture I'm trying to paint here...
So often the "trying to be what society says we should be like"....that they lose sight of who they are...

Too often folks lose sight of the real thing......
The simplicity of life and the joys found therein.

The joy of simply..."Just to BE"...

Just to be who you are..with no airs being put on.
No falsity. No hypocrisy.
No doing things because it's what someone else thinks you should do/be...or what society deems as "having arrived"....
having arrived at what?... perhaps a state of being in debt? and worrying about bills will be payed..etc... because of those high dollar toys that were bought to "keep up with the Joneses"?

Oh no!....the art of "Just to BE" is very special indeeed....
It's the taking time to breathe in a breath of fresh air..exhaling slowly...and taking the time to watch the spider in it's web. The bird on the wing.
Listening to the hum of a lawn mower a few houses away. The sound of crickets chirping in the evening.
It's the letting your hair down and walking around barefoot in the grass if you want to.
It's the "I'm being me!" mentality.
Try it may actually enjoy the new you that you find along the way!
It's the art of ..."Just to BE!" (no strings attached)
~The Garden Goose~


2 LMZ FARMS said...

AMEN!!! Really enjoyed that post. So often we are caught up in 'keeping up with the Jones's' that we forget who we really are. I'm comfortable in 'my skin', you take me as I am. I like to say that I'm real. Hope you and yours have a blessed weekend.

GardenGoose said...

Hi Laura,
So good to hear from you. Having a nice quiet, relaxin' kind of weekend here.
Have a great weekend!

jayedee said...

it's a wonderful journey, this "just to be" path! a true voyage of discovery for me and one that's made me laugh...and sometimes cry.
thank you for a wonderful post!

Aunt Jenny said...

How cute your daughter sounds!!
I am all for being real too...what a great post! I love reading your blog!!

michele said...

well said Tina!