Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ode to the South!...

Another of the entries in the little contest ..I thought this one was deserving of a post all by itself..because I just loved it!

Miz Frannie from Freedom Valley Farm wrote this:(I think it sums it up pretty good)

Twenty Short Words To Describe The South

Would Drip Like Honey From My Mouth.

I'd Tell Of All My Kith And Kin

And Then I'dTell It All O'er Agin.

The Stories OfCountry Before The Town

Of Those Who Plowed Our Fertile Ground.

Our Fathers And Mothers Who Came And Stayed

On Whose Foundation Our South Is Laid.

All The Traditions They Brought With Them

The Songs They Sang And The Worship Hymn.

The Stories, The Lessons,TheStrength,TheLove

Always Thanking The One Above.

Teaching Goodness By Living The Part

Showing Kindness Is From The Heart.

A Hard Earned Dollar

For A Hard Day's Work

We're Taught In Life Never To Shirk.

The South Is Lasting

The South Is True

We Give Our Best In All We Do.

This Is Of What The South Is Made

Not For North, OrEast, NorWest I'dTrade.

(and I say..Amen! ) :0)

~The Garden Goose~


JANET said...

Amen again! This one should be framed.
Thanks for posting the contest, and congrats to Kay on the lucky draw!

Chas said...

Oh that one is great... I wish I had gotten in on this one sooner... I live in GA and I would have loved to try writing my own ode to the South! :D
Have a wonderful day!!!

knitterforlife said...


2 LMZ FARMS said...

I love the poem. that is awesome. Congrats to Kay on winning. I just know she is going to love her package. Someone sure knows how to pack a package, I know that first hand. Hope you and yours have a blessed evening.

GardenGoose said...

hey there Janet, Chas, knitterforlife and Laura! So nice to have ya'll visit. Hope yall have a wonderful weekend!